Widow of slain US serviceman confirms President Trump a buffoon

It is pretty painful to see the recently widowed pregnant wife of a slain United States serviceman have to personally explain the disrespect she was served by the sitting President of the United States because the words of her black, female US Congressperson were not good enough.

On Good Morning America, Myeshia Johnson shared memories of her husband Sgt La David Johnson, a highly accomplished US soldier and family man who was recently slain under undisclosed circumstances in Niger.

While the Widow Johnson has a number of unanswered questions for the US Government, she makes it very clear that accounts of her call with US President Donald Trump describing him as insensitive are true. Mrs. Johnson describes the call, the attendees, and her tears at Trump's callously failed attempt to offer condolences.

Mrs. Johnson additionally explains that Representative Frederica Wilson's (D-FL) much maligned account of the call was "100% correct." Read the rest

Rep. Wilson describes Trump in no uncertain terms

"This man is a sick man. He is cold hearted and he feels no pity or sympathy for anyone." said Florida Congressperson Frederica Wilson of US President Donald Trump.

Wilson was with her constituent, the widow of fallen Sgt. La David Johnson, as US President Donald Trump called her to "sympathize." Rep. Wilson found the President's message bewildering. Sgt. Johnson was ambushed and killed in Niger for undisclosed reasons.

Donald Trump referred to his call with the six-month pregnant widow Johnson as "very nice" and Representative Wilson as a liar.

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