Dog pretty sure it's a human

Dogs are the best people. Read the rest

Cloud floof pupper

So much fluff! Cloud floof puppies. Read the rest

'im a heckin black belt' —doggo

*boop* *boop* Read the rest

Shiba Inu, Netflix and chilled

Chiko the Shiba Inu loves him some tv. Not long after Olesia Kuzmychova rescued her little buddy, she realized he really loves to watch the tube. Read the rest

Guy Fawkes Day meets Doge

“What doge the Fawkes say?” Read the rest

Doge proprietor of corner store in Japan greets customers with happy Shiba Inu wag

Miki Kotevski, who shot this video, says: “This Shiba Inu has brought more people together from across the world than most politicians and other figures will ever be able to. Shiva's owner is the kindest owner and a great and kind person. Shiva is the Shiba's name and he is the best dog around.” Read the rest

Linguist explains Doge grammar

Wow. Such linguistics. Many noun. Very adjectives. So many explanation. Read the rest

Doge found

The Verge's Kyle Chayka tracked down the real-life dog from the Doge meme!

When 51-year-old Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato started seeing strange pictures of her eight-year-old Shiba Inu dog Kabosu popping up on the internet this past August, she was a little freaked out. “I was taken aback,” Sato, an elegant, brown-haired woman given to wide smiles, recalled. “It felt very strange to see her face there. It was a Kabosu that I didn’t know.”

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