Trump's acting attorney general: Judges should be Christian with a "biblical view of justice"

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Trump's replacement for fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, thinks that if you're not Christian, you shouldn't be a federal judge.

Judges should be "people of faith" and need to have a “biblical view of justice," and Whitaker would like to see a person's "world view," because if they have a secular world view, he'd be "very concerned with how they judge."

Whitaker revealed his ignorance with these remarks during a 2014 conservative forum while vying for the Republican US Senate nomination in Iowa.

The takeaway from this: According to the acting Attorney General of the United States, if you're open-minded, don't be a judge. Read the rest

Watch Norman Lear's 1980 TV spot challenging the religious right

All in the Family producer Norman Lear made this one-minute TV commercial to challenge the political ambitions of the well-financed Moral Majority organization of the Christian Right. The commercial objected to the Moral Majority's propaganda that you had to vote a certain way in order to be a good Christian.

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