The 120watt 12v solar camping solution for my VW Westfalia

I am very happy with the solar power solution I've adapted for my van camping needs. I can power all my toys! Read the rest

We bought the LEGO Star Wars Rebels 'The Phantom' for the included minifigs

My daughter built The Phantom. I wanted the Chopper and Grand Admiral Thrawn minifigs, (Kanan is ok too.)

She had a great time building the set in an afternoon. The laser canon work and the projectiles sting a little. The minifigs are delightful.

LEGO Star Wars The Phantom 75170 Building Kit (269 Pieces) via Amazon Read the rest

Surf videos of your kid are really easy to make

It is really easy to affix a camera to any foam board these days! This video was quite literally our first wave.

I'm using these stab-through-the-board style GoPro mounts.

Choose a location on top of the board where you want the camera. It is likely far more interesting to have the camera facing you in its default, and most secure position. If you want other angles, You can use the myriad go-pro and tripod mount adaptors to work it out. Remember the mount is designed with foam cutting blades that'll hold it steady in the board while you rush down the faces of awesome waves. Pushing it into place will permanently scar the board, so removing the mount is a bad idea. Installing is a 1-time thing, so get it right.

You'll need a large diameter, Phillips head screwdriver, and a quarter. Again, installing one of these is a breeze if you give it a little bit of thought. Not thinking may result in ruining the board. If your board has a slick, laminated on kevlar/plastic type bottom and not exposed foam in a net style material, make sure to puncture the board THROUGH that layer (in the bottom and out the top,) because puncturing from the other direction will tear that layer loose. You MUST puncture a hole where you want to insert the mount to a) start the process and b) leave a clear channel for screwing the thing together.

Insert the top piece with some force, centering the piece over the starter hole. Read the rest

Sometimes a cheap plastic drain snake will save the day

My daughter has long hair. This cheap drain snake has cleared a number of plugged bathroom sinks, and our tub. The snake drags out a lot of hair. Perhaps because it is so "supple."

When it is the kitchen sink, and dishwasher, that aren't clearing however, you may need to call a plumber. :(

Vastar 3 Pack 19.6 Inch Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool via Amazon Read the rest

Easy to use bicycle chain tool

Guess how I'm spending Saturday morning? This bicycle chain tool works for both my road bike and my mountain bike that loves to break its chain.

Oumers Universal Bike Chain Tool With Chain Hook via Amazon Read the rest

ChefSteps new all-white Joule is $20 cheaper

Next to my trusted Wagner #9 skillet no other single kitchen tool gets as much use as my ChefSteps Joule. Not even my chef's knife. Read the rest

Los Angeles: Bloomsday at the Hammer, tonight!

Celebrate the life and works of James Joyce, at the Hammer Museum, tonight at 7:30pm. Admission is free!

“The stirring live readings from the book—presented by a cavalcade of dramatic actors in the museum’s Billy Wilder Theater—is most certainly gratis, and most certainly glorious.” —Alysia Gray Painter, NBC LA The Hammer’s eighth annual Bloomsday celebration features a staged reading of James Joyce’s only play, The Exiles, drawn from his short story “The Dead.” Followed by live music by Rattle the Knee, Guinness on tap, and Irish snacks available in the courtyard.

Bloomsday at the Hammer, 2017 Read the rest

Asshole motorist repeatedly attempts to block motorcycles

A driver on California's 210 freeway attempted to block and scare motorcyclists out of lanesplitting. Read the rest

Woman drowns rabid raccoon in mud puddle

Attacked by a rabid raccoon and looking to her phone for answers, Rachel Borch noticed she'd dropped her cellular device near a puddle. Thinking that a drowning might stop the animal, Borch held it under until it was dead, dead, dead. Fear took over, and Borch ran home.

Read the rest

Pence laywers up

Mike Pence, currently Vice-President of the United States of America, has hired independent counsel to help him weather the dark cloud that is the 'Russian election hacking collusion/obstruction of justice/Russian cash for sanctions' investigation.

