Matt Gaetz wants “to be the conservative AOC.” Take a look at him trying

I really hope Florida representative Matt Gaetz puts on more self-owning performances like this one, and I'm sure he will, because one of the distinguishing features of a MAGA politician is an utter lack of shame or self awareness. Here, he interrogates John Dean (former White House counsel to Richard Nixon), who makes short work of every one of Gaetz's limp gotcha questions. At one point everyone in the room laughs at one of Dean's comebacks.

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Mike Huckabee repeats joke twice to elicit laughs from elderly all-white audience

What professional comic Mike Huckabee lacks in creativity, comedic timing, and material, he more than makes up for in grossly mistaken self-assurance. Watch him force weak laughter and applause out of his audience of white seniors by repeating a joke in a vaguely threatening tone.

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Burger restaurant owners take Gordon Ramsay's criticism poorly

"I can see the blood, but what's in it?" asks the cantankerous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay about a burger before taking a bite, in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

After he tastes it, Ramsay says, "that is hideous" and moves the plate away.

The restaurant owners get mad at Ramsay, and even madder at their executive chef, after he serves a differently prepared burger to Ramsay which the show host declares "delicious." Read the rest

Deluded billionaire gives UC Irvine $200M to study homeopathy and "alternative" therapies

...and the LA Times thinks it's swell, singing the praises of semiconductor baron Henry Samueli, a true believer in homeopathy and "integrative medicine," whose gift to the UC system comes with the stipulation that it only be used to study discredited garbage...forever. Read the rest

Trump DoJ nominee Jon Adler loves Scientology's bogus, occasionally lethal "detox" program

Jon Adler is Trump's nominee for the Department of Justice's director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance; the former criminal investigator is also president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, and is proud to serve on the advisory board of Heroes Health Fund, which is the latest incarnation of Narcanon, the Church of Scientology's baseless "detox" program that involves taking huge doses of niacin and sitting for hours in a sauna, a practice with no health benefits that has killed some of its practitioners. Read the rest