• Watch Mike Pence glitch out after getting a Black woman's name wrong

    In his CNN "Town Hall" interview last night to promote his book, Mike Pence proved once and for all that yes, he is indeed an android. And he needed a reset after addressing a Black independent voter by the wrong name.

    "Barbara, thank you…" he said about her question regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade. "I represented Madison County for many years…"

    To which she interjected, "It's Andrea."

    And rather than do what humans do — "Oh, sorry Andrea!" — and move on, the robotic Pence malfunctioned, responding with a nervous "Nice to see you," before awkwardly freezing up. It took a few moments for a reboot, at which point the bug seemed to disappear, at least temporarily.

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  • House cat fends off bully with a simple yoga pose (video)

    Sometimes size doesn't matter if you've got the attitude down — as in downward dog, that is. Take the house cat below, for instance, whose meal was interrupted by a bobcat twice its size who swaggered up to the bowl. Rather than running off in fear, the cat stood its ground, immediately pivoting into yoga's most famous posture. As the bobcat then tried to sniff — and perhaps intimidate — the cat, the kitty remained steadfast in his sloped pose, even adding a low growl for good measure. The bobcat wasn't sure what the heck it was dealing with and soon left the scene in utter confusion, allowing the cat to carry on with its meal in peace.

    Via Ring

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  • World Cup "fan village" being compared to disastrous Fyre Festival (video)

    Qatar has been prepping for the FIFA World Cup for 10 years, building stadiums, a new airport, new roads, and much more (to the detriment of at least 6,500 migrant workers, who have died since the constructions began).

    And their latest project? A "fan village" of shipping containers and tents, each that cost around $200–$300 per night, that will accommodate 60,000 out of 130,000 soccer fans expected to attend, according to Yahoo! Sport.

    But oops, someone posted a sneak-peek of the "deluxe" accommodations on social media (see video below), and now commenters are half-jokingly comparing the village to the disastrous Fyre Festival.

    "Major Fyre Festival vibes emanating from Qatar. … looks like something out of an amateur horror film," said one of the many repelled commenters (see responses below).

    Honestly, the "rooms" don't look that bad to me — if you don't mind a plastic sheet for a door, bare-bones furnishings, and no AC unit in sight — but responses to the video tell a different story. Let the games begin!

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  • Small plane crashes on golf course in Wisconsin — and all 53 dogs on board (plus 3 people) survive

    A small plane made "a relatively catastrophic landing" yesterday in which both wings broke off before touching down on a Wisconsin golf course — but all 53 dogs on board, along with 3 humans, survived.

    The pups were being transported from Louisiana and other southern state shelters — which were either over-crowded or didn't have the right types of medical treatments to offer — when the plane made the emergency landing, according to CBS 58 (watch news story below). Workers at the golf course saw the crash landing and jumped into action, helping to collect the dogs, some of which were running around on the snowy grounds "confused" and "scared."

    The three adults on board sustained only minor injuries.

    Investigators are looking into the cause of the crash, while the rescued rescue dogs — cared for by the Humane Animal Welfare Society, are almost ready for adoption (and should be available within the next couple of days).

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  • "Trump 2024: The Loser Loses Again" is a MAGA sequel you don't want to miss

    Welp, it's official, Donald Trump is running again. And if there's one thing the MAGA leader is good at, it's losing. Which is highlighted in the Good Liars' mock trailer to the failing GOP's sequel, "Trump 2024: The Loser Loses Again" (see video below).

    "Six years ago, Donald Trump started a movement…" the trailer's narrator, Jason Selvig, says. "In 2024, he's going to do it again, and lose the popular vote for the third consecutive time." This is one of those rare sequels that promises be more entertaining that the original.

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  • Trump security trapped bored MAGA fans last night until dull speech ended, says ABC

    While a lackluster Donald Trump rambled on for a grueling hour last night to announce his 2024 presidential campaign, people were bored. So bored, they tried to leave mid-bunkum, but according to ABC's Jonathan Karl, security "started preventing them from leaving" to avoid bad optics — as in a half-emptied audience.

    "I actually saw people trying to leave, and people leaving early before he was done — he's still speaking now," Karl reported while Trump droned on in back of him. "And then they [security] — perhaps I think a little concerned that the hall would empty out too much — they actually started preventing people from leaving. Now they are no longer allowing people to leave."

    In other words, the MAGA audience was as trapped last night as the entire GOP is with the maniacal Trump still teetering at the helm.

    (See videos below.)

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  • MAGA "mob" gathers outside Trump Tower before announcement, and it's all so sad (video)

    In anticipation of Donald Trump's "big announcement" tonight, a predictable (and predictably small) MAGA mob has been scuttling around outside Trump Tower, trying to to drum up enthusiasm for the down-and-out former president.

