Free Fortnite?

Epic Games has rejected Apple's 30% app tax. In the past Epic has owned every single partner or vendor and managed to hold on to all the value. Anyone remember Twitch? Or the streamers? Or organized eSports? Epic took the whole pie. Epic may be close to winning the next round of the entertainment advertising […]

Drive-in movie snack bar commercial inspired by Star Wars (1979)

If I was at a drive-in movie in 1979 and this commercial for the snack bar played, I'd have secretly wished it was the actual film we were there to see. (via r/ObscureMedia)

Pentagon launches UFO task force

The US Pentagon is forming a task force to investigate military reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (aka UFOs). Over the last few years, the New York Times broke news of a similar program in the Office of Naval Intelligence, examined curious videos depicting aerial encounters between Navy jets and UFOs (above), and reported a theoretical […]

Circus sells jars of lion poop to make ends meet

In Munich, Germany, the Circus Krone, closed due to the pandemic, is trying out a new revenue stream: They're selling jars of lion poop for use in gardens to fertilize and also deter other animals from nibbling. According to UPI, "the circus erected a large sculpture dubbed 'Mr. Poo' outside the business to celebrate the […]

Leo Moracchioli's metal cover of 'Greased Lightning'

I have gone deep into Leo Moracchioli's Frog Leap Studios youtube channel.

Watch "2020: An Isolation Odyssey"

Lydia Cambron brilliantly recreated the final, enigmatic scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. My god, it's full of droplets. (via Daring Fireball)

With no bridge, girls zipline across a river, on a scooter

Two girls bravely crossed a river on a zipline while sitting on a scooter.

Getting rich, or not, in Entropia Universe

Quintin Smith explores Entropia Universe, the world's only cash-based MMO, still entertaining tens of thousands of players 17 years after its launch. No online game has bigger whales—players genuinely invested in playing the game in the hope of getting rich—even as you can play it for free by collecting in-game poop: "We set out to […]

Watch: Yesterday's Kamala Harris speech narrates this new "Prosecute Trump" ad

Yesterday Kamala Harris made her first speech since becoming the 2020 vice presidential nominee, and in the blink of an eye came "Prosecute Trump," another delightful anti-Trump video by the progressive group Meidas Touch. Using parts of Harris's speech as the narration, the video presents an "open and shut" case as to why Trump is […]

Watch this seal play with their lunch in a Melbourne river

This seal played with its meal while waddling in the Maribyrnong River in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on August 10. "This isn't the first time a seal has made an appearance in Melbourne's rivers, but it's certainly the first time I've seen a seal in this river, which I have been frequenting daily for the past […]

Robin's Wish, emotional documentary about Robin Williams' final days

It's been six years since comic legend Robin Williams died. Robin's Wish is a new documentary that looks at his final days and the degenerative disease (Lewy Body Dementia) that is attributed to him ending his own life on August 11, 2014. An intimate portrait of Robin Williams and his invulnerable spirit, Robin's Wish is […]

Fascinating deep dive into the global variants of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells"

"Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" is one of the most significant documented viral songs among English-speaking children. Because it was spread as an oral tradition for its first quarter-century, many variants emerged. Tom Scott quizzed 64,000 people on their recollected version of the song, with some surprising results.

THIS is how you do a mid-song guitar switch

The late great Stevie Ray knew how to get it done. Watch the master swap guitars onstage like it ain't no big deal. screengrab SRV Bootlegs/YouTube (The Awesomer)

Watch how Hubble Telescope used a lunar eclipse for detecting life on exoplanets

During the January 2019 total lunar eclipse, astronomers trained the Hubble Telescope on our moon in order to calibrate how future telescopes will look for possible life on exoplanets by measuring ozone levels.

Tech support scammer logs into target's computer only to see photo of self there waiting for him

Jim Browning (YouTube) posts long but riveting videos of him turning the tables on tech support scammers (previously at Boing Boing) and in the latest he goes full Neeson from the outset: "a scammer has just connected to my pc and he's just seen a photograph of him and his family on my desktop." Browning […]

Twins react as they hear Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight' for the first time

Twins Tim and Fred Williams, aka Twinsthenewtrend on YouTube, make videos of themselves listening to classic songs for the first time. In their latest, they listen to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" — just wait 'til they get to the drums…! Previously: Deer performs classic drum fill from Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" […]

YouTuber illustrates why "I am not a robot" image CAPTCHAs are universally hated

YouTuber CalebCity hilariously demonstrates the infuriating tendency for those craptacular image grid CAPTCHAs to pop up at the worst time. My 2018 petition for karmic retribution, Let's build a robot to kill the creator of "I am not a robot" CAPTCHA image grids, certainly found a receptive audience, but it almost certainly landed me on […]

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