Dark drawings by Kristofer Porter


Kristofer Porter: the artist's website, and a Tumblr with wonderful, dark sketches and drawings.

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Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century, in 20 minutes

Piketty's bestselling economics book is seismic, a vital infusion of data into the ideological debate over economics -- but it's also 700 pages long.

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60-ton underwater sculpture to become reef home for tropical fish


Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor's latest work, "Ocean Atlas" is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Titan Atlas who supported the weight of the heavens on his back.

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Gareth Branwyn interviewed by Leo Laporte

Great fun to watch our pal Gareth Branwyn (senior editor of bOING bOING when it was a zine) interviewed by Leo Laporte on the most recent episode of Triangulation. Gar says it's the best interview he's ever done. He talks about how he self-published his new book, Borg Like Me, and his long amazing career as a writer, artist, and editor.

EFF launches a new version of Surveillance Self-Defense

Hugh from the Electronic Frontier Foundation writes, "We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD), our guide to defending yourself and your friends from digital surveillance by using encryption tools and developing appropriate privacy and security practices. The site launches today in English, Arabic, and Spanish, with more languages coming soon."

Surveillance Self-Defense (Thanks, Hugh!)

A chair that spills its guts


Cao Hui, “Visual Temperature — Sofa,” 2008.

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Chocolate replicas of Jessica Joslin’s animal bone sculpture


Jessica Joslin collaborated with Annabel de Vetten-Peterson of Conjurer's Kitchen to make a delicious Belgian chocolate replica of her sculpture, “Morrigan.”

Handmade from white chocolate, this exquisite piece of edible art comes beautifully packaged in a black box with a small print of the original sculpture. Available in the USA for $35 and in Europe for £22.50.

It will also be available for $25 at Firecat Projects, during the exhibition of The Immortal Zoo at 2124 North Damen Ave. Chicago. Oct. 24-Nov 22.



Hungary's Internet tax arouses mass opposition

The economically precarious country has a remarkably low rate of corporate tax, and makes up the difference with high, regressive consumption taxes, including the one of the highest rates of VAT in Europe.

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Kickstarting mass-customizable furniture-on-demand

Massuni, an established cabinet-maker, is taking Kickstarter pre-orders for an ingenious furniture production system that lets you choose from among a suite of basic designs, then specify your particular, exact dimensions and have custom pieces turned out that exactly meet your needs.

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A ship launch video goes terribly wrong

Classic viral video of 2013 vintage, also available in GIF form. Here was the original Reddit post, and the original video upload (LiveLeak)

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Browser game: Late Night Driver

toy A fun, free racing browsertoy with a cool night-driving aesthetic; the song gets annoying. [via]

African Kings: Portraits of a Disappearing Era

Let us enter a world we had no idea existed, a curious scene that is fast disappearing, a culture significantly remote from our own experiences to truly be exotic, but one that is also mythical in appeal and grandly spectacular. Enter here, through this book, to visit the remaining Kings of Africa. They are splendid! Over-the-top! Surrounded by their full court and entourages of hundreds. But sometimes these kings are impoverished, the last faded descendants of a royal line living in a one-room apartment. Or they may be the isolated neglected chief of a once great tribe. Still they will wear their full regalia and stand with dignity. They are, after all, royalty. Each signifies a people, a distinct culture, with its own unique traditions. We owe these remarkable visions to one relentless and stubborn Frenchman who tracked the kings and queens and badgered them for decades until they agreed to be documented. This is a true sourcebook for otherness.

African Kings: Portraits of a Disappearing Era by Daniel Lane

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WATCH: man with 20,000 calorie diet goes grocery shopping

Robert Oberst is 6-foot-8 and weighs 400 pounds. He's a professional strongman and eats between 15,000 and 20,000 calories a days. Lots of veggies, rice, and red meat.

The world's biggest boulder, UFOs, and the weird American West

Cabinet Magazine's Sasha Archibald cracks open the cultural mystique of the Mojave Desert's Giant Rock, considered the largest boulder in the world until 2000 when a chunk fell off.

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WATCH: moron vs metal gate

A shirtless driver decides to show a metal gate who is boss. But the gate has a different idea in mind. [via]