Adding wireless charging to an old iPhone is both terrifying and satisfying

I've never had a problem with plugging a cable into my smartphone to charge, but a lot of folks feel it's an inconvenience. If you're one of those and own an older iPhone, you're in luck! Thanks to some sketchy grey market parts from China, nerves of steel, and a devil-may-care attitude towards any warranty you might have left on your handset, you can totally add wireless charging to your phone. Read the rest

Tour of a printed circuit board factory in China

Scotty Allen is a nomadic engineer, entrepreneur, adventurer, and storyteller who lives in San Francisco and Shenzhen, China. His YouTube series, Strange Parts, is a must-watch for me. In his latest video, he went to JLCPCB, one of the largest prototype printed circuit board manufacturers in China.

If you'd like to listen to my podcast interview with Scotty, here you go. Read the rest