Video: A furious woman at Walmart calls cops on a man because he "looks illegal"

A Glendora, California woman is about to blow a gasket because she spots a man in the Walmart parking lot who "looks illegal." That's the reason she tells police that they have to come and arrest him. "There's a guy illegal here," she insists. "The other guy behind him might snap my neck." She babbles on, irate as hell, and even gets into a heated argument with another guy, in his car, who calls her a racist. The only thing askew is that it's a sunny day and she's not wearing her MAGA cap. Read the rest

American Airlines mechanic intentionally damages plane about to take off

An American Airlines mechanic who wanted overtime was arrested yesterday for deliberately damaging a plane ready to take 150 people from Miami to the Bahamas.

According to CNN:

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani has been charged with "willfully damaging, destroying, disabling, or wrecking an aircraft, and attempting to do so," according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

Alani allegedly tried to damage or disable the aircraft's air data module (ADM) system, which reports aircraft speed, pitch and other critical data, on July 17.

On Thursday, investigators interviewed Alani and he "admitted that he accessed the ADM" and that he "inserted a piece of foam into the ADM's inlet where the line connects and that he applied super glue to the foam so as to prevent the foam from coming off," the complaint says.

Alani told investigators that he meant no harm to the passengers — he was hoping the damage would allow him to work more hours and get overtime.

The plane had actually started its flight, but after picking up speed on the runway, received an "error related to the ADM system," so the plane turned back to the concourse. None of the passengers were injured.

Image: by Zidane hadeed - Taken with the Canon T3i by Tevin Belasco, CC BY-SA 3.0, Read the rest

Incredible catch: man on high-speed rollercoaster saves stranger's phone

As if zipping along a track at speeds up to 83 mph is no big deal, a man riding PortAventura Park's Shambhala rollercoaster in Spain also had enough wits about him to grab a stranger's phone that was flying through the sky. Amazing reflexes, to say the least. Read the rest

Kitchen doubles as parking garage for Smart car

With Hurricane Dorian threatening a Florida man's property in Jacksonville, he didn't want to take any chances with his Smart car. Although he had a garage with space for one car, his wife, Jessica Eldridge, already had her car parked in that spot. Worried that his tiny vehicle would blow away — and up for a challenge — he made a cozy spot for it in the kitchen.

According to AP:

“I said there was no way he could. He said he could,” Jessica said. “So he opened the double doors and had it in. I was amazed that it could fit. He had it in with no problems.”

Images by Jessica Edridge

Via YouTube: Read the rest

Watch: After bears attempt to save cub from dumpster, cops come to the rescue with one simple tool

Usually cops use ladders to save stranded kitties from trees (at least that's the myth), but last week they used one in Lake Tahoe, California, to save a baby bear. After one cub stands on its mother's back, trying to open the top of a dumpster to free another cub who is trapped inside (who knew bears were that clever!), a couple of deputies come to the rescue with said ladder. If only all cop stories were this wonderful.

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An angry Pete Davidson tells student audience they're "f*cking retarded"

Pete Davidson seemed to hate the students at University of Central Florida during his stand up performance last night. The Saturday Night Live comedian was triggered by students who were recording him on their phones.

“I don’t have to be here. I can just give them their money back because I don’t give a fuck,” he yelled. He called the students "privileged little assholes," "idiots," and "fucking retarded." The audience laughs at first, but the room seems to get tense as his rant goes on.

Jeez, not sure where his sense of humor went. Read the rest

50-year-old man paddles his way from San Francisco to Honolulu

Antonio De La Rosa, from Spain, just paddled his way from San Francisco to Honolulu. It took the ultra-endurance athlete 76 days in his stand-up paddle boat, celebrating his 50th birthday by himself along the way.

According to AP:

He ate dehydrated food, using heated water, and sometimes fished. He paddled eight-to-10 hours daily and slept every night. But he was always tired because he woke up hourly to check on his gear.

He said he was disappointed to see fishing gear refuse every day of his voyage — including nets and line

He used a tracking device to record every minute of his journey and called it a record because he believes no one has ever done what he accomplished. It’s a record because “I certify it,” he said with a laugh.

Here's a video of him approaching Waikiki:

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Police in Spain hand out survivor kits to nudists whose clothes have been stolen from the beach

The Barcelona area has beautiful beaches, including some that are nudist-friendly. But skinny dippers beware — robbery is common when people leave their stuff on the sand to swim (more than 850 thefts so far this summer), and many of the victims are naked, who come back to their spot on the sand without a stitch of clothing to be had.

Thankfully, the local police are stocked with clothing replacement kits just for the occasion, which include "a T-shirt bearing the city council logo, a pair of shorts, flip-flops and a metro ticket," according to The Guardian.

The kits handed out by officers of the city’s Guàrdia Urbana have saved the blushes of 174 bathers since this year’s summer season officially began on 27 May. The number given out has increased each year since they were introduced in 2016.

If you plan on swimming au natural in Spain, or anywhere for that matter, you might want to bring a buddy to guard your belongings. Actually, this goes for suited swimmers as well.

Image: by David Sim from London, United Kingdom - Rear view, CC BY 2.0, Link Read the rest

Video: Transgender women forced out of LA bar by hostile security

Security at La Perla, a downtown bar in Los Angeles, aggressively forced out at least two transgender women and "several gay men," according to CBS.

Cellphone video of the incident shows Jennifer Bianchi, one of the women, repeatedly saying, “Don’t touch me like that.”

