Sunrise, Muir Beach


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Man loses lawsuit claiming BMW motorcycle gave him an extended erection


Not known for making the most exciting motorcycles, BMW has triumphed over a lawsuit claiming one of their bikes left a man with a 2 day long erection. This via the Marin Independent Journal:

Wolf claimed he suffered an acute case of priapism -- a painfully prolonged erection -- after riding his 1993 BMW motorcycle for two hours. He claimed the vibrations in the "ridge-like" motorcycle seat caused the condition that lasted several days, so he sued BMW North America and the seat manufacturer, Corbin-Pacific Inc.

The lawsuit claimed product liability, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Wolf said he was forced to seek treatment at Marin General Hospital and then with other specialists.

On Tuesday -- in a 14-page decision laced with medical language about Doppler ultrasounds, tumescence and aspiration of the corposa cavernosa -- a three-judge 1st District Court of Appeal panel affirmed a San Francisco Superior Court decision to dismiss the case.

The judges found that Wolf's appeal "fails to comply with the rules of appellate procedure" by failing to cite the relevant cases or statutes, and it "contains no intelligible argument." The panel ordered Wolf to pay the defendants' costs on appeal, a sum likely to be many tens of thousands of dollars.

A two hour ride on my motorcycle generally only leaves my hands hurting, however I do not have a Corbin seat.

Note: the motorcycle pictured above is a mid-70s BMW R90S and not the 1993 hard-on inducing model described in the lawsuit. Read the rest

The Right Way To Do Wrong, Houdini on deception


The Right Way To Do Wrong presents a unique opportunity to experience Harry Houdini in his own words. A collection of the master magician's interviews of police, grifters, swindlers, and criminals of all sort. These papers also give a fantastic glimpse into Houdini.

I expected another dreary book of magic, written in dated English, with references to things I'd never understand. What I found is a fascinating collection of captivating essays that also open a window into who Harry Houdini was! While I very much enjoyed hearing stories about how turn of the century pick-pockets plied their trade, I also learned that Houdini has a goofy sense of humor. Peppered with corny jokes and oddball witticisms, we not only learn the secrets to some of histories greatest magician's tricks, but get a glimpse into the author.

For fans of magic, or just budding con-men, I highly recommend The Right Way To Do Wrong.

The Right Way to Do Wrong: A Unique Selection of Writings by History's Greatest Escape Artist (Neversink) via Amazon Read the rest

To Do in LA: 2 Headed Dog at the Steve Allen Theater, Nov 24

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.04.53 AM

Join LA's best comedy troupe 2 Headed Dog next Tuesday night, 8pm, at the Steve Allen theater!

Jim Turner, Mark Fite, Dave "Gruber" Allen and Craig Anton put up the most fun show I have seen in years! Individually they are brilliant, accomplished actors, as a team 2 Headed Dog is an unstoppable absurdist force.

I understand that Jim Turner's Choam Underhill will be making an appearance. I'm certain to attend, as I lack enlightenment. Read the rest

Sledge Hammer! A hilarious, prescient warning on police violence from the 1980s


I loved watching the 1986 comedy TV series "Sledge Hammer!" as a kid. David Rasche's portrayal of San Francisco's most aggressive, least sensitive, and completely absurd police detective, the titular Sledge, is fantastic.

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Horror movies are real

A camping trip went horribly awry. It sounds exactly like a horror movie. This horrible news from CBS19 Anderson County, Texas:

The bodies of all six victims were found Sunday on private property in Anderson County. They were members of two different families visiting from out of the area and staying in a travel trailer belonging to one of the victims. Five victims were male and one was a female.

There is one female survivor.

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The Fat Boys do what they love


I'ma stuff my face to a funky beat! Read the rest

A Book of Surrealist Games

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.01.54 AM

Hilarious and silly, A Book of Surrealist Games is a fantastic introduction to the surrealist mind-set. In addition to just being fun to peruse, this collection of written, visual and verbal games is great for exercising your mind, and staying creative.

