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Google madness. A search for

Google madness. A search for "Nike Boing Shoes" at Google turns up as the third link. isn't even listed on the first page. The result? We get tons of visitors who came to us seeing info on Nike Boing Shoes. Tip for Make your page indexable by Web spiders or suffer the humiliation of redirects to mutant blogs. Link (Nike Shox "Boing" Shoes: Link)

Slashdot for pot smokers and

Slashdot for pot smokers and drug-warriors: Smokedot! Link

Snotty, gloating editorial on the

Snotty, gloating editorial on the death of dotcoms in NYTimes (free registration required). is refreshing to turn on the television or pick up a magazine without being confronted with a maddening profile of a twenty- something zillionaire who does not own a tie and who spends all day playing Foosball in a hip loft space that passes for an office. The destruction of wealth has cleansed society of a lot of envy... ...Tim Koogle... wore a suit last month... on CNBC... It was like seeing a 12-year-old dressed for a funeral.
Link (Thanks, Ronks!)

FIXED Dotcom downturn be damned.

FIXED Dotcom downturn be damned. Plenty of tech-jobs in the most rescession-proof industry around: Internet porn! Link (LA Times piece -- disable Javascript first or face the dreaded popup ad)

More self-promotion! OpenCola -- the

More self-promotion! OpenCola -- the soda -- made Memepool today. Slashdot effect, here we come! Link

OpenColans Helen Waters, Diti Diena,

OpenColans Helen Waters, Diti Diena, and Suzanne Rollen are the GirlGeeks of the week! Link

R.I.P. Richard E. Schultes, the

R.I.P. Richard E. Schultes, the ethnobotanist who reluctantly ingnited the psychedelic revolution. (Even though he happily ingested hallucinogenics plants and coca leaves whenever he had the chance.) Here's the LA Times obit. Link

Happy Mutant Jon Lebkowsky's started

Happy Mutant Jon Lebkowsky's started his own blog! Full of linky goodness. Link

I've seen two or three

I've seen two or three digital pedometers -- devices with pendulums that count the number of steps you take, calculating your caloric burn-rate, charting your activity over time. This is the coolest one yet. Why? Because it snaps into your Handspring Visor and dumps its count directly to your PDA, where the data can be graphed, sorted and synched. Link

Titanium chassis of the new

Titanium chassis of the new G4 Powerbooks may trigger false positives for bombs in airport security checks -- leading to a six-hour lockdown at Burbank airport. Link (Tip: disable Javascript before clicking link to avoid truly obnoxious popup ad) (Thanks, Jet!)

Survivor: Monster Island. Geez --

Survivor: Monster Island. Geez -- who'd a thunk that Mechagodzilla would get booted off the island in week two? Link (Thanks, Pat! Welcome home!)

More in(s)anity from the lawyers

More in(s)anity from the lawyers at the RIAA: After inviting people to crack the Secure Digital Music Initiative, they've nastygrammed one of the academics who accomplished it and published his methods, citing the DMCA's anti-circumvention clause. Morons. Link (via Slashdot)

Those Commie 802.11 networks! Ruminations

Those Commie 802.11 networks! Ruminations on the future of P2P. Link

Long NYT article by James

Long NYT article by James Glieck (Faster, Chaos) on being connected and staying connected. Lotsa food for thought. Link (Thanks, Amanda!)

The new TRG PalmOS device

The new TRG PalmOS device looks incredible: lots of expansion slots, 90 degree rotation, minimizable graffiti area... I'm blown away. Link (via Slashdot)

Teenage myths exposed! The Harper's

Teenage myths exposed! The Harper's Index of Teenage Myths. Link (via Metafilter)

Car-Freshener® is my new favorite

Car-Freshener® is my new favorite trademark. When they discovered someone using their trademark without permission, they nicegrammed him, thanking them for spreading the word and offering to send him freebies. Link (via Metafilter)

Potty-mouth hacker vandalizes site,

Potty-mouth hacker vandalizes site, leaves lots of Anglo-Saxon monosyllables behind. Link (Thanks, Judith!)

This has got to be

This has got to be a joke. excerpts the new Rules book in an interview with Ellen Fein. This is either uproariously funny or deeply offensive. Can someone tell me which? Link (Thanks, carolen!)

Couple days ago, we had

Couple days ago, we had the IRS for kids -- now here's the FBI's site for 5-10 year olds Link (via Speedle, thanks Dan!)

NASA spysat animations, zooming into

NASA spysat animations, zooming into various cities. Amazing! Don't miss Orlando for a spy's eye view of Disney World! Link (via RobotWisdom)

Why XML and Metadata are

Why XML and Metadata are broken, courtesy of Bob Cringely. Link (Thanks, Scott!)

Philip K. Dick wrote paranoid

Philip K. Dick wrote paranoid letters to the FBI, denouncing his academic champions as communist spies attempting to take over the USA with the help of Stanislaw Lem. Link (Thanks, James!)

New flashlight can "detect a

New flashlight can "detect a human's presence through doors and walls up to 8 inches thick." Link

Bizarre record album cover page

Bizarre record album cover page made by an old college buddy of mine. Link

This downloadable Desktop Theremin is

This downloadable Desktop Theremin is sure to delight your friends and annoy your neighbors!Link

Interview with Billy Dogma comic

Interview with Billy Dogma comic book artist Dean Haspiel. Link

CubeSolver is a Lego robot

CubeSolver is a Lego robot that solves Rubik's Cube. (Thanks, Dave!)Link

Ever since a group of

Ever since a group of McKinsey consultants recommended to Disneyland that they save money by slashing preventative maintenance budgets, accidents and even deaths at the Park have been way up (remember the woman who got her head bashed in a couple years ago when a stanchion for the Sailing Ship Columbia tore loose from the pier?) Now, Disney's decided to station paramedics at the Parks -- I wonder when they'll go back to regular preventative maintenance? Link (Thanks, Amanda!)

Now this takes the prize

Now this takes the prize for the world's most obsessive underwater marriage proposal (9MB QuickTime). Link (via NoGators)