A friend of hers is shown being pulled off a chair and carried out the door.

“I think it was really wrong and humiliating,” Bianchi says, “Hurtful.”

The group at the bar was comprised of staff and volunteers from a local nonprofit, Bienestar Human Services who were there to support DTLA Proud, an annual two-day festival held in Pershing Square that celebrates the LGBTQ community.

Image: Youtube Read the rest

Couple crashes plane in ocean and manages to take video while waiting for rescue

A couple was flying a small plane at 6pm last night when they lost power and crashed near Northern California's Half Moon Bay. They skidded across water and amazingly escaped without injuries. They even managed to take some video of themselves while waiting for their rescue helicopter.

According to NBC:

The plane was one of two reported to be flying together in the area, and the pilot of the second plane reported the crash to air traffic control....

NBC Bay Area reported that the pilot, whom it identified as David Lesh, was able to skip the plane along the surface of the water during the incident. A friend was in the other plane, according to the station.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Trailer: Take a peek at Barack and Michelle Obama's first film, American Factory

The Obamas released their first film with Netflix, which started streaming today — a documentary called American Factory.

From Fast Company:

Called American Factory, the documentary follows the events of when a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in an abandoned General Motors plant in Ohio and hires 2,000 blue-collar American workers to work alongside Chinese immigrants. As France24 explains:

In the new documentary’s early scenes, genuine attempts by the US and Chinese workers to bond with their new colleagues, including fishing and shooting lessons and shared Thanksgiving dinners, appear to bear some fruit.

But as the new Chinese owners become alarmed by heavy financial losses, they fire the American middle managers and increasingly invoke their Chinese replacements’ sense of nationalistic pride to spur harder work, leaving the workforce ever-more divided.

According to Fast Company, the reviews "have been off the charts." And the Obamas have four more films in the works.

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Watch: Over 150 mattresses fly through park on a windy day

These air mattresses were set up in a grassy Denver area for a four-night "Bed Cinema" event last weekend, but began to charge across the park with the help of a wind gust. Some of them even hopped a fence and made a surprise visit to folks hanging out at a pool.

Via: NBC News

Image: Youtube Read the rest

Man tries to board New York subway carrying large dog in tiny brown sack but it's a no go

Since it's illegal to take your dog on a subway in New York if it's not shoved into a "carrier," this man shoved his large dog into a tiny burlap sack, if that's what you can call it. But the conductor doesn't buy it, and bans the creative dog owner from boarding the train.

So much for over-the-shoulder hammocks.

Via Mashable Read the rest

Watch: SUV crashes through gym and shoves a treadmill – with a man on it – across the room

A 67-year-old retired teacher is working out at the gym in Culver City, California when a red SUV bursts through the glass wall and and shoves his treadmill across the room. Although it looks horrifying, he amazingly survives without any major injuries.

According to Inside Edition:

Moments after the crash, the shoeless driver emerged from the car to see what had happened. She then tried to get back in her SUV, but an off-duty cop who was working out at the gym stepped in. She reportedly told police her brakes failed. When cops arrived on the scene she was not taken into custody and was not charged.

"I got thrown back and I could see the treadmill coming at me and I was afraid of being crushed," the man on the treadmill told Inside Edition. "I rolled to the side and I think that is what saved me." Read the rest

Boys stranded in Thai cave were sedated with ketamine as part of rescue

As part of the effort to rescue the 12 boys and their soccer coach from Tham Luang cave last year in Thailand, rescue divers gave the boys "unspecified doses of ketamine," according to CNN.

Via CNN:

According to details of the rescue released in a medical journal Thursday, the boys were given unspecified doses of ketamine, also known as party drug Special K, by the rescue divers as they were taken out of Tham Luang cave.

Reports at the time had suggested that the children, who had been trapped for two weeks, were sedated during the operation, but officials gave few details.

"We had to use the means that could keep the children not to be panicky while we were carrying them out," Thai Navy SEAL commander Rear Adm. Arpakorn Yookongkaew told CNN shortly after the rescue. "Most importantly, they are alive and safe." ...

The medics said ketamine was a good choice to give to the boys, given the risk of hypothermia, as ketamine impairs shivering and is associated with smaller drops in core body temperature.

Image: by Capt. Jessica Tait/Kadena Air Base Read the rest

Bald eagles are taking trash from a Seattle landfill and dumping it into suburban yards

It is raining trash in the suburbs of Seattle. Or, rather, bald eagles – around 200 of them – are dropping trash into people's yards every day, and the suburbanites are not happy. Read the rest

American tourist and Ugandan guide kidnapped by gunmen at popular safari park

American tourist, 35-year-old Kimberly Sue, was with a local guide, Jean Paul, and at least two other tourists at Queen Elizabeth National Park yesterday when they were ambushed by four gunmen. Sue and the driver were kidnapped, leaving the other tourists behind.

According to NBC News:

The assailants used one of the victims' cellphones to call authorities and demand $500,000 for their release, police said, adding that they "strongly believe this ransom is the reason behind the kidnap."

Four kidnappers abducted the American and the driver, taking their keys but leaving the vehicle behind, according to police. The others in the vehicle escaped unharmed and later contacted authorities. The government earlier said that four people had escaped the incident.

Police said they have blocked the nearby border in an attempt to corner the kidnappers.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda's most popular tourist destination, according to their website.

Image: by Cody Pope - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Read the rest

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