In addition to the games, this oddly organized book is packed with poems, illustrations and stories. While a bit dated, it is a wonderfully nostalgic tour of the spirit of surrealism.

Some of the game directions are vague, and the images may not be the best, but I've had a lot of fun with this book over the years. Exquisite Corpse is one I'd expect to see our Boing Boing forums make good use of.

A Book of Surrealist Games by Alastair Brotchie Read the rest

2015 Star Wars LEGO Advent calendar


I've never understood the need for an advent calendar, as if children needed help remembering Christmas. As my daughter celebrates the gift giving traditions of several cultures, however, I'm left looking for a happy middle ground.

We will both enjoy 24 days of Star Wars surprises.

This LEGO Star Wars calendar promises to include some minifigs, space craft and some holiday themed droids. I'd love to see C1-10P in an ugly sweater.

2015 LEGO Star Wars 75097 Advent Calendar Building Kit Read the rest

Adidas offers to help schools convert from racist team names and mascots to non-racist ones


The cost of changing from a racist high school team name and mascot to one that isn't can be high.

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SF Bay area: Guy Fawkes Day bonfire, Thursday at Muir Beach

Muir Beach, 2009

Of course you remember the 5th of November! Thursday night, around 6pm, the folks from the Pelican Inn will start their fire.

Join our former colonist oppressors as they descend on Muir Beach to burn a freedom fighter in effigy! I saw a movie about it, the gentleman wears a very distinctive cape.

Dress for the freezing cold of Northern California. There will be food and beverages available for you at the pub, before or after the bonfire, but bring your own whatever to enjoy while on the beach. Read the rest

Bet you recognize this famously sampled song


"Cavern" by groove based punk masters Liquid Liquid served as backing track for Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel's "White Lines."

There is also an animated video, but the sound quality was meh enough I suggest listening to the above. Read the rest

Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore" (1984)


The high-water mark of American culture.

"If that's your best, your best won't do." Read the rest

Fishbone performing "Lemon Meringue" live (1993)


A windless sail and a waterless sea, a rusted ship and a discontinued journey. Read the rest

The 2015 Extra Life gaming marathon - play games, help kids


It's fall and my buddy Marcus is at it again. The Extra Life 2015 Video Game Marathon is just a couple weeks away and gamers across the country are preparing to play for 24 hours straight, raising money for Children's Hospitals in their hometowns.

Come on - it's the perfect excuse to pull an all nighter and finish exploring all the HALO5 content, or finally get your Guardian up to 300 Light level. Do that, get a couple sponsors and 100% of the funds go to your local Children's Hospital.

Join Marcus' team TH3 M0TL3Y CR3W here or sponsor Marcus. I'll likely join him for a few hours. Read the rest

Triumph's 2016 Thruxton R


It took 40 years for someone to make a motorcycle that looks nearly as pretty as BMW's R90s. Enter Triumph's 2016 Thruxton R!

What do I find most exciting about these new Triumph models? I like the dual disc brakes up front. That sexy fairing and sleek seat are deliciously re-envisioned '70s styling, but Triumph excels at making motorcycles that are fun to ride! You'll want the extra stopping power, as they also make bikes that are heavy, and usually come stock with terrible suspensions. My reliable bike is a 2013 Scrambler, I've "had to" modify it quite a bit.

If the new entries in Triumph's modern classic line are anything like the old, there will be a wealth of aftermarket parts and mods available for these as well. Sadly, I believe this generation of the Bonnieville sees the end of air/oil cooling and introduces liquid to the equation. Perhaps you should let someone else can buy the first years model.

More photos and details from

Look at the new Triumph Thruxtons, and you see thoroughly updated modern classics, machines that embrace the appearance and aesthetics of café racers that were new a half-century ago. But if you look hard enough, you can also see something else: The new Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, John Bloor’s Triumph, embracing the heritage of the defunct Triumph Engineering Company, the original Triumph, in a way that it has never done before.

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Bob Crewe's groovy 1966 instrumental, "Music to Watch Girls By"

I'd long wondered who recorded this, I'm not surprised to learn it is the famous Bob Crewe. Read the rest

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