Watch fish in this inverted aquarium, aka a fish condo

YouTuber Kitty Loves Tofu set up this inverted aquarium in an indoor koi pond then put some food inside. After a few early adopters benefited from taking a chance and swimming in, their neighbors decided to join in, too. Read the rest

Wade among interactive koi in this stunning art installation

TeamLab creates gorgeous interactive art installations, like this beautiful piece poetically titled Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People. It's not a video loop, but a program where the swimming koi interact with each other as well as the people wading among them. Read the rest

Man must remove fish pond from backyard because intruders might be injured

Kevin Sheehan, a koi enthusiast in the UK, has been ordered by the local housing association to remove the fish pond in his backyard.

A spokesman for Sovereign Housing said: "This is not about burglars, this is about making sure our homes are safe places for our residents and any visitors to the property. We're also liable if someone does trespass on the property." Read the rest