• This PSA kindly tells covidiot snowflakes, "You should be wearing a fucking mask"

    In a deep, gentle voice this scolding video for covidiots starts with: "Hello. You should be wearing a fucking mask. Why aren't you wearing a mask? Are you being a snowflake, complaining about your rights? Are you telling people you can't breathe? Good luck breathing with the coronavirus."

    And it goes on from there, with phrases like, "This isn't about you, you piece of shit," and "This is about the people you love, and people who love you, which is unlikely that there are any…" After asking viewers to put on their mask, the voice kindly acknowledges the good deed with, "See, that wasn't very hard, was it you dumb fuck?" This Covid "PSA" for non-mask wearers is the most delightfully passive-aggressive I've seen.

  • Ivanka tells 18 million out-of-work Americans: "Find something new!"

    While the limping United States suffers its highest unemployment rate of 11.1% since the Great Recession, with nearly 18 million people out of work, Ivanka Trump offers us some sage advice: "Find something new!"

    Oh, right! Of course, why didn't anyone else think of that? And perhaps they can eat some cake while they're at it.

    As part of the White House's new strategy to boost morale, they have launched their "Find Something New" campaign today.

    According to CBS, "The opening ad in the 'Find Something New' campaign beginning Tuesday features ordinary people sharing their stories. A companion website provides links to training and other resources."

    But, like everything that comes from this administration, the website providing guidance for these out-of-work Americans appears to be Trump University-style smoke and mirrors.

    From Mother Jones:

    The campaign's website, which boasts ties with companies like Apple, reads like a choose-your-own-adventure where options like vague certificate and intensive programs are presented but with scant detail on how to pursue such paths, much less pay for some of them. Click on Apple, for example, and you're simply rerouted to a page offering free beginner coding courses that surely won't be enough to even land you an interview with the company. It's the equivalent of directing someone to Indeed.com, wishing them good luck, and congratulating yourself for helping them in a meaningful way.

    But of course most Americans aren't that stupid. From CBS:

    The campaign is also facing criticisms of tone deafness given that number of unemployed workers has surged by 12 million since February. Even though the jobless rate has declined to 11.1% in June from a peak of 14.7% in April, it still remains higher than the Great Recession.

    Workers who are seeking new employment may struggle to find a job, even if they are willing to try something new. Job listings have slumped almost 6% in the last two weeks, with almost one-third of employers cutting back on job openings since late June, according to a new study from employment site Glassdoor.

    Twitter is already throwing gallows humor its way.

    Image: By Andrea Hanks/Official White House Photo - https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/IMT-photo-1.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=87840565

  • Angry folks throw an anti-mask rally in Florida, the state that just broke a Covid-19 record

    There's a reason that the United States has the highest Covid-19 death toll in the world with more than 135,000 coronavirus fatalities so far. And there's a reason that Florida broke the record for highest cases of coronavirus in one day. Just take a look at this video, taken at an anti-mask rally at a restaurant in Windermere, Florida (but of course), and you'll see the broken logic that is behind "freedom" defenders' rights to spread and catch coronavirus.

    Rather than give up their "freedom" by simply wearing a mask, they'd rather risk losing a bigger freedom by filling hospitals to full capacity (as they did in, er, Florida), shutting down international travel (because other countries are turning Americans away who try to enter), shutting down cities and states with a high coronavirus caseload, and obliterating our economy. With that kind of logic, Americans should be permitted the freedom to drive drunk or race cars on public streets.

  • Trump perfects his gibberish today while babbling about Biden's economic plan

    "He plagiarized from me," Trump told a reporter today on his way to Miami, Florida, referring to Joe Biden's economic plan. And then, "It's very radical left, but he said the right things, because he is copying what I've done." If this isn't perfect gibberish, I don't know what is.

  • On Trump's tax returns, "Supreme Loser" video tells Trump, "You lost. Bigly."

    Yesterday, MeidasTouch released a video called "Creepy Trump," which highlighted Trump's creepy relationship with Ivanka and Tiffany. Today, the political action committee brings you Supreme Loser, which begins by reminding us how, in 2016, Trump said he was "absolutely" going to release his tax returns, but he couldn't while being audited. The narrator then asks, "How's that audit going?"

    "You know who wasn't too weak and scared to release their tax returns? Every. Other. President," the narrator says. "…You thought the Supreme Court was going to save you. But guess what? You lost. Bigly." The video ends with a taunting, "Can't wait to see what's in those tax returns, Don."

    MeidasTouch was started by three brothers in March while they were in quarantine, according to Wikipedia. One of the brothers, Ben Meiselas, is an attorney for Colin Kaepernick.

