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The Atlantis Ship, free via Kindle Unlimited

The Atlantis Ship (Carson Mach Space Opera) (Volume 1)

Appearing out of legend, The Atlantis Ship has attacked the frontier and threatens the Commonwealth. Naturally, they turn to a drug abusing burn out to save the galaxy.

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Sheriff Joe rally beautifully upstaged

Racist supporters of racist Sheriff Joe were upstaged by this fantastic protestor. (Via

No waffle eating nude sunbathers


As seen by my mailbox. I live by a nude beach.

Music: "She's Got Issues," The Offspring (1998)

The Offspring's immature, angry and confused rock of the late 90s remains a favorite.

SFBay Area: #SFPhotoBomb tonight, 8pm @ PianoFight


This Wednesday at the PianoFight theater in San Francisco, Imran G and Red Scott present their new monthly comedy show #PhotobombSF, which combines today's best comics, a theater with San Francisco's best bar, and the stupid and silly fun of a photo booth.

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Practical Mental Magic

Practical Mental Magic

Drawn to this book by its cover, Practical Mental Magic has taught me the art of mind reading! This 1940s collection of tricks and effects has it all.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark's Hovitos fertility idol

Replica Hovitos fertility idol

This Hovitos fertility idol is a replica, it does not belong in a museum.

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Motorcycle helmet review: Bell Star Carbon, a lightweight, high-end track helmet

Bell Star Carbon

Bell's lightweight, high-end track helmet is well ventilated and extremely comfortable.

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One monopod to rule them: the Manfrotto 680B

Manfrotto 680B Monopod 4-SCTN Replaces 680 (Black)

I wanted one monopod for all my adventures. The Manfrotto 680B has done a damn good job.

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Adult bookstore's tasteful mural still gets complaints


"The vibrant, cartoonish work depicts a female feeding a purple beaver an apple. But some fear the colorful creation may attract children." Some are just assholes. (via

They called my dog stupid


SFGate shares PetBreeds obviously wrong list of unintelligent dog breeds. Great Pyrenees are ridiculously smart. Look for my list of unintelligent websites!

Omega 1 Exile, free for Kindle


Stephen Arseneault's Omega 1 Exile is a free for Kindle, detective novel set in space.

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California Senate steps towards ending vaccination exemptions

"'SB 277 is about increasing immunization rates so no one will have to suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases,' said Sen. Ben Allen (D- Santa Monica) who coauthored the bill with Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento)."

Purple Bicycle Riderback 808s with a double backer

Bicycle Rider Back The Purple Deck with Gaff Cards for Magic

Because purple is an awfully great color.

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100 Young Adult Books to Read in a Lifetime

Amazon has released their list of 100 Young Adult books not to miss. It includes some of my favorites, including Maus and Cory's renowned Little Brother!

Californian convicted under new shark fin ban

Via ABC7 San Francisco: "A San Francisco man was caught with a literal ton of shark fins."

Carl's Jr's Flamin' Hot Cheetos Thickburger, seriously


Not only did Carl's Jr create this ode to obesity, but they are test marketing it in Los Angeles? Maybe Mark should try one...

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