Cuneiform Gingerbread Tablet Rolling Pin

Tavola Mediterranea bills itself as the "home of culinary archaeology on the web," and had shared for years a recipe for making Gingerbread Cuneiform Tablets:

Most of you who read my articles, or cook with my recipes, know that I enjoy making edible archaeology. I find it to be an immersive, experiential, and multi-sensory avenue with which to explore and understand the archaeological and historical written records. Those of you who read my recent article on Panis Quadratus, the iconic Pompeiian bread, will recall how much fun it is to explore food archaeology and history while also debating the theories that surround the related artefacts. When it comes to ancient civilisations and material culture, I want to try to interpret archaeological findings in many ways and nothing opens up that possibility more than studying objects or text, using my hands, experimenting with recreation, labouring over something for a while, and even tasting it if I can!

That recipe required use of a chopstick "stylus" for creating the glyphs. But there is indeed a better way.

The roller creates embossed script and is available for purchase here.

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Williams Sonoma Reversible Meat Tenderizer

Williams Sonoma's $30 "Reversible Meat Tenderizer" is described on its website as an "impressively weighty pounder" and "two tools in one." (It's also available on Amazon as the Leifheit Pro Meat Tenderizer Tool)

One side is smooth for flattening meats and poultry; the opposite side has “teeth” for tenderizing. Triple-plated-chrome construction over a zinc core adds heft.

Flattens and tenderizes meats and crushes other foods such as garlic and nuts. Ergonomic handle provides leverage and a comfortable grip. Crafted of dishwasher-safe chrome with a zinc core.

It's 6 and one quarter inches "high".

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The Snotty Chef

Continuing my lead up to Thanksgiving with yet another post displaying the highest in class and culture, today I am pleased to share with you one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in kitchenware.

It’s an egg-white separator and, while its clever design deserves kudos, do we really need to see gobs of seemingly snotty glop pouring out of his nose? Yes, perhaps we do.

The company knows exactly what it’s selling:

If you're looking for the most disgusting way to separate your egg yolks from your egg whites, look no further. The Bogeyman, as so he's called is a ceramic coffee mug-looking device that allows you to easily separate your egg whites from the yolks by straining it through his nostrils. Not only is quite disgusting, but there's just something quite satisfying about watching the goopy egg whites slowly make their way through his nostrils. You almost get that same refreshing feeling after emptying your own nostrils while you have a plugged-up nose.

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Ten 16-ounce pub beer glasses for $(removed)

I just bought this ten-pack of 16-ounce pub beer glasses on Amazon for $(removed) They have great reviews on Amazon. I don't know how long they will be at this price. They been as high as $(removed) recently. UPDATE: Price is now $(removed)! Read the rest

Use 50ml chemistry beakers as shot glasses

50ml is 1.7 ounces. which makes these glass beakers perfect for serving a healthy shot of liquor. You can buy a set of 12 for $(removed) on Amazon. Read the rest