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Colorado's retail marijuana is high in THC, low in CBD


No one is surprised that weed in Colorado is high in THC, but low in CBD (cannabidiol). It is, after all, a state where recreational use is legal. CBD is one of the compounds known to have medicinal properties.

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The Muppets do Digital Underground's 'The Humpty Dance'

Fantastic mashup. Gonzo as Shock G.

Music: "Shadow Dancing," Andy Gibb (1978)

"You are the question and the answer am I"

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1)

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1)

If pulpy space opera is what you want Rookie Privateer is the book for you! A run in with space pirates is sets Liam and Nick on an unforeseen adventure in the Mars Protectorate.

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Grindz coffee grinder cleaner

Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Espresso at home was getting some weird, off flavors. Running Grindz through my ceramic burr grinder fixed everything.

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Music: "Sugar, Sugar," Wilson Pickett (1970)

"I can't believe the loveliness of lovin' you."

Music: "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," Frankie Valli (1975)

That jacket is amazing.

Marin's Dale, a very creepy novella

Marin's Dale

Sleepy Marin's Dale, Colorado has been struck by an unnatural catastrophe. Something not of this Earth has come to challenge the town in this crazy, creepy horror!

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Music: "Fudge Pudge," Organized Konfusion (1991)

"So kick off your shoes and don't forget your socks, I wash and wash up emcees like Clorox."

The Backworlds by M. Pax

The Backworlds

I was excited to read The Backworlds by M. Pax. This pulp science fiction style adventure is available free for Kindle!

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Florida man headbutts car, slaps fire chief

"Deputies asked Keefer why he jumped on the vehicle and if he had consumed narcotics. Keefer said he had taken methadone and bath salts, deputies said." (via the Daytona Beach News Journal)

Bicycle Sideshow Freaks Playing Cards


Attractive conversation piece decks are helping to cover my bad sleights of hand. This Sideshow Freaks deck is absolutely beautiful.

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Milwaukee Brewers to offer deep-fried nachos on a stick

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.49.30 AM

Maybe they need fewer fans. "The next innovative ballpark food is set to hit Miller Park this season, as Milwaukee Brewers fans will have a chance to take a bite of the Inside The Park Nachos." (via ESPN)

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Music: "Those Were The Days," Mary Hopkin (1968)

"We'd live the life we choose. We'd fight and never lose."

Star Wars Rebels: Season One


Set after the fall of the Republic, Star Wars Rebels shares the adventures of a nascent rebel cell at the beginning of the resistance. My daughter and I watched the entire season last weekend. We loved it.

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New X-Files episodes


After a 13 year hiatus, Scully and Mulder are back for 6 new episodes.

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Photography books we love: 'Understanding Exposure,' third edition

Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure is a fantastic book to help photographers old and new learn to manage light.

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Music: "No Two People," Danny Kaye and Jane Wyman (1952)

KTLA5's Family Film Festival ensured that Danny Kaye would be a hero of mine.

A beautiful, working LEGO turntable


Huh Magazine shares this beautiful, working record player made of LEGO.

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Fluency by Jennifer Foehner Wells

Fluency (Confluence Book 1)

Jennifer Foehner Wells' highly recommended Fluency is a phenomenal story of first contact!

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$10 silicone oven mitts

Silicone oven mitts

I grab hot stuff with these $10 silicone oven mitts. They offer more grip and better dexterity than pot holders.

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Music: "Let Me Roll It," Paul McCartney & Wings (Seattle, 1976)

I like Paul.

Amazon's The Man in the High Castle


Amazon's new TV series The Man in the High Castle is an adaptation of an amazing alternate history by Philip K. Dick. I'm optimistic.

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Dead City by JJ Zep

Dead City (Zombie D.O.A. Book 1)

JJ Zep's Dead City is just the fresh twist on the zombie genre I was looking for.

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Homeopathy for my motorcycle

BG 44k

I have always been told you can't fix anything with those automotive solutions-in-a-can. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I poured some fuel injector cleaner in my carbureted motorcycle and things got a lot better.

My 40 year old BMW always runs better when the carbs are clean. The worst thing you can do with that bike is let it sit with fuel in the carbs, which of course I had been doing. Slowly the bike was losing power. I was getting close to cleaning them in an ultrasonic bath, when on a whim I decided to try a can of BG 44k in my motorcycle. Naturally, I consulted internet forums for the recommendation.

I let the float bowls run dry and then I added the whole can to my 6 gallon tank and then filled up at my regular gas station. The bike started right up and ran normally. I went about my day. Around 40 miles later, as I was returning home, holding around 35 mph, I suddenly felt the bike surge and then continue to run smoother and stronger. It felt like something had distinctly changed.

The bike has continued to run with slightly improved power, much like it does after I've cleaned the carburetors! Perhaps I have. In the case of fuel injector or carburetor cleaning, it seems a safe bet that you can run a solvent through the fuel system that'll help remove the varnish and goop that blocks jets and injectors. That these cleaners may also, perhaps, burn off some carbon deposits in the combustion chamber seems well proven on youtube. It makes logical sense. When you think about what other cans of fix-all are doing, you may not want to add them to your car!

I'll definitely be running a can of BG 44k through the bike every year, thus far it has saved me some work.

Texas considers allowing students to carry guns at public universities

Now this sounds like a bad idea.

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Planet of the Damned, free on Kindle


Harry Harrison's Planet of the Damned is one of the first science fiction books I remember reading. It is available free for the Amazon Kindle.

I recently picked up a copy of this at Powell's Books, in Portland. I remembered the cover from my childhood and eagerly wanted to see if it'd held up. I expected unwitting heroes, improbable romance and unbelievable science. I also found some racism.

Planet of the Damned is the story of one genetically superior Brion Brannd. Only Brion can stop some backwards savages with nukes from killing a neighboring planet of peaceful philosophers. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy a great example of pulp science fiction.

Planet of the Damned, free on Kindle

Simple, space efficient grater set

OXO Good Grips Complete Grate and Slicer Set

Easy to use, clean and store, this grater/slicer set has replaced my box grater and my mandoline.

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Music: "Back Off Boogaloo," Ringo Starr (1972)

"You think you're a groove, standing there in your wallpaper shoes and your socks that match your eyes."

Bicycle Black Ghost playing cards

Bicycle Black Ghost Second Edition Playing Cards Deck by Ellusionist

This incredibly beautiful deck of Bicycle playing cards also comes with a double backed card.

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