Does fox and wolf urine keep rats and mice away? A test

Did you know you can buy many different kinds of animal urine on Amazon? Fox urine, bobcat urine, coyote urine, wolf urine, cat urine, peak estrus whitetail deer urine, and more.

How is the urine harvested? This video doesn't answer that question. Instead it asks and answers the question, "Does predator urine repel rodents?"

The guy who ran the test said the urine smells really awful, like a skunk. Even worse, after he tested the fox and wolf urine by squirting a circle of it around some grain, mice and rats didn't care one bit -- they walked right over the circle of urine to get to the food. Read the rest

This creepy talking interactive flowerpot for seniors is creepy

The lewdly leering Billy-Billy ($340) is a green flowerpot that tells you when it needs water and reminds you to take medication to mask your resentment against the well-meaning younger relative who thought you needed a nightmarish artificial companion.

Best line: "Who cares? Billy-Billy cares." Read the rest