One is a crowd when animating in Blender

This video is a protip for animators, a comedy reel and a horror short. You learn how to make a walking 3D character the easy way, then generate a startlingly realistic crowd scene with a few clicks and assets. Blink twice and the uncanniness, the repetitions and simplicities, become clear. But for just a moment, that's an inauguration crowd. Consider the idea of shallow fakes: things that only need to fool you for a moment.

(All hail the new trend of short, no-nonsense instructional videos.) Read the rest

Superb makeup transformation from young woman to elderly genius

Frustratingly, this video has no data about the identity of the incredible genius featured therein. Who is she? Read the rest

More Google Earth anomalies

Artist Clement Valla collects the most remarkable machine-vision nightmares and curiosities from Google Earth, a world whose parallels to our own become uncannier with each sweep of the satellites and Googlecars. [Previously. via] Read the rest