Report: 66 journalists killed, 119 kidnapped, 853 arrested in 2014


Reporters Without Borders today published its 2014 tally of abuses against journalists.

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Miniature kitchen set sawed from a block of wood

Nice and talented people sometimes send stuff to me in the mail. This little kitchen set sawed from a single block of pine is one my favorites. The Mayor of Mt Holly, MN (pop. 4) made it using a pattern from one of the Foxfire books, "updating it with a few things."

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Obama’s Justice Department secretly helped kill FOIA transparency bill

U.S. President Barack Obama looks toward Attorney General Eric Holder. Justice Department investigators have engaged in aggressive tactics against journalists in recent months. [Reuters]

U.S. President Barack Obama looks toward Attorney General Eric Holder. Justice Department investigators have engaged in aggressive tactics against journalists in recent months. [Reuters]

We’ve long known the Justice Department’s stance on transparency has been hypocritical and disingenuous. But they’ve really outdone themselves this time.

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No charges for Japanese man who dumped a quarter-ton of porn in a park

70 year old Hideaki Adachi said he was disposing of the porn for a sick friend, and he assumed that the park's population of homeless people (with whom he volunteers) would arrange for its disposal.

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Replacing our plastic containers with Pyrex food storage dishes

pyrexA few months ago I bought a bunch of these Pyrex food storage dishes in various sizes and got rid of the old plastic containers we'd been using for years. I am sorry I didn't make the move sooner. They are great for microwaving, and they don't get stained when I store tomato sauce in them. I haven't put these in the freezer yet, but the manufacturer says you are allowed to. The lids are BPA free and can go in the top rack of the dishwasher.

To start, get four 1-cup dishes ($17), a 2-cup dish ($4.50), and a 4-cup dish ($10).

Woman takes her two cats to visit Santa Claus, all does not go well


I could not find the origin of this classic viral photo, but it's very funny.

The first career-spanning book of Mark Mothersbaugh’s art was worth the wait

We all know the multimedia artistic brilliance of pioneering New Wave band Devo. And many of us know that Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh is an artist who works in other media. But even other moderately devoted fans such as myself may be surprised to realize just how multiple Mothersbaugh’s artistic talents are, how persistent, or how significant when surveyed as a whole. This is all remedied in an impressive new volume, Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, assembled by Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Denver Director Adam Lerner.

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'Food Warriors' NYC street eats video tutorial: a season finale on Nostrand Avenue

The Food Warriors, aka Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam, ride the A-train from uptown in Harlem to Bed Stuy out in Brooklyn.

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Online Spirograph

Look at the pretty design I made using Nathan Friend's elegant Inspirograph site.

Meet Jeff: mockumentary/biopic about a giant, killer robot who plays himself

Meet Jeff is a Wired web-series that's a mockumentary about a robot actor called Jeff 1000 who has been given his own biopic, starring Summer Glau.

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Inside Beijing's airpocalypse – a city made "almost uninhabitable" by pollution

Image: Shutterstock

The Guardian's Oliver Wainwright reports on the miasmal atmosphere enveloping Beijing.

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Crypto-Santa: use onion routing to anonymize gifts at your Xmas party

Dmytri writes, "Add a crypto wrinkle to your Kris Kringle! Make your Secret Santa even more secret with the magic of Onion Wrapping!"

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WATCH: Sneak preview of the last episode of Serial

An "exploration of the truth." This is exactly what Pesco and I were thinking a few days ago.

Vomit Minecraft block


I found this perfectly cubic block of reconstituted foam. It immediately made me think of a) Minecraft, and b) William Gibson's description of recycled plastics from Communist-era East Germany.

They made, for instance, light-fixtures out of recycled plastics; the plastic was chopped up, melted and molded, but the various chopped bits retained their original color, resulting in a translucent solid that looks exactly like joke-shop vomit. Quite a lot of the infrastructural detail of East Germany, you see, looked as though it was made of solidified puke. The cruelty extended to the esthetic. Or perhaps it began there. Ugly. Unimaginably ugly.


New York bans pet piercing

You'll still be allowed to put tags in your guinea pigs' and rabbits' ears, but no more tattooing or piercing unless it's for the animal's benefit.

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