This is the art of pantomime. In church.

"Pantomime at church, in school, or on TV is another form of dramatic expression for anyone who wants to give deeper meaning to words and to thoughts."

This is "The Art of Pantomime in Church" (Meriwether Contemporary Drama Service filmstrip FS-33, 1982).

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Marcel Marceau mimes the progression of human life, from birth to death, in 4 minutes

Ayun Halliday of Open Culture posted a 1965 film of Marcel Marceau's performance of Youth, Maturity, Old Age, and Death.

The film above documents a 1965 performance of his most celebrated piece, Youth, Maturity, Old Age, and Death, given at 42, the exact midpoint of his life. In four abstract minutes, he progresses through the seven ages of man, relying on nuances of gait and posture to convey each stage.

He performed it countless times throughout his extraordinary career, never straying from his own precisely rendered choreography. The playing area is just a few feet in diameter.

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Robin Williams, mime (1974)

In 1974, Daniel Sorine photographed two mimes in Central Park. Turned out that one of them was Robin Williams. Read the rest