Delta evacuation slide falls from jet in sky, nobody hurt

Can you imagine seeing this yourself, while you're wandering around, minding your own business, not expecting to see part of an airplane falling from the sky? Read the rest

Delta flight crew threatens parents with jail and foster care for putting child in a seat they paid for

On this infuriating video, you'll hear a Delta Airlines flight attendant tell a couple, "You and your wife will be in jail, your kids will be in foster care." What did the parents do to warrant such an ominous threat? They put their 2-year-old child in a seat they paid for.

Here's how the father described what happened, in his YouTube video:

They oversold the flight and asked us to give up a seat we purchased for my older son that my younger son was sitting in. You will hear them lie to me numerous times to get my son out of the seat. The end result was we were all kicked off the flight. They then filled our 4 seats with 4 customers that had tickets but no seats. They oversold the flight. When will this all stop? It was midnight in Maui and we had to get a hotel and purchase new tickets the following day.

The older son has left on an earlier flight, but the family kept the other ticket they bought so their younger son could use it. This is technically against the rules because the seat was issued to the older son, not the younger son. But is that a good reason to threaten and bully the parents?

Finally, the parents agreed to hold the baby in their lap, but Delta said they had to options - to get off voluntarily, or be forced off and arrested.

They got off and the oversold seats were filled with other passengers. Read the rest

Delta Airlines kicks man off plane for urgent need to use the restroom before takeoff

There have been times when I've had a strong urge to pee while sitting on a plane that's waiting for takeoff. Fortunately, I wasn't punished for it. But one poor guy on Delta flight wasn't as lucky. He urgently had to pee. The plane had been sitting motionless on the runway for 30 minutes. He got up to go to the restroom, but a Delta airline attendant told him to get back in his seat. He obeyed the order, but his bladder wasn't happy about it. He got up again, and this time he used the restroom. Shortly after that, the pilot announced that he was pulling the plane back to the gate. Everyone had to get off, and then everyone except the man who peed was allowed back on. The FBI then arrived to speak with the man. Delta allowed the man to purchase a very expensive same-day ticket to fly home to see his kids.

I guess Delta would rather have let his bladder burst.

From YouTube description:

After waiting on tarmac with no foreseeable information that we would take off anytime soon, passenger quickly used bathroom (less than 1 minute). Delta determined to return to the gate (not too far away!) and remove the passenger. This is the first Delta employee who came on (Horatio) speaking not very kindly to the passenger.

One fellow passenger on the flight has created a blog called Frustrated Passenger, to express he displeasure with Delta for the way they treated the man:

Dear Delta:

On Delta flight # 2035 this week, I observed the most outrageous treatment of a paying customer that I have seen in my two decades of flying.

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