Fifty Sheds of Stray: #FiftyShades spoof with a surprise 🐱

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A weather report from an alternate universe, in which science is real and people aren't idiots

Stevedore Comedy talks about climate change as if it were real in "News From a World Where People Aren't Complete Idiots." Wake up America! Read the rest

Fictional Bad Games: what if they still rushed every hot movie to the NES in time for Christmas?

Robert Penney created a pixel-perfect animation of Stranger Things as a turn-of-the-1990s adventure game a la Secret of Monkey Island. Turns out that he's got a knack for these displaced artifacts, each pulled from a parallel universe where 20th century game systems still received rushed, sloppy games based on inappropriate movies and shows.

Here, for example, is an 8-bit game of Stephen King's IT made by a team that perhaps got to watch one trailer, on mute, before getting cracking in time for Christmas...

And here's Alejandro González Iñárritu's Gravity as a dismally bad genre platformer. Watch out for snakes!

Here's Scarif Resort Simulator, a Sim City clone crudely tied-in to the Star Wars universe.

Penney's Fictional Bad Games YouTube channel looks like a good one to follow. It's such incredible work I wondered if he had to code quasi-games to get such a convincing replica of bad, glitchy gameplay, but Penney writes that he makes each animation in Photoshop:

Yes it was incredibly laborious! But AfterEffects and Flash etc can’t really get that clunky awkward feel that a frame by frame animation can! I also created all the music and sound effects.  It was all inspired by an older project I created in a similar vein, but just box art -

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Even primitiver technology

You've seen Primitive Technology; now see Even Primitiver Technology. A fine spoof of an excellent YouTube series. Read the rest

Stranger Things as a Lucasarts-style adventure game

Agonizingly, the Stranger Things game—a point-and-click adventure in the style of Lucasarts' late-eighties classic such as Zak McKraken and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade—is just a spoof. It's so detailed and pixel-perfect, though, they it seems they must have made the game, complete with ridiculously precise and incomprehensible puzzles, just to record to video of it. Read the rest

The Data Drive, a dystopian Facebook spoof

At first glance, thedatadrive appears to be a charming cartoon version of Facebook. But it soon turns into a nightmare, distilled from the social network's brain-drilling efforts to force your attention to BRANDS. It's impossible to tell if and when the joke dissolves and actual marketing, presented as adbusters-esque antimarketing, starts up again. Which is the point, I guess! It's impossible to know, now that we are all living in the last chuckle of a dead French philosopher.

Turns out, though, that the spoof's heart is in the right place: it's the work of Daniel Kolitz, Adrian Chen, Alix Rule and Sam Lavigne, who are launching a new publishing venture—Useless Press— which promises "high-quality internet things."

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