Photo of all the Dr. Pepper knockoffs

Spotted doing the viral rounds and unattributed (though watermarked with a URL that redirects to Elbe Spurling's website) this wall of Dr. Pepper knockoffs is a magnificent lesson in branding magic and semiotics and all that fancy jazz. I transcribed the names:

Dr. Choice Dr. Bold Dr. Perfect Dr. Bob Dr. Wow Real Dr. Dr. Thunder Dr. Right Dr. K Dr. Shaw Dr. A+ Dr. Stripes Dr. Chill Dr. Skipper The Dr. Dr. Tremor Dr. Snap Dr. Perky Dr. Shasta Dr. Spice Dr. Fine Dr. Zevia Dr. Dynamite

Not included, tragically, is Kroger's recently-marketed "The Fizzicist", photographed here by Brent Nashville.

If I made one, it would be 'Not really a Dr."

Update: One ~bmasmith compiled a big list of Dr. Pepper clones. Read the rest