Watch this intricate Pokemon cross stitch project take shape over months

Linda at Eponases creates all kinds of cool cross-stich projects, but this massive piece of Pokemon characters is out of this world. Read the rest

Cross-stitched scene from Ultima 1

Glenda Adams created this pixel-perfect cross-stitch depicting a scene from 1981's Ultima, one of Richard Garriott's first adventures in the fantasy world of Brittania.

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3D cross-stitch kit: 'Don't Freak Out'

Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch is creating cross-stitch magic again. This time she's put together a special 3D cross-stitch kit that reads "Don't Freak Out."

She writes, "It's SO much better in person..."

The kit is available for $24 and comes with a pair of 3D glasses, naturally.

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Ulna-Stina Wikander: a Swedish artist who cross-stitches household objects and makes bracelets out of toy cars

Ulna-Stina Wikander's many pieces include a wide variety of household objects (chairs, mirrors, etc) covered in meticulous cross-stitched fabric; bracelets and belts made from toy cars, lamps made from framed slot-car racetracks, and a lively miscellany of other pieces. Alas, her Flash-based site makes it impossible to link directly to my favorites (and I had to install the Flash plugin just to see it!), but it's well worth your time to go looking. (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

Planets cross-stitched

Beautiful work from Redditor navidj. You can buy the patterns at SpaceNavid's Etsy store.

Pluto uses 35 colors, Neptune uses 24, and Jupiter 20. The materials are very affordable. Each thread costs around 40 cents or so. The black Aida cloth is about $5 for a roll and you can make at least 4 planets at this size with that.

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