  • Mitch McConnell is 7th senator to back away from the Republican National Convention

    Six Republican senators, including Pat Roberts, Chuck Grassley, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney have already either bowed out of the Republican National Convention in August or have said their attendance is "unlikely." Their public reasons are mostly either the ol' "scheduling conflict" excuse or that they are worried about coronavirus exposure.

    No one came right out and said it was because they didn't want to be associated with a lemon candidate like Trump, but Susan Collins claimed "she never intended to go because she does not attend national conventions when she is up for reelection," according to The Hill.

    Now we can add a 7th senator to the list: Mitch McConnell.

    According to HuffPost, McConnell, who is 78 years old, is running with the coronavirus excuse, which is fair enough. The convention was foolishly booked in Jacksonville, Florida, a state that "has emerged as a new world epicenter for the disease, breaking daily records in infections and hospitalizations," as HuffPost puts it. Florida is where 56 intensive care units across the state are at full capacity, according to CNN, and where 119 people died today — so far — from Covid-19.

    It's only July 9th. The convention is scheduled for August 17th. How many more GOP senators will drop out by then? One can only heat up the popcorn and get ready for an entertaining spat, if not a full-blown shit show, within the GOP.

  • Baseball stadium invites dancing robots to mask eerie emptiness during game

    To distract from an eerie, empty stadium, the Japanese baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks brought in more than 20 robots to liven up the otherwise dead atmosphere when they played against the Rakuten Eagles. But the robots only made the game eerier for some fans, while they delighted others.

    From Japan Today:

    Fans on social media had mixed reactions.

    "I think this is like a dystopia," wrote one Twitter user.

    Another called the performance "insanely beautiful."

    Boosted by the supportive robots, the Hawks won 4-3 as they look to defend their 2019 NPB title.

    Of course, the stadium is empty because of coronavirus fears. Baseball fans in Japan haven't been permitted to watch games live, but that will change tomorrow, according to Japan Today, when professional baseball games will start letting in up to 5,000 people to watch.

  • Melania statue in Slovenia is removed after it was burned by mysterious "vandals"

    After a year of enduring the unfortunate sight of a Melania Trump statue — a crude eyesore thought of by locals as a "disgrace" and likened to a "Smurfette", Melania's hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The wooden statue, carved with a chainsaw by artist Brad Downey, was set on fire July 4th by "vandals," according to CNN, and then promptly carted away by officials.

    Downey said he received a call from the local police department asking him what to do with the statue, which was made in July 2019 as part of an ongoing project that includes a short documentary film.

    He said the statue was removed on July 4 and he asked locals not to distribute photos of the scorched figure so it did not become a "violent meme."

    Downey has filed a police report but said he is only interested in finding the attackers, not pressing charges against them.

    "I would be curious to see who did it," he told CNN. "Someone doesn't like what it represents or how it looks," said Downey, who believes that the timing of the attack — on US Independence Day — means it was not a random "drunken act."

  • Excited dog won't stop following a runner who keeps telling him to go home

    "Go home. Go home," says marathoner and running vlogger Kofuzi, trying to shake off an unfamiliar farm dog who wants to join in on his daily run in Dyersville, Iowa. "Go, go on! I'm going to be on a busy road later, you can't go. Come on." He continues to argue with the dog, but his conversation falls flat as the frisky pup keeps following him. He says his new running buddy kept up with him for 2 1/2 miles out of his 11.46-mile run, and after all his efforts trying to ditch the dog, admits that he was a little sad once the dog stopped following him.

  • The Lincoln Project's new video has just one goal — to freak out Trump

    Like a trailer to a psychological thriller along the lines of Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation, in which a wire-tapping detective played by Gene Hackman struggles with mounting paranoia until he has a full-on break down, this Lincoln Project video goes beyond your usual anti-Trump ad. This one isn't for the Republicans against Trump, and it's not for waffling Independents. It's only for an audience of one — Trump himself. Meant to goad, it's sure to exacerbate his already spiraling affliction with delusions and paranoia.

  • Video: Massive fireball tearing through Tokyo sky caught on camera

    This bright meteor shot through the sky Thursday morning, which ended with an explosive bang according to some witnesses.

    From The Japan Times:

    Social media came alive after the 2:30 a.m. sightings, with many people saying they heard a large bang. Some said they mistook the sound for noise made by neighbors.

    "I thought a person living (in the condo) above knocked down a shelf," wrote one Twitter user, while another said, "I thought my child sleeping on the second floor fell out of bed."

    Others witnessed the sky suddenly light up.

    Daichi Fujii, a curator at Hiratsuka City Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture, captured the fireball with a camera installed at his home in Hiratsuka. It crossed the northern sky from west to east, he said.