The genetics of photosensitive sneezing, explained

If you're among the one in four people who sneeze when you move from a dark place into the sunlight, this nifty little explainer from a fellow traveler gives a great overview of causation theories over the millennia. Turns out it is just one transposed letter in the second chromosome that causes the effect. Read the rest

Flashlight fish have glowing lanterns below their eyes

Flashlight fish, also called lanterneye fish and scientifically photoblepharon (light-eye), are strange and wondrous creatures best viewed during a night dive in the Pacific. Read the rest

Big wave surfing season in Portugal was mind-blowing this year

Nuno Dias shot this absolutely insane surfing footage that looks more like a snowboarder out in front of an avalanche than a surfer on a wave. Read the rest

Breathtaking timelapse from the Mauna Kea astronomical observatory

Poli'ahu, the Hawaiian snow goddess who lives atop Mauna Kea, is the namesake for this stunning and inspiring footage from Sunchaser Pictures. Read the rest

Oakland elementary school students resist Caltrans' insistence on taking copyright to their mural

Rogue archivist Rick Prelinger writes, "Oakland students planned to paint a mural on a dark freeway underpass in their city. The project is stalled because Caltrans asserts copyright to murals on its property. The details are a bit sketchy, but there's a petition here. Read the rest

This working RC plane has KFC buckets for wings

To demonstrate the Magnus effect, YouTuber PeterSripol grabbed a couple of KFC buckets and tricked out an RC plane. The resulting trial and error is mostly the latter. Read the rest

EFF study: ed-tech is spying on America's kids and not telling them about it

The Electronic Frontier Foundation surveyed hundreds of American kids, teachers and parents about privacy and the "ed-tech" sector, which is filling America's classrooms with Chromebooks and cloud services and mobile devices that ingest kids' data wholesale without any meaningful privacy or data retention policies. Read the rest

WAKE UP! A picture book exploring new life

Life is a continuing cycle of newness, then growth, and then gone: then birth and growth again. I started thinking about that theme of new life and new beginnings several years ago, and WAKE UP!, published by Candlewick Press, is the result. Working with my collaborator, poet Helen Frost, our book is about opening eyes—our own, first—and pointing to the world that’s right here, containing us all. Helen and I are both based in the US Midwest, so we started there, with a world that we didn’t need to travel far to explore, only wake up enough to actually see.

Mathematical conjecture generates beautiful lifelike form

The deceptively simple Collatz Conjecture is one of mathematics' most difficult puzzles. Alex Bellos shows off a cool rendering by Edmund Harris that looks like a beautiful life form from the sea. Read the rest

Guy turns a double decker bus into a two-story RV

And it took YouTuber Onrrust "only" 20 steps! Here's the before pic: Read the rest

Incredibly relaxing video of a seaweed farmer

I was enjoying a dried seaweed snack the other day and wondered how they harvested seaweed. The answer was even cooler than I expected, involving underwater farms and a giant vacuum. Read the rest

This adorable little boy is a tortoise whisperer

Eddy Gun is a tortoise keeper and a few weeks ago he shared this adorable video of his son feeding the family’s tortoise collection:

My son prefers to feed the tortoises behind the fence... 😂😂😂😂. Happy Weekend everyone #aldabra #radiata #radiatedtortoise #sulcata #sulkata #feed #torto #tortoises #tortoise #kura2 #kuradarat #turtle #reptiles #reptile #herpetology #pets #pet #petstagram #tortoiseofinstagram #animal #shell #tortoiselover #son #animallover

A post shared by Eddy Gun (@eddygun) on Feb 25, 2017 at 8:21pm PST

You can see a few more tortoise videos below and even more photos and videos on Gun’s Instagram.

Play with the tortoises in the morning 😙😙. This is the time when they are very active. Let them roam and walk around before breakfast. 🐢🐢🐢🐢#aldabra #sulcata #radiata #radiatedtortoise #toy #toys #actionfigures #actionfigure #toycollection #toydisplay #toyphoto #toysphotography #toycollector #toylover #collectibles #hobbies

A post shared by Eddy Gun (@eddygun) on Feb 18, 2017 at 5:58pm PST

Sulcatas are always the first one to queue for food.. i normally seperate them cos they eat more and faster than the others. It amazes me how they can even remember the bowl I use daily to feed them.. 😄😄😄#sulcata #torto #tortoises #tortoise #kura2 #kuradarat #turtle #reptiles #reptile #herpetology #pets #pet #petstagram #tortoiseofinstagram #animal #shell #tortoiselover

A post shared by Eddy Gun (@eddygun) on Mar 31, 2017 at 6:01pm PDT

The tortoises have grown so fast.. have to seperate the sulcatas from the others during breakfast... they eat faster than most tortoises. 🐢🐢🐢😆😆😆 #sulcata #radiata #radiatedtortoise #aldabra #torto #tortoises #tortoise #kura2 #kuradarat #turtle #reptiles #reptile #herpetology #pets #pet #petstagram #tortoiseofinstagram #animal #shell #tortoiselover

A post shared by Eddy Gun (@eddygun) on Feb 11, 2017 at 7:21pm PST

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Artist creates shower hair masterpieces

Artist Lucy Gafford has discovered inexpensive art supplies. Rather than letting shed hairs go down the shower drain, she creates Shower Hair Masterpieces, like this fancy azalea blossom. Read the rest

You can live in a giant cowboy boot for $40 a day

If Huntsville, Texas sounds like the kind of place you'd like to kick your boots off and sit a spell, you might rent this beaut of a boot, featuring two bedrooms, a bath, and an open-air deck on the top.

Read the rest

Cool sculpture creates moiré pattern when viewed

Constructive Interference is a laser-cut sculpture that demonstrates the "double slit" phenomenon that causes periodic wave patterns. I've posted about the math involved previously.

Read the rest

Gorgeous 3D-printed cosplay armor that's lit internally, and perfect for female heroes

Melissa Ng wanted to make some cool armor, so she ignored all the guys who told her what women's armor is supposed to look like and spent 518 hours researching, designing and creating this masterpiece. Read the rest

Watch 4,200 dominoes fall in glorious 360 degrees

How can watching dominoes fall be more delightful? How about if it's filmed in 360 degrees? This ingenious circular tower by FlippyCat makes great use of the fancy camera.

Read the rest

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