Restoring a 50 year-old Hot Wheels model car

baremetalHW collects, revives and customizes Hot Wheels toys. Above, a 1968 Deora is restored to its original glory; he shows the paints and techniques required to get it right. Below, a contemporary model is turned into a Mad Max monster.

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One man's million dollar Hot Wheels collection

Bruce Pascal's Hot Wheels collection is worth an estimated $1 million. Fifteen percent of the value though is in one car: a pink VW Beach Bomb Rear-Loader. (Barcroft TV)

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Hot Wheels retro Batmobile

This die cast Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment collection Batmobile brings me a ton of joy.

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GoPro modded on a Hot Wheels chassis

5MadMovieMakers revealed how they make their cool POV videos of Hot Wheels cars flying down tracks: a GoPro Hero affixed to Pharadox Hot Wheels Chassis. Read the rest

Hot Wheels POV ride through jumps, loops, even underwater

Robert Carlson's Hot Wheels Road Trip takes viewers on a wild POV ride on hundreds of feet of Hot Wheels track. Read the rest

Watch a Hot Wheels dashcam road trip

Directed by Robert Carlos, filmmaker and author, who "spends his spare time playing with toys and riding roller coasters."

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Hot Wheels retro Mystery Machine

Just like the Mystery Machine I had when I was a kid. I traded it to Takumi Kobayashi for some blue edition star wars cards.

Quality on the van is great. Evidently retro Hot Wheels are just like we remember.

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Darth Vader's car

Darth Vader's car as imagined and built (life-size) by Hot Wheels. Read the rest