"Recorded Live": a short film about murderous video tape reels

SS Wilson's fantastic 1975 film, "Recorded Live," was a classic of early HBO's interstitial "Short Takes" segments.

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Man's attempt to videotape ghosts proves something more shocking

A Tasmanian fellow set up a video camera in his kitchen to capture images of what he believed to be paranormal activity. When he later reviewed the video, he saw his common law wife making out with (drumroll) his 16-year-old son. The young man revealed that they had sex several times. From The Mercury:

The woman had been under the mistaken impression the age of consent was 16 and was ashamed and embarrassed at her conduct and was working on reconciling with her former partner.

"She accepts this is not a relationship which can or will continue," he told the court.

Justice David Porter remanded the woman in custody and will sentence her on Monday.

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