Girls Just Want to Have Fun in a minor key

Another fantastic Major to Minor by Chase Holfelder. Song becomes sort of funny and ironic!

Hello Kitty is apparently not a cat

Hello Kitty is apparently not a cat according to Sanrio. In other news, Snoopy is confirmed to be a dog.

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Color-organized arrays of food and plants, photographed by Emily Blincoe


Photographer Emily Blincoe's latest photographic series: food and plants meticulously, OCD-liciously organized by color gradient.

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Listen to a conservative judge brutally destroy arguments against gay marriage

It's fun to listen to Judge Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Court slap down disingenuous arguments against gay marriage. It's also fun to listen to the opponents to gay marriage try to defend their illogical opinions, such as Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher, a real asshole.

Image: Chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons.

The Neutron Dance, Pointer Sisters

The lyrics were wrong. Some things have changed. I no longer feel my futile work day will be ended by nuclear war.

1893 solution to bicycle-chasing dogs

From The Wheel and Cycling Trade Review, August 1893.

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Jackhammer Jill Cosplay


A woman who seems to be dressed in the style of Boing Boing mascot Jackhammer Jill, shared by "SkeezixOtoole." [link, but beware ye of popup ads]

African ISPs talk interconnection

The hot topic at this week's Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum is increasing the cross-links between African nations, who often have to route traffic through interchanges in distant nations (or on other continents!) in order to reach nearby networks.

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Knights of the Cornerstone, James P. Blaylock

The Knights of the Cornerstone

James P. Blaylock's Knights of the Cornerstone is a light, nostalgic contemporary fantasy steeped in legend. Blaylock is a master of this genre.

Cartoonist Calvin Bryson receives an odd package that causes him to return to his family's home in New Cypress, on the borders of California, Arizona and Nevada. Secrets buried for generations come to the surface as Calvin joins the remnant of the Knights Templar to defeat an occultist, and defend what may be the real shroud of Turin.

This isn't the headiest or heaviest of work by Blaylock, but it is damn fine! I read it in an hour or so and was completely engrossed. Blaylock's work solo, and with Tim Powers, adds incredible fantasy to very familiar landscapes. If you haven't read any of his work, this is a good place to start. Then I suggest moving on to On Pirates, I wish I could find my copy.

The Knights of the Cornerstone by James P. Blaylock

Paper Dresses and psychedelic catsuits: when airline fashion was flying high

bubbleBen Marks of Collectors Weekly says: "It used to be that air travel was like a ride in a flying limo, but today the ambiance is not much better than going Greyhound. Part of what made the experience so special was the stylish attire worn by flight attendants, as Lisa Hix learned when she spoke with airline uniforms collector Cliff Muskiet and airline jackets collector (and former Wired editor) Todd Lappin. In particular, the 1960s and 1970s were an amazing time for airline fashions, with designers from Jean Louis to Emilio Pucci creating styles for the friendly skies."

Because no one tried to hide the fact that flight attendants were there to be eye candy, big-named designers had a fun time dressing them up and coming up with sexy new gimmicks to promote air travel. In 1968, Jean Louis gave United Airlines stewardesses a simple, mod A-line dress with a wide stripe down the front and around the collar, and paired it with a big, blocky kefi-type cap. During the ’60s and ’70s, Pucci designed five different uniforms for Braniff International Airways.

“If you look at the Pucci uniforms, you can’t imagine that women wore these items,” Muskiet says. “There was even a space helmet, like a plastic bubble. It was used when it was raining outside, so the hat and hair wouldn’t get wet. Braniff also had something called the ‘Air Strip’ in 1965. During service, the stewardesses would take something off to reveal a different layer and a different look underneath. They might be wearing a skirt and remove it to show off their hot pants beneath.”

Paper Dresses and psychedelic catsuits: when airline fashion was flying high

Support Sun Ra's "Space Is The Place" 40th anniversary!


It's the 40th anniversary of Sun Ra's science fiction epic film Space Is The Place and to celebrate, Grammy-nominated DIY musicologist David Katznelson/Harte Recordings launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund a limited hardcover book containing a DVD of the movie, the soundtrack, and a ton of bonus material! Far fucking out.

sun-ra-space-is-the-place-soundtrackThe other bonus material will include:

· New DVD commentary on the film from Producer Jim Newman
· Essays from Screenplay writer Josh Smith and Director John Coney
· A book introduction by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips
· An interview with Ray Johnson (who played THE OVERSEER)
· Dozens of never before seen photos taken both on and off set during the making of the movie

There will be 3000 copies made of this epic celebration of one of the most intriguing space-films-made-by-a-spaceman. Through PledgeMusic you can order early and have the opportunity of also getting some choice, limited edition items made specifically for this release including a reproduction of the original movie poster, a Space Is The Place tee-shirt, high-end issue of the Space Is The Place soundtrack on vinyl, and the ability to have your name as a pledger, duly noted in the book.

Sun Ra: "Space Is The Place" 40th Anniversary on PledgeMusic


Dashcam nails cops who beat man while shouting "Stop resisting arrest"

Two cops from Bloomfield, NJ's police department have been indicted, and another plead guilty after a suppressed dashcam video showed them beating a man who was facing years in prison for "resisting arrest" (the DA dropped his charges right away).

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Adam Savage, muscle man!

BB pal Adam Savage of Mythbusters is very proud of his incredible new muscle suit! Check out those guns and boulders!

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Hello: eBoy - massive compendium of the premier isometric pixel illustrator group

eBoy is the name of a collective of four German artists who excel at drawing robots, blocky people and animals, cacophonous cityscapes, and weird weapons, machinery, and vehicles in the style of old video games.

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Coroner protip: double-check that they're dead

Walter Goncalves suffered respiratory failure and multiple organ failure and was pronounced dead. His brother found him alive, hours later, at the morgue.