Oops, man panics and snitches on himself about $500 million opium poppy field

Cody Xiong from North Carolina should have kept his mouth shut, but when police came to his door to ask about something unrelated, the paranoid poppy grower said, "I guess you're here for the opium."

This led police to discover over an acre of poppy plants, worth about $500 million, in Xiong's backyard.

According to Time:

Investigators believe the plants were being harvested in Xiong's isolated rural lot, before being shipped elsewhere. Opium poppies are used to make opium, morphine, codeine and heroin, and police estimated that the haul consisted of over 2,000 pounds of the plant.

Xiong was arrested at the site and charged with manufacturing a Schedule II drug and trafficking in opium, both felonies. He was later released from jail after posting $45,000 bail.

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Sheriff Clarke didn't like plane passenger, had him harassed, then taunted him on Facebook

After a few words were exchanged on an American Airline flight between Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and passenger Dan Black, Clarke was displeased. So he sent texts to his officers to harass Black when he got off the plane.

According to The Hill:

After Black and Clarke’s exchange, Clarke sent a text message to Captain Mark Witek telling Witek what to do with Black.

“Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an asshole with your guys,” Clarke wrote. “Follow him to baggage and out the door.”

“Question for him is, why he said anything to me,” Clarke continued. “Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?”

So what was it that he said?

When Black, 24, boarded the plane going from Dallas to Milwaukee, he thought he recognized Clarke, a Democrat who aligns himself with conservatives and is an outspoken supporter of Trump. But Black wasn't sure if it was Clarke, since the Sheriff, who usually wears a Stetson hat, was dressed in Dallas Cowboy attire.

Although the two men have different stories, they do agree that Black asked Clarke if he were the Sheriff. When the Sheriff replied that he was, Black silently shook his head, to which the Sheriff asked if Black had a problem with it. Black says he replied that he did not have a problem, while Clarke says that Black stood over him in a threatening manner.

When Black got off the airport, he was harassed by deputies, and then by Clarke via Facebook. Read the rest

Fresh pink pineapples (genetically modified) are about to be a thing in the US

In case you missed it, last December the FDA gave Del Monte Fresh Produce permission to sell genetically modified pineapples in the United States. But up until recently, most people hadn't had the chance to feast their eyes on the pink pineapple. Now, thanks to Instagram, we get a sneak preview of what these pineapples – which are sweeter than the yellow variety – look like.

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#doleplantation #pinkpineapple

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We are so ready for some pink piña coladas 😍 These babies are popping up everywhere - fingers crossed they'll be in a grocery store near us soon! #pinkisthenewblack #pinkpineapple

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According to Oddity Central:

Del Monte Fresh Produce, one of the world’s largest produce suppliers, has been working on pink pineapple for over a decade, and in December of last year, the company got permission from the FDA to sell them in the United States. Del Monte has already partnered with Dole, to have the new pink fruit grown in Costa Rica and Hawaii, and while it hasn’t reached store shelves just yet, photos of the unusual-looking pineapple have been popping up on online social networks lately.

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Angry gentleman plows into Moonlite Bunny Ranch with 18-wheeler while women sleeping

Brian Brandt, age 40, was wearing full body armor as he plowed into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch yesterday with a stolen 18-wheeler, causing extensive damage to the property. Seems like the Reno, NV man was holding a grudge against the brothel, which was featured in the reality TV show CatHouse, since his "bad experience" 20 years ago.

Fortunately, nobody, including 30 prostitutes, 10 customers, and 5 other employees of the brothel, were hurt.

According to The Washington Post:

Brothel owner Dennis Hof told the Association Press that none of the business’s five employees, 30 female prostitutes and 10 customers inside were hurt during the crash, which occurred just after 4 a.m.

In tweets after the incident, Hof said that the women were “fine” and “pouring free cocktails.” ...

Brandt was a trucker with the company and had been fired in recent months for what Blashfield described as inappropriate behavior.