    "Ron has gotten too big for his britches," one red-capped fellow says as they stomp on a flag of Ron DeSantis. "He's out!" another shouts. "It's Trump or death." (See first video.)

    "We're very happy for the announcement tonight," one of the same guys says in a second video (below). "We're very excited, because we've been kind of like on the down-low since Jan. 6th, but I think that gets all erased tonight. I think the Trump supporters are going to come out in masses."

    Meanwhile, the "masses" are nowhere to be seen.

    The protestors, who look about as tired as the years-old phrase "Trump or death," do their best to hoist up their fading king, but try as they might, January 6th it ain't. If the post-midterm aftermath continues on the trajectory it's been speeding down, those glory days for the one-term president will be gone for good.

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  • Reporter is interrupted by a hilarious baby elephant who can't keep her trunk off him (video)

    A baby elephant playfully trolled a reporter who was trying to cover an elephant rescue sanctuary in Kenya.

    Already on his 11th take, KBC's Alvin Kaunda, an intern, got halfway through his "scene" without a hitch — but then a mischievous little trunk popped into the scene (:28).

    It first appeared from behind another elephant but soon made its way over to Kaunda, hooking itself over the man's shoulder before trying to suction earwax out of his ear (or so it seemed). Amazingly, the reporter — who later admitted the trunk was tickling him, had kept his cool up to this point.

    But when the frisky appendage decided to crown the top of the Kaunda's head and then slither down his face, his professional facade broke into hearty laughter. Some things are worth having to do another take.

    (The video below first appeared on the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Instagram.) 

    Via WABI

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  • Watch: Gunman with AR-15 shoots inside a NY clinic, then unarmed guard saves the day

    Last week, a 48-year-old gentleman clutching an AR-15 entered a health clinic in Buffalo, NY and shot it in front of an unarmed security guard. Fortunately the gunman missed — and even better, the brave guard heroically took the man down without a weapon of his own (see video below).

    From NPR:

    The footage shows the man, 48-year-old Jeremy Griffin of Williamsville, N.Y., entering the clinic and brandishing the weapon before being confronted by a security guard.

    Griffin then appeared to fire a shot. The security guard then ran toward him, pinning him against the wall. The two struggled before the guard was able to drag Griffin outside, while another security guard followed him.

    Security footage from outside the clinic shows the two guards wrestling Griffin to the ground while two bystanders helped take the AR-15 from him. …

    Officers say he [Griffin] stopped at a home on Pennsylvania Street and shot a woman in the leg before going to the clinic. The woman was taken to Erie County Medical Center for non-life-threatening injuries.

    During the struggle, two more shots were fired, according to NPR, but nobody was hurt. The gunman was charged with attempted murder, among multiple felonies.

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  • New spokesperson for Twitter speaks out in a non-parody parody (video)

    Technically, Twitter's new Head of Communications sketch (below) is just a "parody." But is it really? Watch Desi Lydic's imaginary take on Twitter's real-life new — and doomed — hire, Spokesperson Rebecca Hahn, and tell me just where reenactment ends and parody begins.

    (And as of today, I can't find any recent news on the real Rebecca Hahn, whose status has become as confusing as the latest Twitter checkmark.)

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  • Liz Cheney mocks defeated Kari Lake with two words — and impeccable timing

    They say timing is everything, and Liz Cheney's timing couldn't be any better. At least when it comes to trolling failed MAGA candidate Kari Lake.

    On October 28, an overly confident Lake wrote Cheney a snide letter "thanking" the anti-Trump Republican for her "anti-endorsement." Cheney had urged voters to cast a ballot for anyone other than Big Liar Lake.

    "Thank you for your generous in-kind contribution to my campaign. Your recent television ad urging Arizonans not to vote for me is doing just the opposite," Lake's four-paragraph jab to the Wyoming Congresswoman began, ending with "Thank you again for the huge boost to our campaign! Enjoy your forced retirement from politics…" (See letter below.)

    And rather than immediately respond, Cheney patiently sat on Lake's tweet, waiting for just the right moment — which was minutes after Lake's defeat was announced Monday evening — to respond.

    "You're welcome, @Kari Lake," she shot back in a delayed response that puts "comedic timing" into a whole new context.

  • Jay Leno hospitalized after suffering burns in garage fire

    Jay Leno is recovering at a burn center after suffering serious burns to his face and hands from a gasoline fire in his garage, according to Variety and KTLA. "I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet," the former Tonight Show host said.

    From Variety:

    TMZ reported that Leno was hospitalized on Sunday after a fire erupted in his Los Angeles car garage. One of the cars reportedly burst into flames and left Leno with burns on his face. Leno was taken to the Grossman Burn Center for his injuries.

    News of Leno's health was first reported by People magazine. The comedian was scheduled to take part in a Las Vegas financial conference on Sunday but had to cancel his appearance due to a "serious medical emergency." Leno's facial burns were not disclosed at the time.

