Apple buys excellent Dark Sky weather app, kills it for Android users

My favorite smartphone weather app is Dark Sky because it has a graph that shows you when it is going to rain, for how hard, and how long. Apple just bought Dark Sky and the first thing they did was pull the app from Android phones. Android users who subscribed to Dark Sky were informed that they will continue to receive service until July 1, 2020, after which they will be forced to throw their Android phone in the trash and buy an iPhone.

Former Dark Sky fans expressed their sentiments on Twitter:

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That Lebowski beer commercial is unwatchable

The Dude disappoints, watch this instead. Read the rest

Gallery of disappointing stuff

I recently came across a subreddit called "Expectation vs Reality." It's a place to post side-by-side photos of something promised compared to what was actually delivered (usually a smaller, crappier than expected).

A taco I actually got from taco Bell last night....

This is supposed to make my daughter happy, not frighten her.

This is supposed to make my daughter happy, not frighten her.

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Photo gallery of retail disappointment

I've seen about half of these examples of products that are smaller, grosser, crappier than expected, but there are some excellent new ones in here, too.

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Disappointed Guinea Pig

Nicole Macintosh posts videos of adorable rodents; YouTube's kanilox added some appropriate music Read the rest

NASA downplays still-unannounced findings from Mars

Just before Thanksgiving, the lead mission scientist for the Curiosity rover told NPR that his team had found something that would "be one for the history books." Naturally, we all began speculating about the presence of life, giant obelisks, and half-buried Statues of Liberty. Yesterday, however, a different NASA spokesman basically asked the world to not get its hopes up too high, revising the level of importance down from "earthshaking" to "interesting". So far, nobody has said what, exactly, was discovered. (Via Colin Schultz) Read the rest

Quilts inspired by the Large Hadron Collider

Last week, while I was on a train, researchers at CERN announced that neutrinos are probably not traveling faster than the speed of light. Last year, as you'll recall, the OPERA experiment clocked the neutrinos breaking that speed limit. Unfortunately, it looks like those measurements were probably caused by one or more problems with the GPS system used to synchronize clocks between the neutrinos' point of origin and where they were speeding off to.

That's disappointing news. To make up for it, I offer you this art chaser—a gallery of beautiful quilts inspired by CERN's Large Hadron Collider.

The quilts are the work of artist Kate Findlay, and they're completely amazing. The one pictured here is called "Inner Eye." It's based on ATLAS, one of the major detectors built to encircle the Large Hadron Collider and collect information on what's going on inside it. Comparing the photo with the quilt makes both images doubly awesome.

See the rest of the quilts at Symmetry Magazine

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Antimatter ships: Still a long ways away

"The most abundant source of antiprotons near the Earth" contains exactly 28 antiprotons. Which suggests, says Jennifer Ouellette, that it's going to be a while before we're flying to the stars—Star Trek-like—on antimatter-powered ships. (Via Hi, I'm Monkey) Read the rest