This yarn is made for inclusivity, is available in 8 skin tones

Known for her cute crocheted "amigurimi" dolls, Artist Allison Hoffman (aka Crafty is Cool) has a new venture: yarn. Her new AmiguruME Skin Tones line comes in eight colors to better represent the different shades of human skin. The yarn ranges from light to dark and will be available starting Friday, July 17, at Noon (CT) on her website.

She writes:

For 10 years Iโ€™ve been waiting for something like this to happen in the yarn world and finally decided to do it myself! There are eight colors right now and I think it represents a nice range of natural skin tones. Light 1, Light 2, Medium 1, Medium 2, Tan 1, Tan 2, Dark 1, Dark 2. are limited of course (because this is literally a one person project) but donโ€™t worry if something sells out because I have plans to restock as needed. . Yarns are 50g/120yd balls, 100% acrylic, a light worsted weight but almost a if you crochet tightly (like Caron Simply Soft or Bernat Satin), have a matte finish, are super soft, and I have loved working with them! They will be sold individually and as sets.

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Magnificent crocheted human anatomical model

Among other wild artworks, Shanell Papp created this incredible crocheted human body titled "Lab (Skeleton)." The piece was displayed on a gurney and the organs can be "dissected."

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Victoria Villasana yarn bombs vintage photos

Textile artist Victoria Villasana breathes new life into black and white photos by sewing vividly-colored yarns and threads onto them. Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and legal tender all get the treatment. Read the rest

You probably need a mermaid tail blanket this fall

Now that fall is here, wouldn't it be nice to keep your legs warm while pretending you are a siren of the sea? The good folks at YARNutopia share how to make your own mermaid tail blanket, including a PDF of the pattern. Read the rest

A brief history of yarn in video games

A charming game called Unravel stood out at E3 2015. But before that, there was the Nintendo Knitting Machine, and you've been missing out.

Breaking Bad: Walt + Jesse amigurimi (the most adorable crocheted meth cooks)

Via a comment in today's earlier Breaking Bad meme roundup post, this DIY yarn project at Ravelry:

Inspired by Breaking Bad, patterns to make little Walter and Jesse, everyoneโ€™s favorite meth cooks. Instructions include patterns for two dolls, two hats, glasses, jumpsuits, and tiny bags of crystal. Because of tiny parts, these patterns wouldnโ€™t be suitable for young children, who probably have never seen Breaking Bad anyway, right?

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Fooling facial recognition surveillance cameras with cunning and crocheting

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Canadian yarn-lover and privacy-lover Howie Woo has developed an ingenious system for thwarting surveillance cameras that use face recognition technology. His solution involves crochet and LOLs. Here are more photos (via the Boing Boing Flickr Pool). More about Howie's playful creations here.

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