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Jason Weisberger

Jason Weisberger is Boing Boing's publisher. He often does what he ought, instead of what he should. On instagram and twitter he is @jlw

Pomplamoose's 'I Feel Good' (James Brown Cover)

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SF housing crisis: it is not the techies

Thank goodness for Kim-Mai Cutler's analysis of the San Francisco Bay area housing crisis. It is worth the very long read. Kim-Mai says, "This is a complex problem, and I’m not going to distill it into young, rich tech douchebags-versus-helpless old ladies facing eviction. There are many other places where you can read that story." (Thanks, James Home!) Jason 36

How to force a patina on carbon steel

Last week I offered a quick review recommending my favorite, dirt cheap pocket knife: the Opinel No. 8. Examining one of my carbon steel blades I was disappointed to find it had not yet formed a protective patina. I decided to change that.

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Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell (book review)

Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell centers on a beautiful, reprinted collection of diabolical 1860s French stereoscopic cards. On each card is an image of a detailed, intricate clay diorama depicting life in hell. Each card tells a story, but the story of the collection itself is far more interesting.

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A Canticle for Leibowitz, venerated science fiction masterpiece

I recent read Walter M. Miller Jr's. deeply loved and admired A Canticle for Leibowitz. Sci-fi reviews so often reference this published in 1959 story of post-apolcalyptic mankind's struggles, that when an old tattered copy was handed to me I had no choice but to dig in. I quickly became a fan.

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Opinel No. 8 "picnic" knife, my favorite pocket knife

If you were to search my closet you would find an Opinel No. 8 pocket knife in each and every outdoor coat. This low cost, incredibly durable 3 1/4 inch blade is exactly what I need.

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Nikon D4S boasts 409,600 ISO

With an ISO rating so high you may need a Neutral Density filter with the lens cap still on, the new Nikon D4S can take photographs of yesterday. From their promotional material: "up to ISO 25,600 (expandable to a mind-boggling ISO 409,600 equivalent at Hi4)" I don't know when I'd need this? Jason 95

Roku R3500R streaming stick: Roku gets even better

I've replaced the playback devices on every TV in my home with a Roku 3. The Roku R3500R is even better! Smaller, but with the same access to the immense catalog of content and ability to feed it anything I like. This streaming stick is the way to go!

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Dogeparty West: LA Area crypto currency party, April 4th, a Los Angeles area group that hopes to teach interested parties about crypto currencies, is throwing a Dogeparty on April 4th, at Hollywood's fantastic Meltdown Comics.

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Traveling with silly expensive headphones, the Westone 3 and Bowers & Wilkins P5

On a recent trip packed with long flights, I remembered that music had once been my best defense when traveling around the globe for prior jobs. I packed my Westone 3 IEMs along with a beloved pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5s with a TotalBitHead DAC/Amp and merrily went off to the airport. What I learned on this trip surprised me.

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Valley Wagonworks, a stop motion animation

This is an amazingly accurate rendering of exactly what happens at Paul's legendary Valley Wagonworks in San Rafael, California. Paul may be the main reason so many well cared for old Westys, like mine, grace Marin County.

(Thanks, Chris!)

Bell Bullitt TT: first impression helmet review

I found myself desperately in need of a new helmet. Upon seeing the Bell Bullitt TT I knew I had to try it. Having had the helmet in my possession a mere 48 hours and having ridden a sum total of 75 miles with it, 15 or so in the rain, I am in love! It rides better than it looks and it is breathtaking.

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Jameson Stories: a fifth generation master cooper and his tools

ADVERTISER MESSAGE: As we celebrate with all of our friends who make St. Patrick’s Day great, we raise a glass to Jameson for sponsoring this story.

Ger Buckley is the master cooper for Jameson. He is a fifth generation cooper and I think oak sap may run in his veins. While I met a number of incredibly dedicated crafts people on site, both at Jameson's Midleton and Dublin's Old Jameson distilleries, Ger is, I think, a role model.

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The Summer Tree, Fionavar Tapestry Book One: classic fantasy

I was thrilled to find a tattered, used copy of The Summer Tree, by Guy Gavriel Kay while looting used bookstores in the U.K. I saved the book for my flight and it was the perfect escape from a terrible trip home. It had been years since I've read Kay's epic, sweeping, amazing fantasy wherein 5 young Canadians visit Fionavar, the one true world.

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Confusing, stomach turning headline via the Daily Mail

I am an American. I have a daughter. We will not be doing this.

(Thanks, Susan!)