Revengers: Intentional knockoffs of Avengers action figures

Obvious Plant's Jeff Wysaski made some knockoff Avengers action figures and they're perfectly hilarious in their bootleggedness. See them all here. He put a few for sale, but they've already sold out.

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Look at these knockoff LEGO products spotted at a Hong Kong night market

Bootie Mashup's Adrian Roberts is traveling in Hong Kong right now and came across these amusing knockoff LEGO products at the Temple Street Night Market.

Click on the images below to look at them closer.

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Interesting look at Korea's massive counterfeit streetwear culture

This short documentary about Korean fashion is on its surface about the many looks cultivated by Korean designers, but it's especially interesting as an analysis of what late-stage capitalism looks like in a homogenous culture. Read the rest

The Huntsman: Winter’s War is a terrible movie, say critics

The hot trend in Hollywood is to recast fairy tales as gritty, pathos-driven tragic emofeasts: Maleficent was symbolically raped as a youngster, Peter Pan was a lonely British schoolboy, and so forth. The Huntsman: Winter’s War is the latest and it's "90% terrible," reports Annalee Newitz.

There is something fascinating, in a purely sociological sense, about watching a movie like this. Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones may have reinvigorated epic fantasy filmmaking, but they are also inspiring their fair share of stinky knockoffs. Some of those knockoffs are silly fun, like the first Huntsman film. But this prequel-sequel abomination is barely good enough for hate-watching unless you want to see the purest expression of paint-by-dollars filmmaking to come out this year.

Great Evil Queen outfits, though! Also remarkable is the degree of lifting it does – of images and even phrases — from Game of Thrones. No-one's accusing it of plagiarism; it's just tacky, a dollar-store laser sword with a Star Wars price tag.

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Inside South Korea's dog-cloning lab

Tony from the Starshipsofa podcast writes, "This week I talk (MP3) to freelance science journalist Mark Zastrow about his visit to a controversial Korean lab, led by Woosuk Hwang who is cloning puppy dogs." Read the rest

UK's Supreme Court says these luggage designs are not illegally similar

In an IP infringement case involving the manufacturers of competing children's suitcases the UK's Supreme Court ruled in favor of the makers of the quasi-knockoff.

From BBC:

Supreme Court Justice Lord Neuberger said Trunki was "both original and clever" and he said it "appears clear" the Kiddee Case had been conceived "as a result of seeing a Trunki and discovering that a discount model was not available".

But he said: "Unfortunately for Magmatic, however, this appeal is not concerned with an idea or an invention, but with a design."

Over at the design website Core77, the commenters agree with the court's decision. "Similar, but not the same.... same complaint could be made between automakers... Ford truck looks like Chevy, vise versa....," says Noodle Time. "I think the scary part to designers is the fact that if you conceive anything even remotely related to some other product, you run the risk of being sued, and even if you win, may still be left with a monetary loss." Read the rest