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Music: "Ball of Confusion," The Undisputed Truth (1970)

My favorite cover of the Temptations hit.

Music: "Dream a little dream of me," Bing Crosby (1957)

"He's gonna sing folks, now's the time to go out and get the popcorn." --Bob Hope

CA tourists warned not to take selfies with bears

"'People have been rushing up to the bears to take selfies and videos with them,' Lisa Herron, a public affairs officer for the Lake Tahoe Basin, told Mashable. 'A bear will come and whole mobs of people will charge up to them to take photos.'"

Music: "Photographs and Histories," Isaac Graham (2010)

The embed is an experiment.

California robber returns cash

"...three hours later Abbott returned, giving back most of the cash and saying he was sorry." He drank the beer.

DxO and Digital Photographer offer free 'Optics Pro 8'

DxO is the exact opposite of instagram, it removes the lens flare and artifacts that social media finds so desirable. Version 8 is available free until January 2015.

Music: "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," Ella Fitzgerald (1956)

A favorite.

Music: "30 Days In The Hole," Humble Pie (1972)

Durban poison may indeed be the solution for urban noise.

Florida man, shot in chest by former lover, takes selfie

Priorities. "As he lay bleeding, Noll raised the phone and snapped a selfie."(via)

Music: "You Were Cool," The Mountain Goats (2015)

I liked this a lot.

Amazon reaches deal with Simon and Schuster

"Importantly, the agreement specifically creates a financial incentive for Simon & Schuster to deliver lower prices for readers." (via)

Salon publishes a ridiculous takedown of Hugh Howey

Somehow, Salon is representing Hachette as the defenders of art and freedom. Hugh Howey is an incredible author, a great voice representing independent publishing, and a very good friend. This silly Amazon vs Hachette fight is nothing more than Hachette trying to dictate price to a shop owner.

Magic Book: "Experience of Magic," Eugene Burger

Experience of Magic by Eugene Burger

This weekend I was introduced to Eugene Burger's Experience of Magic. More a philosophical discussion about the performance of close-up magic than an instruction book, this is a new favorite.

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Music Video: "Lets Go All The Way," Sly Fox (1985)

Wow. Just wow.