    "Jay Leno is in stable condition and he's receiving treatment here at the burn center to his face and his hands from a gasoline accident in his garage over the weekend," the hospital told KTLA.

    "[He] is in good humor and is touched by all the inquiries into his condition and well-wishes and he wants to let everyone know he's doing well and that he's in the 'best burn center in the United States.'"

    We wish him a speedy and full recovery.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene hammers her already broken party, wants "Civil War in the GOP" (video)

    Marjorie Taylor Greene, willfully oblivious to the fact that GQP talking points are what crashed the midterm "red wave," powers full steam ahead with GQP talking points.

    1st TNT talking point: Election fraud. "We lost in 2020 because of the mail-in ballots, because it was ripe for election fraud, and now we're watching it again, especially in Kari Lake's race over in Arizona," the out-of-touch Georgia Qongresswoman said on Steve Bannon's podcast (see video below).

    "Everyone was calling for a red wave. Either the pollsters are wrong and they need to be fired … or we have to finally acknowledge the fact … that mail-in ballots is [sic] the biggest problem in our elections and it is going to be a major factor going forward into 2024." Guess she didn't get the memo on how well Big Lie candidates did last week.

    2nd TNT talking point: Democrats are the enemy. Interchangeable with "journalists," dividing America up into "them vs. us" is a basic tenet of fascist-based Trumpism, and the midterm elections showed us that Trumpism is a broken horn. But Madge keeps blowing it.

    "Politics is a blood sport and … we have to do everything we can to stop our enemy, and the enemy is the Democrat Party. That's the enemy of America."

    3nd TNT talking point: Hunt the RINOs. Even as Greene, who has been a longtime critic of Kevin McCarthy, suddenly sidles up to the House Minority Leader in hopes of getting a "plum position on the powerful House Oversight Committee," as Axios put it, the stable moron also calls for Civil War within the GOP.

    "We're going to fight it out. I'm not afraid of the Civil War in the GOP. I lean into it."

    Madge is a gift to the Democrats that just keeps giving.

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  • Baboons crash a woman's birthday party, helping themselves to snacks and cognac

    A couple of baboons crashed a woman's party during her birthday getaway in South Africa, guzzling leftover Hennessy and chowing down on avocados, eggs, and bread.

    The party host, Esethu Zoe Williams, caught one of the baboons on camera popping open not one but two bags of chips as if they were balloons, while one of the human guests could be seen hiding behind a kitchen wall (see video below).

    In a second video (below), another baboon was caught strutting along the pool in the backyard as if it owned the joint.

    According to Storyful, the vacationers were warned to keep their doors closed but forgot. After much shouting, however, the humans were able to convince their uninvited guests to leave.

    "We eventually got them out by screaming and charging towards it," Williams told Storyful. But for the baboons, the party outside only got better, as they "drank the liquor that had been left there from the previous day."

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  • Herschel Walker's Republican son mocks the GOP for stupidly losing the Senate (video)

    Christian Walker, Herschel Walker's 23-year-old staunchly conservative son, scolded the GOP for their disastrously mishandled midterm elections.

    "We lost the Senate! Woo!" the liberal-bashing social media influencer said with sarcastic glee.

    "Great midterm season? We just lost the Senate before we even get to the Georgia runoff. So even if we win Georgia, we've already lost," he said, explaining that a Walker win in the runoffs would still lead to only a tie in the Senate — and Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaker.

    Christian Walker — the one and only child Herschel admitted to at the start of his campaign (but later admitted to his three other children once the news was broken by Daily Beast) — publicly turned on his father after the anti-abortion candidate was accused of paying for at least one abortion.

    "So for everyone celebrating the midterms saying, 'We won' … Congratulations!' – We lost!" Christian says into the camera with a mocking smile. "We lost very easy seats to pick up. We could have easily won. [Between the lines: …If you hadn't backed my son-of-a-bitch father and all the other Trump picks.]" … "Good job!"

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  • Mike Pence finally cracks open: "reckless" Trump "endangered me and my family"

    Now that former Vice President Mike Pence's memoir, "So Help Me God," is being released, he's suddenly an open book, or at least a page, when it comes to Donald Trump and the deadly Capitol riots (funny how a memoir can do that).

    Finally, Pence — targeted on Jan 6, 2021 by the Capitol mob, who chanted "hang Mike Pence" in front of a makeshift gallows — publicly admitted to David Muir on ABC's "World News Tonight" that the former president "endangered me and my family and everyone at the Capitol building."

    "It angered me. But I turned to my daughter, who was standing nearby, and I said, 'It doesn't take courage to break the law. It takes courage to uphold the law,'" he said in last night's interview (see video below).

    "I mean, the president's words were reckless. It was clear he decided to be part of the problem."

