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Happy birthday, OtherMichael!

A happiest of birthdays to one of Boing Boing BBS's resident game creators, OtherMichael!

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Sony should not be able to tell journalists what to print.

An entrance gate to Sony Pictures Entertainment at the Sony Pictures lot is pictured in Culver City, California April 14, 2013. Reuters/Fred Prouser

An entrance gate to Sony Pictures Entertainment at the Sony Pictures lot is pictured in Culver City, California April 14, 2013. Reuters/Fred Prouser

Trevor Timm argues in defense of WikiLeaks re-publishing the Sony emails in the Guardian--it's a brilliant takedown of the ridiculous warning letter Sony's lawyer is sending news organizations, claiming it may be against the law for journalists to even look at them. What utter bullshit.

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3 passengers faint on SkyWest flight, pilot dives 7,000 feet/min to land quickly

nosediveWhen a passenger passed out on a SkyWest flight, the pilot wisely went into a dive, descending 20,000 feet in under three minutes to make an emergency landing in Buffalo, NY. Two other passengers fainted and several became ill. Officials are investigating the cause of the illness but have ruled out a loss of air pressure.

Mary Cunningham, a passenger and registered nurse, said she helped another passenger who passed out and had "awful" coloring.

"I went back to my seat after she was feeling better, and all of a sudden, the woman sitting behind her passed out unresponsive," she told NBC Connecticut.

Cunningham said she was soon affected, too.

"I felt very nervous. I realized something was very wrong, and it was really scary," said Cunningham. "That was terrifying."

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How to transport a long section of pipe like a boss

How do you keep the roads safe from a man driving with a 15-foot-long pipe extending through the side windows? Hint: Not by honking, yelling, driving erratically, and using your phone to shoot video at the same time.


Privilege: you're probably not the one percent

If you live near a Whole Foods, if you don't have a relative in jail, if you don't know anyone on meth, you're not in the one percent.

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Through the Woods – haunted fairy tales that will make your heart pound a little harder

Through the Woods is a collection of five short stories that read like haunted fairy tales. Written and illustrated by Canadian artist Emily Carroll, the stories are told as though they are intended for a children’s storybook, but ooze with tension and foreboding in adult-sized proportions. The stories are connected not by content, but by the overarching theme of the darkness that awaits us all in the woods.

The anthology takes typical fairy tale events and injects them with new, disturbing details. “In Our Neighbors House,” the short walk through the woods to the neighbor’s house is easily accomplished, but only for those brave enough to make the journey. “A Lady’s Hands are Cold” tells the tale of a young bride meeting her new husband’s previous wife in the walls of her new home. “The Nesting Place” couples the sadness of losing a parent with the terror of being replaced.

The artwork is nothing short of stunning, each story painted with stylized characters and murky backgrounds. Carroll plays with the idea of color to great effect, inverting between blues and reds to emphasize the darkness in each story. The words weave in and out of the panels, taking readers on a short, unique journey through each page. Through the Woods might not make you scream with fright, but it will make your heart pound just a little bit harder. And when you eventually close the book, you’ll hesitate for the briefest moment before turning out the light. – Agustin Guerrero

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Canadian Big Content spokesjerk says the public domain is against the public interest

Michael Geist writes, "On World Book and Copyright Day, it is worth noting how Graham Henderson, the President of Music Canada (formerly the Canadian Recording Industry Association) characterized the government's decision to extend the term of copyright in sound recordings and performances:"

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PayPal split will "hurt eBay"


The Verge reports on how the coming corporate divorce will likely hurt the retail site.

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New York City subway popular with riders


Ridership is up in the dark cyberpunk nightmare world beneath New York!

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Reporter confirms low-rated restaurant is bad

x 2015-04-23 at 9.50.16 AM Suspicious of an Italian restaurant's weirdly negative reviews, Tim Carman headed out to see if it was some kind of Yelp bullying thing. Nope, it is just awful. Aftermath: an interview with the manager.

Beautiful time-lapse video of Chile volcano eruption

Calbuco erupted Wednesday after 42 years of silence. More than 1,500 local residents were evacuated. [via] chilevolcano

What if text games were more like Saul Bass sequences?


Jake Elliott, who made Kentucky Route Zero along with Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt, is passionate about the role of text in games -- and he believes typographical choices can make a surprising impact on player experiences.

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Astronaut pays homage to Star Trek’s most famous female captain

via Samantha Cristoforetti's Twitter

More often than not astronauts are just big old nerds, which is just one of the many reasons I love them so much.

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Artist creates beautiful stained glass Disney art


One of my favorite Disney scenes is the prologue to Beauty and the Beast, which is told through beautiful stained glass panels.

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Downton Wars: Cast of 'Downton Abbey' creates parody video with lightsabers

Every time I read an interview with a Downton Abbey cast member, they seem to be discussing how much downtime they have on set

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Women come together to highlight the "struggles" of men in Hollywood

There’s been a lot of discussion recently over how satire can and should be used as our society becomes increasingly aware of issues of inequality

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Prepare for The Avengers: Age of Ultron with this seven-minute Marvel movie summary

Marvel’s highly anticipated The Avengers: The Age Of Ultron hits theaters next weekend.

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