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End of Radio Shack


Radio Shack is on its deathbed: $62 million in cash left which apparently isn't even enough to close the 1,100 stores it needs to shut down to stay on life support.

UK politician: "occultists" infiltrated Independence Party

No+that+is+satanic.+More+of+the+occultist+side+though+_42480c0d08273762cf7f82abd2db670fIn Wells, England the UK Independence Party chairman Graham Livings resigned from his post claiming that the party has been "infiltrated by the Glastonbury occult... oddballs putting on these weekend retreats where they guarantee the angels will be present."

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Monkey-masked men hired by Indian officials

New Delhi government officials have hired 40 young men to wear monkey masks and jump around outside the parliament buildings in an attempt to scare off macaques wreaking havoc on the grounds. From the AFP:

imagesThe NDMC, the body tasked with providing civic services, said the men were “very talented” and had been trained to “closely copy” the noises and actions of the more aggressive langurs to scare away the smaller rhesus macaques.

“They often wear a mask on their faces, hide behind the trees and make these noises to scare away the simians,” NDMC chairman Jalaj Srivastava told AFP.

Video: circuit bending pioneer Reed Ghazala

In the studio with Reed Ghazala, "the father of circuit bending."

Uber-like service for private security


The task routing craze continues with Bannerman, an on-demand private security force that promises to send muscle your way in around 30 minutes. The booking process is similar to Uber and the company says the guards "have passed background checks by the FBI & the department of Justice" and have "physical presence for visual deterrence." Now available in the SF Bay Area with other cities coming soon. (Thanks, Adam Shandobil!)

"Spock" turns down XXX role

Untitled Mr. Spock impersonator Roy Ives, 70, turned down an offer to star in a Swedish porn film titled "The Vulgar Vulcan."

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Slender Man costume


This Slender Man head-to-toe Morphsuit costume is now available in kids and adult sizes from Amazon.

How to have cybersex on the Internet

A NSFW excerpt from "How To Have Cybersex On The Internet."

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Bill Nye: We May Discover Life on Europa

Bill Nye on why we may be decades away from discovering life on Jupiter's moon Europa.

Infinite Schwarzenegger "Gear Up"

Today, we celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger's 67th birthday with our own Rob Beschizza's classic "Infinite Schwarzenegger 'Gear Up' Scene."

Both sides of the vinyl come-back


According to Pitchfork, people in the US bought 6.1 million vinyl records last year, a resurgence for sure but still just 2 percent of album sales overall, and there aren't enough vinyl presses to meet demand as it is.

Pomplamoose covers "Video Killed The Radio Star"

Pomplamoose's excellent video for their cover of "Video Killed The Radio Star!"

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Perfectly-timed photos


A fantastic collection of photos taken at perfect moments, mostly culled from Reddit.

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Where to buy a flyable WWI replica plane

34e aug14 img 2952 live jpg 800x600 q85 crop subject location 1703 2024If you want a flyable replica of a World War I airplane, the person to call is Robert Baslee who created and cornered the maker market on biplanes, triplanes, and other classic planes of the Great War. (Air & Space)

Space alien movie music

Forbidden planetOn BBC Radio 3's "Sound of Cinema," host Matthew Sweet shares terrific film music from movies about extraterrestrials. (via @chris_carter_)