Watch the world's brightest flashlight burn stuff

What happens when a 32,000-lumen flashlight gets concentrated through a magnifying glass or a fresnel lens? Some cool optics, but not a lot of burning. Read the rest

A water resistant, 900 lumen LED flashlight for $14

I needed a new super bright flashlight, this one by Outlite does the trick! It is super bright, and water resistant for use in the rain!

Switching between modes is done with a half press of the power button. Bright is bright! Certainly throws out more light than my lost Surefire 600 lumen lamp. It is a bargain for $14. I am sure it will soon be in a secret pile of flashlights my daughter or dogs are hoarding.

If you do not have an 18650 battery around, that may present a hidden expense! Batteries are not included. I have a few for camera flashes, so I didn't mind. The torch has run for 5 weeks without needing a recharge.

Outlite 501B LED 900 Lumen Handheld Flashlight via Amazon Read the rest

Watch this Trioh demo: stylish rechargeable accent or emergency light

One of my favorite crowdfunded projects is the beautiful Trioh rechargeable 3-in-1 light, which the makers claim is the "world's most beautiful flashlight." Read the rest

SureFire E2D 'Defender,' best flash light I've ever owned

I live in a place so dark that grues are a legitimate concern. I've found no super bright flashlight better sized or more dependable than the SureFire E2D Defender. I also have not found many more expensive. Shockingly, it is worth the $185! Read the rest