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Light Saber dubstep

An elegant sample, for a more civilized age.

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Hundreds of skeletons found under supermarket

Workers renovating a Paris grocery store stumbled on hundreds of human skeletons buried underneath the building.

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Scary slideshows of the 1800s

Nearly 200 years before Jason and Freddy, Phantasmagories used "magic lantern" technology, a simple image projector lit by a candle or oil lamp, to scare the crap out of people.

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Video: Origami on the dance floor

Dancing paper cranes (with moving electromagnets below their feet).

When Charlie Chaplin's corpse was held for ransom


In 1978, body snatchers held Charlie Chaplin's dead body hostage, demanding $600,000 for its safe (?) return.

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The average penis size is...

00911784.interactive.aAccording to new scientific research, "the average flaccid, pendulous penis is 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) in length; the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long."

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Literally too much crap on Everest

Each year, more than 700 people scale Mount Everest and the human waste they leave behind is a toxic hazard.

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Deeply trippy faux-3D body painting


Incredibly weird-cool airbrush body art by Natalie Fletcher.

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Bad stock photos featuring Dave Franco, Vince Vaughan, and others


Enjoy some free purposely cheesy stock photos featuring Vince Vaughan, Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, and other stars from the film Unfinished Business!

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Mystery of strange Toronto tunnel finally solved


Police have finally uncovered the truth about the mysterious and suspicious tunnel discovered last month in Toronto near the Pan Am Games location.

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The weirdly common co-occurrence of genius ideas

"Are you having a big, breakthrough idea right now? A few hundred people around the world are probably having the exact same insight at the exact same time," writes Clive Thompson, author of Smarter Than You Think, over at Medium. From his post:

ST002347xThis is what’s known as the principle of “multiples,” which posits that genius breakthroughs in innovation, science, and the arts aren’t rare at all. They’re quite common. And once you understand that, it can change the way you think about developing really big, interesting ideas....

Inventors’ ideas are influenced and midwifed by the state of technology around them, the conversational topics in society, and the maturity of other science and artisanship they’re building on. Since inventors are embedded in the same environment with each other — particularly if they’re in the same social and educational class — it increases the chance they’ll turn their minds to similar problems.

"Genius is More Common Than You Think" (Medium)

Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better (Amazon)

Spherical egg sold at auction


This round egg, laid by a hen now named Ping Pong, sold on eBay for approximately $740 with the proceeds going to a Cystic Fibrosis charity.

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Video: Hand-carving a sphere of ice

This fellow hand-carves a wonderful ice sphere in less than 3 minutes.

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Incredible vintage camera collection on eBay


This astounding collection of 600+ vintage cameras, from 1880 to 1980, is up for auction on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $34,900.

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Video: custom TIE Fighter drone

The RC Tie Interceptor custom drone, from Olivier C, creator of the far out DIY Millennium Falcon drone.

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Britney Spears video (no music, plenty of PVC)

Vocals and squeaky PVC.

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Video: swirly ink weirdness in 4K slow motion

Psychedelic ink physics in 4K, if you have an ultra-high-definition TV that is. I don't, but it's still spectacular.


(The Slow Mo Guys)

San Francisco's drug geography


Data scientist Lance Martin used 12 years of crime data from San Francisco's Police Department to map the city based on incidents involving specific drugs, from hallucinogens and marijuana to crack, meth, and heroin.

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China's immense marketplace of colorful crap

57_YIWU COMMODITY CITY_02 In China's eastern Zhejiang Province lies Commodity City, a massive 46 million square foot wholesale market of 62,000 booths where you can see samples of inflatable toys, Christmas decorations, chintzy jewelry, stuffed animals artificial flowers, kitchen gadgets, and tons of other crap that fills our lives with the rainbow colors of consumerism.

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Photographing hyperrealistic babydolls and their adult companions


Photographer Jamie Diamond explored the deepest crevices of the uncanny valley of Reborn baby dolls and the adults who care for them.

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Taco Bell's new Cap'n Crunch donut holes dessert


Now being tested at Taco Bell, a dessert named Cap'n Crunch Delights that are donut holes coated with Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal and oozing with a milky icing.

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Pot-smoking moms birth crack babies, says Fox News medical expert

"Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business," said Dr. David Samadi of the Fox News Medical A-Team. (Raw Story)

Man's bad wooden HOV lane dummy

537015_630x354Police pulled over James Campbell, 56, for speeding on New York's Long Island Expressway but when they asked the passenger for ID, they noticed that Campbell's companion had a, well, wooden smile

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Motown 25: rebroadcast tomorrow of unforgettable 1983 TV special

Do you remember when Michael Jackson debuted his moonwalk on the absolutely fantastic 1983 TV special Motown 25 - Yesterday, Today, Forever? That program hasn't rebroadcast since, but on Saturday night, PBS will air it in its entirety.

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Fingers with feet and other abnormal anatomical artworks


Sculptor Alessandro Boezio recombines and reforms human body parts into strange monstrosities that you'd imagine crawling around a David Cronenberg movie set.

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The sad reality of "Pimp My Ride"


Many of the mods seen on Pimp My Ride were faked or crap that fell apart weeks after filming. And that wasn't the worst of it.

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Street sign: "Heads up! Cross the street, then update Facebook"


The City of Hayward, California posted a new series of snarky signs, including this one. (Laughing Squid)

What it's like to see 100 times the colors you see

New York Magazine interviewed Concetta Antico, the artist who is a tetrachromat, meaning a genetic difference in her eyes enables her to see approximately 100 times more colors than an average person.

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Catwoman is bisexual

In the new issue of the comic, Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) kisses a woman.

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