Here's Sarah Palin singing "Baby Got Back" dressed in a bright pink bear costume

In the video above, she explains her decision as some kind of deconstructive performance art about the media and politics and body image, or something.

I've never actually watched The Masked Singer but I'm pretty sure I hate it now, thanks. If anything, this just confirms to me that we're living in a simulation, and someone out there is laughing very hard at all of this.

Sarah Palin raps "Baby Got Back" while dressed as a bear, shocking "The Masked Singer" viewers [Sophie Lewis / CBS News] Read the rest

Do you think that we're living in a simulation?

Do you believe that we're living in a simulation? Has that belief affected your life? My old pal Rodney Ascher, director of fantastically freaky documentaries like Room 237, about weird theories surrounding The Shining, and The Nightmare, a study on sleep paralysis, is starting on a new far-out film about people who are convinced that our world is a digital creation. If you're one of those people, Rodney would love to hear from you.

"The approach, like my other films, is to focus almost entirely on first-person accounts and present them as accurately as possible - closer to a non-fiction Twilight Zone than an episode of Cosmos," Rodney says.

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