Comparing COVID-19 to other causes of death

As the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States blows past 60,000 faster than officials predicted, STAT [] compares the 2020 coronavirus outbreak to other causes of death for which we have historical data. Read the rest

U.S. now has 1 million coronavirus cases

The U.S. now has 1 million patients who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, with many more unreported or undetected people infected. Read the rest

Trump: 'There has been so much unnecessary death in this country'

It was almost a confession of guilt. Almost. Read the rest

Coronavirus 'acts like no pathogen humanity has ever seen,' say doctors

COVID-19 damage (yellow) on lungs of 59-year-old man who died at George Washington University Hospital. 3D model based on computerized tomography scans, courtesy George Washington Hospital and Surgical Theater

How exactly is coronavirus killing us?

This New York Magazine piece on what we do and do not yet know about the novel coronavirus is really good. It's weird seeing everyone compare COVID-19 to the flu, when there are reports coming in of patients dying of exploding hearts and glitching cytokines. Read the rest

Map of state-level coronavirus coordination efforts look like apocalyptic sci-fi

Alfred Twu is maintaining a public-domain map of the various efforts underway between states to coordinate their pandemic response. It's a detailed at-a-glance guide to who is doing what with whom, but it's also been described as a Shadowrun scenario and a guide to the next civil war. Read the rest

Man peddling bleach as coronavirus 'cure' wrote to Trump this week

“Mark Grenon wrote to Trump saying chlorine dioxide ‘can rid the body of Covid-19’ days before the president promoted disinfectant as treatment”

Does nicotine prevent coronavirus? Researchers in France (of course) plan trial

Researchers at a top Paris hospital examined 343 coronavirus patients, "Among these patients, only five percent were smokers"

COVID-19 may cause sudden strokes in young adults, coronavirus doctors report

Doctors say the disease caused by the novel coronavirus appears to be causing strokes in young adult patients, some who didn't even know they were infected. Read the rest

In NY, 2 cats are infected with coronavirus - first U.S. pets to test positive, federal officials say

Two cats in New York are reported to have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Both had mild respiratory symptoms and are expected to make a full recovery. Read the rest

Coronavirus has killed 150,000 people worldwide, as of today

A Reuters calculation published today shows that more than 150,000 have died of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, the illness it causes. Read the rest

Trump bizarrely orders halt to W.H.O. funding amid coronavirus pandemic

During a coronavirus task force briefing, America learned today that impeached and manifestly unfit U.S. President Donald Trump has just ordered a halt to funding for the World Health Organization. Read the rest

South Dakota's Republican governor resisted Coronavirus stay-at-home order, now it's a COVID-19 hot spot

The Trump-aligned GOP governor of South Dakota resisted the urgent appeal by epidemiologists to issue a “stay-at-home” order. Now the state is home to a COVID-19 outbreak. Ignoring science has consequences. Read the rest

Russia's health disinformation campaign against U.S. has been going on for 10+ years — NYT

“'The difference now is the speed with which it spreads, and the denigration of the institutions that we rely on to understand the truth. I think we're in dangerous territory.'”

Don't miss the New York Times investigation detailing Russia's decade-long health disinformation campaign against the United States and other Western democracies, using social media and news outlets to sow confusion and hurt institutions. Read the rest

That time in 2005 when junior senator Barack Obama argued for 'decisive action to prevent a pandemic'

American political memories can be so short. Read the rest

U.S. now has greatest number of confirmed coronavirus deaths in the world, surpassing Italy

The United States on Saturday reached a grim milestone. Read the rest

NYT chart shows all causes of death in NYC over past 20 years, then coronavirus spike

“[D]eaths over the last month dwarf what would be expected from seasonal variations, and look more like a mass casualty event.”

Woman, 107, recovers from coronavirus

Some centenarians have survived coronavirus

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