Two muddy elephant babies goofing around in the water

You look like you could use a baby elephant video. Read the rest

Rescued elephants get giant knitted sweaters

Indian conservation group Wildlife SOS has a team of knitters that could put your grandma's afghan-making skills to shame. They create these colorful knitted sweaters for elephants in their care. Read the rest

Man on early morning walk killed by elephant

A 65-year-old man in Buchen, Germany was collecting bottles and cans on an early morning walk when he was attacked and killed by a circus elephant who had somehow escaped her enclosure. Now the question is, was her enclosure not secured properly, or did someone intentionally let her out? An investigation is underway. The African Elephant, named Baby, was safely returned to her tent. Read the rest

Beethoven for Elephants

In the description for this video, pianist and elephant-lover Paul Barton in Thailand says:

I took my piano to the mountains of Kanchanaburi to play for some very old, injured and handicapped elephants, especially a blind elephant Plara immediately behind the piano. Elephant-lovers please rest-assured - all keys on modern pianos (such as this one) are made from synthetic plastic material and have been manufactured this way for some considerable time.

Plara arrived at breakfast time and stopped munching the juicy grass when he heard music, so, (?) perhaps he was listening ...

These elephants live in peaceful natural surroundings with specialized care at 'Elephant's World' Kanchanaburi.

Music: Slow movement (2) from Beethoven's Pathétique Sonata.

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