    Front page thumbnail image: Mike Pence. ABC News (screengrab)

  • Ted Cruz campaigns for Raphael Warnock during a Herschel Walker rally (video)

    Getting carried away with his own accomplishments, Ted Cruz unwittingly campaigned for Raphael Warnock while at a Herschel Walker rally yesterday. He then found himself in the odd predicament and tried to back pedal.

    "I want you to think of the ads Raphael Warnock is running. He's running ads all over Georgia saying, 'Well you know, I teamed up with Ted Cruz…" the Texas senator began, as if he were about to prove Warnock a liar (see video below).

    But no, he suddenly realized, pausing briefly, there was no Warnock lie — oops, that would be Walker. In 2021, Warnock and Cruz really did team up together to pass an amendment to the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

    As Walker's crowd waited for a Warnock punchline, Cruz decided to power through empty-handed, making sure to at least stroke his own ego in the process.

    " … to pass legislation building a new freeway.' And I'll tell you what, that is actually right. It was the Cruz-Warnock bill. I introduced it, I wrote it, he joined on board and we passed it."

    The confused Walker crowd became awkwardly silent, with perhaps a few moans and groans.

    So while trying to reverse course, Cruz quickly reminded them once again of Warnock's bipartisan accomplishment. "But what's interesting is he didn't mention the stuff he's done. He didn't mention his record." Well, maybe not, but that's okay, Ted Cruz, you just did it for him.

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  • Watch: When a dog is left out of tug-of-war game, he pretends to play it with invisible friend

    It only takes two dogs to play tug of war, as one doggo learned when a pair of nearby pups left him out of the competition. But rather than show his true feelings, he pretended he was also having great fun with the game, scrunching his mouth and leaning his head back as he tried to yank an imaginary rope toy from an imaginary friend. But once he heard his human laugh, all was good with the world again.

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  • Trump-picked candidate blames GOP "cowards" for his miserable failure

    Trump-picked lemon J.R. Majewski — the gun-totin' gentleman from Ohio who threatened Democrats with a loaded rifle in one of his congressional campaign ads — blames his midterm failures on GOP establishment leaders, who "shunned" him during his primary. Meanwhile, in true blind MAGA fashion, he defends Donald Trump, who made Majewski the failed candidate he is today.

    "The corporate media is working overtime to hide the Republican establishment's failures in the 2022 midterm elections — perpetuating a myth that Donald J. Trump dragged his endorsed candidates down," he cries in a piece titled, "I Am a Republican Who Lost on Tuesday. It Wasn't Trump's Fault. It Was the Cowards in D.C.'s 'McLeadership.'"

    "This is a complete lie…" Majewski, who was caught lying about being in Afghanistan, continued, "told in order to embolden GOP leaders in Washington D.C., and ignores the fact that in so many instances, this same 'McLeadership' set MAGA candidates up for failure…"

    From Daily Beast:

    Majewski's statement comes amid Republican finger-pointing about the party's lackluster midterm results. Trump endorsed just five candidates in toss-up House races, per the Cook Political Report; none of his candidates won. Following the failed "red wave," some elected Republicans have suggested ditching Trump. …

    Majewski's statement comes amid Republican finger-pointing about the party's lackluster midterm results. Trump endorsed just five candidates in toss-up House races, per the Cook Political Report; none of his candidates won. Following the failed "red wave," some elected Republicans have suggested ditching Trump.

  • Psychedelic mushrooms decriminalized in Colorado

    Colorado voters approved a ballot initiative to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms on Tuesday, making Colorado the second U.S. state — after Oregon — "to establish a regulated system for substances like psilocybin and psilocin," according to AP. (Oregon legalized psilocybin in 2020.)

    Known as the "Natural Medicine Health Act," the initiative will allow healing centers to use psilocybin to treat adults 21 and older who have mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The measure will also allow people to "grow, possess and share" magic mushrooms, but selling them even for personal use will remain illegal.

    From AP:

    The initiative, which would take effect in 2024, also will allow an advisory board to add other plant-based psychedelic drugs to the program in 2026.

    Supporters argued that the state's current approach to mental health has failed and that naturally occurring psychedelics, which have been used for hundreds of years, can treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and other conditions. They also said jailing people for the non-violent offense of using naturally occurring substances costs taxpayers money.

    Critics warned that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the substances as medicine. They also argued that allowing "healing centers" to operate, and allowing private personal use of the drugs, would jeopardize public safety and send the wrong message to kids and adults alike that the substances are healthy.

    Under the measure, the psychedelics that would be decriminalized are listed as schedule 1 controlled substances under state and federal law and are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use with a high potential for abuse.

    Even so, the FDA has designated psilocybin a "breakthrough therapy" to treat major depressive disorder. The designation can expedite research, development and review of a drug if it might offer substantial improvements over existing treatments.