Authorities have not revealed a motive, but News 4 reported that the station received a call from a man who identified himself as Brian Brandt in early May. The man on the call was upset, the TV station reported, and claimed that 20 years ago he had a bad experience at BunnyRanch.

Brandt "was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, destruction of property and possession of stolen property."

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A Manchester woman breaks out in "Don't Look Back in Anger," crowd joins in

People across England observed a minute of silence Thursday in remembrance of the 22 victims killed in the Manchester concert bombing. After the minute of silence in this Manchester city center, a woman suddenly starts singing "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis, and the crowd joins in. Read the rest

Watch the beauty of a Lego Porsche 911 crashing in slow motion

Who knew a slo-mo car crash could look so celestial? Of course it helps that the car, going about 29 mph, was made of Lego pieces.

From YouTube:

c't went to the crash test experts from ADAC and crashed the model car just like a big one (EURO-NCAP, 40% offset). The crash was filmed with several high speed cameras with 1000 fps.

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Neil Gaiman agrees to read entire Cheesecake Factory menu, with a catch

Neil Gaiman has just agreed to do a dramatic reading of the Cheesecake Factory menu, which is nearly the size of a Bible. But there's a catch – the Coraline author will only do the reading if $500,000 has been raised for a charity of his choice, which happens to be the United Nations Refugee Agency.

It all started with a tweet from comedian and author Sara Benincasa:

"Dear @neilhimself: for $500K to the charity of your choice would you read the Cheesecake Factory menu in its entirety onstage pls advise."

To which Gaiman replied a few hours later:

I have said Yes. If she makes it happen, for charity, I will do this thing.

According to Los Angeles Times:

Benincasa told Eater that her tweet was inspired in part by watching the television adaptation of one of Gaiman's most famous books.

“Last week I watched an episode of the sublime TV adaptation of ‘American Gods,’ went on a goddamn elegant date to Cheesecake, woke up, drank coffee, and went into some kind of inspiration blackout. When I came to, I discovered I'd asked Neil if he'd read the entire Cheesecake Factory menu onstage in exchange for a $500,000 donation to a charity of his choice.”

Benincasa then set up a fundraising campaign on the charity crowdfunding site Crowdrise

"If we hit $500K, Neil has kindly agreed to do a live reading of the greatest restaurant menu of all time. It's about 8000 pages, last time I checked," Benincasa wrote on the site.

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How to make a cotton candy machine with an angle grinder, then unofficially demo it at Maker Faire

Maker William Osman from Ventura, CA shows us how to make a cotton candy machine with an angle grinder, small metal container, motor, coffee filter, and other household/workshop materials. He worries about being able to bring his contraption onto the Maker Faire grounds, but slips it in with no problem. He then huddles under bleachers to test the machine with friends, and by their reactions it looks like some pretty scrumptious cotton candy. For the grand finale Osman demos the machine to the public, giving out free samples to passersby. That's the Maker Faire spirit! Read the rest

Melania rejects Trump's hand once again with new maneuver

Yesterday, when Trump tried to hold Melania's hand on the tarmac in Israel, she was quick to swat it away.

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Incredibly close call with most venomous snake in North America

Nick the Wrangler is no stranger to snakes and close calls, but even he looked rattled after this Eastern Diamondback, the most dangerous snake in North America, slithered onto his lap.

From YouTube:

After a long day of searching for snakes in the hottest part of the day. I decided to take a break. 15 or so minutes later I heard a rustle in the brush next to me. I take a better look to see an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake crawling towards me, so i just sat there as still as possible. I thought he was going to keep on cruising by, but instead he decided to check me out. I tried to get him to keep moving but he rushed up onto my lap. This was a very close call. I was definitely out of my comfort zone but by Gods grace I wasn't harmed.
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Sinkhole opens in front of Mar-a-Lago, funny tweets abound

A 4x4 sinkhole has opened up in front of Mar-a-Lago on Southern Boulevard in Palm Beach, FL. It hasn't swallowed anything up, so as far as sinkholes go, it doesn't seem major. But it's inspired some fun tweets:

For more details, here's the scoop from 25WPBF News:

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Watch: Cool typographic metaphors using vintage typewriter come to life

Illustrator Greg Condon uses a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe typewriter to give metaphorical shape and movement to words in this awesome short, "disillusionment of ten point font."

