Librarians once wore THIS as their uniform

If the year was 1836 and you were a Royal Librarian at Spain's Real Biblioteca Pública, this was probably your uniform. We can assume pants were part of the deal (right?).

image via CEIP Arias Montano Library (Seville)

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There's a librarian action figure in the likeness of a real librarian

The rise of the Information Age has put librarians in more demand than ever, according to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

It simply makes sense that a librarian action figure would pop into the market, tiny red cape and all. This one is particularly special because it's fashioned after a real hero, librarian Nancy Pearl of Seattle, Washington.

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TEDxLibrariansTO: A TEDx for librarians, Jun 25, Toronto

A reader writes, "TEDxLibrariansTO is the very first TEDx event just for librarians, and has people speaking on slow reading, gaming and literacy, maker culture and class struggle in the library. The theme for TEDx LibrariansTO is Librarians as Thought Leaders." Read the rest