Lamp connects cat to God

The replacement of Lamp Cat's jaunty YouTube Music Library track with Era Ameno turns a stupid feline warming its head under a lightbulb into the seraphim Baraqiel, its ceaseless gaze bearing the eternal fire of God's light. Read the rest

Fancy banana lamp

Would you just look at the $295 Seletti Banana Lamp [Bergdorf Goodman]. Read the rest

Lumio: Multi-function lamp disguised as a hardcover book

Shut up and take my money, Lumio. Just shut right up and take it. Jesus! Read the rest

Self-assembling, printed lamp

Harvard engineers created a self-assembling lamp whose components are printed, including some of the electronics. Read the rest

Lava Lamps are 50 years old!

The lava lamp turns 50 this year! The product's inventor, Edward Craven Walker, was inspired by a Christmas ornament containing oil and water. This month in 1963, he launched his company, now called Mathmos, named after the lava lake in Barbarella. Check out an early prototype below. Read the rest

Awesome lamp resembles Zeppelin airship

Jake Von Slatt tells Boing Boing, "I got an email this morning from Flaminio Bovino, a young Italian designer who though I might like this amazing blimp lamp he made. He was correct!" Read the rest