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Watch: Clueless driver cuts off bike on freeway, keeps going when man lands on car

When a jackass driver going full speed on a Los Angeles freeway doesn't look before illegally crossing into a carpool lane and thus cuts off a motorcycle, the motorcycle driver doesn't usually live to talk about what happened next. But watch how this lucky motorcyclist lands (and how clueless the driver continues to be). Read the rest

Watch: "I'm Just a Lie," Jimmy Kimmel's modern day Schoolhouse Rock lesson

In case you missed "I'm Just a Lie" on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, here it is – the updated version of Schoolhouse Rock's 1976 "I'm just a Bill." Read the rest

Trump wanted Comey to throw journalists in prison

Yesterday, The New York Times ran a story with the headline "Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation." But another nugget was hidden towards the bottom of the article:

Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey’s associates.

But isn't it legal in the United States for journalists to publish leaks whether they are legally obtained by someone else or not? According to The Guardian:

The real danger, which got far less attention, was that Trump might use the draconian 100-year-old Espionage Act to target reporters with prosecution for publishing classified information. Less than six months into his presidency, we now have reason to believe this is a distinct possibility.

The Espionage Act is blatantly unconstitutional, which is part of the reason why every justice department in modern history has avoided reaching the point of prosecution against a newspaper. But it has long been a specter hanging over journalists: if you read just the text of the law, it is being violated almost daily by reporters at every major paper in the country. (And it’s not just journalists: the law is so wildly broad that just by reading the New York Times, you are arguably guilty.)

Many lawyers have believed the law would be struck down if a prosecution ever took place, but it’s not exactly a chance anyone wants to take.

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Man sues date for texting in movie theater

When you sit next to a texter in a movie theater it can be a little irritating. But when Brandon Vezmar from Texas took his date to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, he became so annoyed that he's now suing her for $17.31 – the cost of the movie ticket.

According to USA Today:

“This is, like, one of my biggest pet peeves,” he told Austin’s American-Statesman.

“It was kind of a first date from hell,” he told the paper, saying that about 15 minutes after the movie began, his date – who he met on dating app Bumble – started texting.

In his lawsuit, which was filed at a Travis County small claims court, Vezmar said the woman “activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages.”

But perhaps it's not just the texting that left the 37-year-old gentleman smarting. When he told her to leave the theater if she wanted to text, she went outside and never came back, leaving him to find another ride home.

Apparently, the couple, who met on the dating app Bumble, were not a match.

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Thai King strolls through mall in tiny crop top, then threatens to sue Facebook for showing video

Last year, the Thai Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn (who became King of Thailand in December) walked around a Munich shopping center sporting a little yellow crop top, exposing tattoos on his belly and back. He was with a woman who was similarly dressed. They looked like an ordinary couple on a beach vacation.

But the new King is not happy that a video surfaced on Facebook last month, posted by Somsak Jeamteerasakul, "a prominent Thai historian and critic of the monarchy who lives in France," according to The New York Times. The King has had the video blocked in Thailand, but today he threatened to sue Facebook if it wasn't immediately removed from the site.

The video has been blocked in Thailand but was still available outside the country on Tuesday.

Facebook, which opened an office in Thailand in 2015, declined to answer questions about its operations in the country or the pages that the government wants to remove. A spokeswoman, Clare Wareing, said only that the company’s policy was to comply with requests by governments to restrict access to content that officials believed violated local laws.

“When we receive such a request, we review it to determine if it puts us on notice of unlawful content,” Ms. Wareing said in an emailed statement. “If we determine that it does, then we make it unavailable in the relevant country or territory and notify people who try to access it why it is restricted.”

In Thailand, it's illegal to poke fun of the king, queen, or crown prince, and can carry a maximum sentence of 15 years. Read the rest

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