The vice president’s office said Pence’s decision to retain Cullen underscores his desire to fully cooperate with any inquiries related to the Russia probe and is in line with what Trump has done in hiring Kasowitz.

Kasowitz has told some White House personnel that they do not need to hire their own lawyers, according to one person familiar with some of the legal discussions that have occurred inside the White House. But Pence’s move to hire an outside attorney could set off a scramble among other West Wing aides — many of whom are already bracing for subpoenas — to do the same, even if only as a protective measure.

Cullen, a former Virginia attorney general, served as the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia under President George H. W. Bush and worked on President George W. Bush’s legal team during the Florida recount in the 2000 presidential election.

His other high-profile clients have included Tom DeLay, the former Republican majority leader who was investigated by the Department of Justice for his relationship with Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff; Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, in her divorce from the golf star; and former senator Paul Trible (R-Va.), during the Iran-contra investigation.

That is some client list Cullen has, Mr. Pence.

Via WaPo Read the rest

Disaster strikes but bride doesn't care

Bus breaks down on the way to the wedding? No problem. Power outage at the reception? The bride did not care. A string of unfortunate events attempted to derail a Virginia bride's big day, but nothing was getting in the way of her happiness.

Read the rest

As man exits truck to assault cyclist, car jacker steals truck and hits person in a wheelchair

On June 10 in Santa Monica, California, a motorist exited his Toyota pickup to discuss his overwhelming dissatisfaction with a local cyclist. A series of mishaps ensued.

Read the rest

Theory 11 Artisan playing cards in black

This deck is absolutely beautiful!

A stunning design by Simon Frouws for Theory 11, these cards feature gold foil stamped on lovely, lovely black paper. Just lovely.

Artisan Playing Cards (Black) via Amazon Read the rest

LEGO Star Wars 'The Arrowhead' from the Freemaker Adventures

We've been having a lot of fun with LEGO Star Wars. When my daughter heard the Freemaker's new ship was available, she spent a day snapping bricks together!

LEGO Star Wars is pretty hilarious. Taking place bewteen Empire and Jedi, The Freemaker Adventures combine the lore of the Star Wars universe with all the cynicism and satire of LEGO. Vader is regularly humiliated.

The Freemakers are a family of working scavengers, with a typically cracked droid R0-gR. The Arrowhead is their new ship, built by Rowan and containing a heart of Khyber. I guess khyber crystals are our new midichlorians, and the LEGO folks are making hiliarious 'light' of it all.

My 10-year-old built this in a day, completely on her own, and loved it. Next up is a kit from Rebels. She wants The Phantom, largely for the Chopper and Kanan minifigs.

LEGO Star Wars The Arrowhead (75186) via Amazon Read the rest

Do people actually drink Lancers wine?

I have never actually seen anyone drink Lancers. It must be popular, it seems to still be commercially produced!

I remember my parents having two bottles of this in the fridge from the time I was like 5 years old until I moved out of their home. If I go look, it may still be there.

I'm gonna look for a bottle when my kid and I go to the market later. This could be bad. Read the rest

Ridiculous high speed save by Isle of Man TT racer

Watch as James 'Dynamite' Hillier somehow manages to keep a nearly out of control Kawasaki superbike upright, on the road and in the race! Blazing around the Isle of Man's 'Ballagarey Corner’, also known as Balla-Scary, Hillier wills the machine back into line.

Headshake like that would throw me right off my rubber cow. Read the rest

Windshield chip and crack repair can be fun but I'd rather not have to do it

A rock cracked my windshield as I was driving along the 5 freeway. This $11 kit and youtube video patched it nicely!

I did a bunch a looking around and I think this style kit, with its suction/pressure system of injecting the resin into your crack is likely the best. I found this video by Chris Fix super helpful as well. Following his simple directions, I worked on a chip that looked like a 5 point star. I'd say it is now 85% or so invisible and 100% sealed. I am not sure a professional glass repair person could have done much better, but they'd have cost $140 to come out to the house.

Much like the resin I use to repair surfboard dings, if you get this in direct sunlight it cures very, very fast. This kit is easier than making an appointment to have someone else do it.

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit via Amazon Read the rest

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