Amazon refuses to remove joke

Amazon refuses to remove joke scathing reviews of Windows (by "Bill Gates") and Red Hat Linux (by "Linus Torvalds") Link

ShortNews is another gangbang blog,

ShortNews is another gangbang blog, with some cool slashdotty rating features that bubble the cool stuff up to the top of the list. Good linkage! Link (auf Deutsche: Link)

I love Skymall. It's like

I love Skymall. It's like an attention-defecit version of the Sharper Image, with inspirational kitten posters thrown in. Link

Vintage robot porn! No commentary

Vintage robot porn! No commentary necessary. Link (Thanks Judith!)

Cab Calloway's hepster lingo glossary!

Cab Calloway's hepster lingo glossary! Are you hep to the jive? Link (Thanks, evang!)

Transparent tower cases for your

Transparent tower cases for your PC. Kinda like the transparent toilets they use in Federal prisons. Want! Link (via Slashdot)

Infoporn! Every stat imaginable in

Infoporn! Every stat imaginable in the American statistical universe! They're gathering info on you right now! Link (via Metafilter)

Great techie piece detailing the

Great techie piece detailing the specs of Google's ~8,000 Linux boxen. Link (via Slashdot)

This ICANN Shockwave parody is

This ICANN Shockwave parody is excellent. Link

Stefan sez: "A TV documentary

Stefan sez: "A TV documentary on quackery aired a few years back showed that an ear candle stuck in a sterile bottle ended up with just as much gunk inside as one stuck in an ear." Link

CNN recently hired former NYPD

CNN recently hired former NYPD Blue star Andrea Thompson as a news co-anchor. The netowrk then found out that nude pictures of Thompson are on the Net, and now CNN might fire her, saying she should have disclosed this before she took the job. Link

The music industry's thuggish RIAA

The music industry's thuggish RIAA has bullied a Princeton professor into canceling his talk about defeating its music watermarking scheme.Link

Great piece on old-skool wrestling

Great piece on old-skool wrestling legends and where they are now. Link (Thanks, Steve!)

Stefan sez: "Hey, cool! The

Stefan sez: "Hey, cool! The person behind the 'Hyakugojyuuichi!!' Flash video turns out to be a fifteen year old kid." Link

Nifty Yiddish glossary. (Thanks, Dave!)

Nifty Yiddish glossary. (Thanks, Dave!) Link