Adept ape uses Instagram on smartphone

This Instagram user seems to prefer videos of people holding apes over videos of snakes and who can blame them?

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This gallery of mute buttons shows why voice chat apps should be push-to-talk

Dave Rupert put together a gallery of voice chat app screenshots, to show how the mute indicators are inconsistent across applications. For example, the mute indicators for the iPhone and Slack are almost opposite from each other. (See above).

He writes:

I hope you, dear reader, know by now that it’s a best practice to mute yourself if you’re not talking. Normally I’d say non-muters deserve public shaming but looking at this chart, it’s maybe not the non-muters’ fault. As you can see, the active mic indicator varies wildly. Sometimes it’s a microphone with a background fill, sometimes it’s a microphone with a slash, sometimes muted is treated as a background fill with a slash, sometimes the icon fills up with green when talking. It’s all even more confusing if someone is sharing out their screen and your entire UI disappears.

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User interface from Tron Legacy boardroom scene recreated in HTML

You may now enjoy the Tron Legacy Encom user interface in HTML. The original, as depicted in the movie, was designed by Bradley Munkowitz; the recreation defaults to github feeds, but has all sorts of possibilities to fool around with, such as Wikipedia (pictured) and the weather.


Hello User. This is a reproduction of the graphics in the boardroom scene in Tron: Legacy. If you have not seen that movie, check out this background material on the making of that scene before proceeding.

To make this a bit more fun, the boardroom is configured to visualize live updates from Github and Wikipedia, with more streams to come. Click on a stream in the window to the right to continue.

The boardroom visualization requires the use of WebGL and Event Source. The test below indicates the availability of these features on your system.

This was created by @arscan as a learning exercise. It is not affiliated with Disney, Tron: Legacy, Encom, Wikipedia or Github in any way. The source is available on Github.

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Gallery of science fiction interfaces

Science Fiction Interfaces, gathered by nnkd, represent the myriad yet curiously familiar systems of control found in other worlds and times.

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