4 pack of Star Wars Minions


My daughter loves Minions and she loves Star Wars. It is no surprise she insisted on having these figures.

At $33 shipped, this is the cheapest set I could find. It appears there are a bunch of knock-offs available on the interwebs. If you want a collectable set, I am fairly sure these are not they.

4PCS Minions Star Wars Despicable Me Darth Vader Maul Trooper Cos Action Figure Toys via Amazon Read the rest

Princess Leia's bikini sells for nearly $100,000


One of Princess Leia's slave bikinis she actually wore in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi sold for $96,000 at auction yesterday. No news on who bought it. The costume came complete with the collar and several links in the chain Leia used to strangle Jabba the Hutt. A 16" model of Leia's Blockade Runner seen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope went for $450,000, the highest auction price ever for Star Wars memorabilia ever.

Other items sold in the same Profiles In History auction include one of Indiana Jones's bull whips ($204,000) and George Reeves's Superman costume from the 1950s TV series ($216,000).


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10-foot-long inflatable Jabba lawn decoration


At $170, the 10' long, 6' tall light-up Jabba inflatable isn't a cheap lawn decoration, but he'll certainly make an impression on the neighbors. I think he'd go well with my brand-new custom lawn-flag. Read the rest

AT-AT dog costume


Thinkgeek's $30 AT-AT Walker dog costumes come in S-XL. Read the rest

Han Solo in Carbonite Pop Tarts


Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo is (was) a sold-out/limited-edition vinyl sculpture from Falcon Toys. Fun idea -- hope they do another run!

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Luxury Star Wars wristwatch is $28,500


Devon's new Star Wars wristwatch is $28,500, but at least they make it worth it by throwing in a pair of TIE Fighter cufflinks. Read the rest

Harpo-Deetoo and Chicopio in "A Day at the Pod Races"

Dan/Ridetheory's amazing mashup of R2 & 3PO with Chico and Harpo from A Day at the Races is brilliant. Read the rest

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Millennium Falcon quadcopter

Skinning drones with iconic spaceship shells is an absolute natural and I expect to see a lot more of it -- here's a salvo, Air Hogs's Millennium Falcon quadcopter, which hits stores on Sept 15 -- part of a family that includes landspeeders, TIE fighters, X-wings, and speeder bikes. Read the rest

Dissecting Sphero's Star Wars BB-8


Sphero's Star Wars BB-8 is sure to be the Cabbage Patch Kid of this Christmas, the ungettable gift that will spur mall fistfights, eBay price gouging, and plenty of crying kids (and adults). uBreakiFix cracked one open to see how it ticks. Read the rest

French to see Star Wars Episode VII first


I have altered a photograph of Darth Vader in celebration of the deal. Pray I do not alter it again. Read the rest

Boba Fett bottle opener

This bottle opener, modeled on the nefarious Boba Fett, is awesome!

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Adam Savage proves Star Wars blasters can't be lasers


Whatever they are, blasters ain't lasers. And they're never described as lasers in the flicks! Like it says in those crazy technical manuals, they're slugs of superheated gas or whatever.

Painstakingly examining the films frame-by-frame to see roughly how far and how fast bolts travel, Savage gets results in the 130-135mph range—slow enough for an alert person to dodge after firing, given some distance.

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More Star Wars merch than you can possibly imagine


Kevin McFarland is warning you now: toys are coming, you won't be able to escape them, and this time they are backed by a force beyond human comprehension: Disney.

STARTING YESTERDAY AND continuing today, the Star Wars Youtube channel is livestreaming a product rollout like we’ve never seen, with 15 locations in 12 countries—in an all of them, people unboxing toys. It’s an anticipation-stoking preview for Force Friday, tomorrow’s debut of the first officially licensed merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The product preview, followed by a midnight on-sale release, is a massive and unprecedented event, shrewdly taking advantage of the rise of unboxing videos to unveil the new goodies from the year’s most highly anticipated film. But it’s not the only way Disney has amplified the already dominant Star Wars product line.

I recall that there was a surprisingly precipitous saturation point on the prequel trilogy tat, especially books. It slipped from total marketing war into the remainder bin almost overnight. Disney has its share of bombs, but the world's largest licensor doesn't make that sort of mistake with its hits. Read the rest

Iceland names street after Darth Vader. It's called "Black-head."

The Reykjavík City Council has approved a citizen-led effort to rename a street Svarthöfði, translated as Blackhead, which is the Icelandic name for Darth Vader. Read the rest

Watch this birdie do a pretty much perfect R2D2 impersonation


“We taught Bluey the budgie how to do R2-D2 and now he drives us crazy! He has two other budgies in his cage, and I think he's driving them crazy too!”

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