Man lost at sea for a year sued for $1M over claims he ate his shipmate

A man from El Salvador who survived over an entire year lost at sea is reportedly being sued for $1 million over accusations he ate the other occupant of his boat. The grieving family of his shipmate, who died one way or the other on the ill-fated voyage, claims the survivor survived by cannibalizing his companion. Read the rest

Research files on El Salvador stolen from human rights group suing CIA over El Salvador

Confidential research files on human rights abuses in El Salvador were stolen from a human rights organization in Washington state, just weeks after that same organization sued the CIA for refusing to release documents related to those very same abuses. Read the rest

Barista plunges three Aeropresses at once

Johanna writes, "Carlos Aguirre, a trainer at Academia Barista Pro, stunned audiences worldwide when he pushed not 1, not 2 but 3 aeropresses at the same time for his signature drink during National Salvadoran Barista Competition."

That's a lot of aeropressin'. The key scene starts at 20:41.

SUBCAMPEON de Baristas en El Salvador GANA Mejor Espresso del País - Entrenador Carlos Aguirre

(Thanks, Johanna!)

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