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David Pescovitz is Boing Boing's co-editor/managing partner and Medium's head of creative services. On Instagram, he's @pesco.

Chosen: clever (and funny) new talent contest app


Today my old friend David Hyman launched Chosen, a very compelling new talent contest app where you can be both the talent and the judge.

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New Dr. Seuss museum opening 2016 in Massachusetts


The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum will open in June 2016 in Springfield, MA, birthplace of Theodor Seuss Geisel.

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Street artist Invader 3D prints Bruce Lee

screenshot Legendary French street artist Invader, best known for his ubiquitous 8-bit tile installations of videogame characters, posted this terrific 3D printing "test" of Bruce Lee on Instagram.

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Watch a montage of dream sequences from cinema

Gabriel Adelman created this fantastic montage of dream sequences from films, titled "Subconscious Cinema."

Video: Statistician-magician on the best way to shuffle cards

Video: animated interview with Bucky Fuller

The late, great happy mutant Buckminster Fuller talks to master interviewer Studs Terkel about "The Geodesic Life." (Blank on Blank)

Washington D.C. event series: Gareth Branwyn's Café Gaga


Longtime Boing Boing co-conspirator Gareth Branwyn invites us to the rebirth of his Café Gaga event series, "a Noh future think tank for short attention spans," in Washington DC.

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Watch: Beautiful stop motion watercolor animation

Jeff Scher created this lovely stop motion animated film about winter from 2,250 watercolor paintings on paper: "White Out"

Snoopy street art with shadow doghouse


Very clever street art by OakOak in Saint-Étienne, France. (via saatchi_gallery Instagram)

An Eleven Year-Old's Guide to Planespotting


Luke Knapp, 11: "I’m going to teach you how to identify six planes: the Boeing 737, 747, and 787 Dreamliner, and the Airbus A320, A340, and A380. This probably sounds like Martian to you, but don’t worry, this should make sense by the end of this article (its just “plane” english)."

University course catalog depicts white men winning again

The University of North Georgia pulled their course catalog after a newspaper called them out for the cover photo, a stock image of two white guys beating a black man and a woman in a race.

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Watch funny faux augmented reality from markers and transparencies

More fantastic DIY "Aug(de)mented Reality" from Marty Cooper (aka Hombre_McSteez) who makes magic with an iPhone, magic markers, and transparent sheets of plastic.

Charli XCX music video directed by Eric Wareheim (of 'Tim & Eric Awesome Show')

Eric Wareheim's rather bizarre video for "Famous" from Charli XCX's rather excellent album Sucker.


Presidential candidate Ted Cruz's burning flag Al Jazeera logo



UPSO notes that "Ted Cruz's new logo looks like a mix between the Al Jazeera logo and a burning flag.

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Watch: Indian comedians nail Seinfeld

Indian comedians nail a pitch-perfect "tribute" to TV show Seinfeld after Jerry Seinfeld's standup debut in India was recently cancelled by police due to traffic and parking concerns.

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Unimal is anything but an "hilarious hybrid"

Press firmly on the back of Unimal, an unholy genetically-engineered beast created in 1951 by a Cornell professor of agriculture and life sciences, and it produces a bottle of milk, a stick of butter, a hotdog, a ham, or an egg.

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Own Kelly LeBrock's Weird Science studded jacket



Satisfy your Weird Science fantasy by owning the actual leather jacket worn by Kelly LeBrock in the 1985 classic John Hughes film.

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Make your own Spa Lady Cheese Ball

Spa-Lady-7 Impress and delight the guests at your next soirée with this scrumptious-looking Spa Lady Cheese Ball!

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Chris Messina on genius inside the negative space

Over at Medium, a beautiful essay by open source advocate (and #hashtag inventor) Chris Messina about the visual concept of negative space and how flashes of brilliance can appear in the "negative space" of thoughts and ideas.

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A town that sleeps like it's pre-industrial times


Researchers are studying the "pre-industrial" sleeping patterns of Baependi, a rural community in Brazil, who go to bed and wake earlier than most people, mostly because they work outside.

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Post-punk musicians imagined as superheroes


Butcher Billy envisions post-punk music icons as Marvel superheroes! Above, Morissey as Hulk. Below, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) as Iron Man.

Butcher Billy (via Dangerous Minds, thanks Chris Arkenberg!) postpunkmarvel06

First photo of legendary albino tapir


This albino tapir was a local legend in southeastern Brazil's Atlantic rain forest until National Geographic contributing photographer Luciano Candisani used a camera trap to grab this image of the strange pig-like animal.

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The king smuggler of contraband Pez dispensers

Animals1-edited In the 1990s, Steven Glew was the most infamous and successful smuggler of contraband Pez dispensers, sneaking thousands of them from Hungary and Slovenia into the United States and making $4 million along the way. Until the Pez Corporation took him down. Over at Playboy, journalist Jeff Maysh tells Glew's strange tale. Meanwhile at Collectors Weekly, Ben Marks gets the backstory from Maysh.

"Quest for the Pez Holy Grail: International Smuggling Meets Father-Son Bonding" (Collectors Weekly)

How A Michigan Farmer Made $4 Millions Smuggling Rare Pez Containers Into the US (Playboy)

Mr. T's new TV show on DIY: “I Pity the Tool”


Mr. T’s “I Pity the Tool” is a new show that will run on Scripps Networks’ DIY network in which T will help people in need renovate their homes. I wish that HM Murdock was involved.

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Video: Man 3D printed a fingernail-sized working drill

Lance Abernathy 3D printed and assembled what may be the world's smallest working drill.

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Visiting the "World's Largest Gift Shop"


Writer Kate Imbach and photographer Geoffrey Ellis stopped by Las Vegas's Bonanza Gifts, the 40,000 square foot cavalcade of crap billed as the "World's Largest Gift Shop."

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WWII's "Ghost Army" that tricked German troops with inflatable tanks and sound effects

The Ghost Army of World War II is a new book about the "tactical deception unit" of artists, ad directors, actors, and other creative folks who used inflatable tanks, sound effects trucks, and good ol' fashioned bullshit to trick the German forces.

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Erik Davis: Psychedelic culture at the crossroads


Listen to my far-out friend Erik Davis (author of Techgnosis) present to the San Francisco Psychedelic Society about the contemporary psychedelic community "at the crossroads of... the Underground, the Grey Market, the Clinic, and the Jungle."

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Gorgeous new Marion Peck etched print


From the very artisans at Pressure Printing and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions, this limited-edition intaglio print by the magickal Marion Peck.

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Watch the phenomenal indie short that Pixels is based on

Above, the trailer for the forthcoming Hollywood film Pixels, starring Pac-Man, Adam Sandler, and Donkey Kong. Below, Patrick Jean's 2010 indie animated film that it's based on.