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"VW Camper Van: A Biography," by Mike Harding

VW Camper Van: A Biography

If you have ever owned, loved or labored on a VW bus, VW Camper Van: A Biography is the book for you.

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Star Wars cookie cutters

4 pcs Star Wars Cookie Cutters Plungers for Cake,Decoration,Fondant,Bakeware,Mould,Mold,baking

For $8 these Star Wars cookie cutters come ready to bake our favorite characters. Far cheaper than other brands.

$5 knockoff of world famous Parker 51 fountain pen

The Parker 51 vs Hero Extra Light

I had to try this $5 knockoff of my favorite pen, the Parker 51.

The burgundy colored Parker 51 has been one of my go to pens for decades. Produced continually from 1941 to 1972, the Parker 51 launched with marketing declaring it "the World's best pen." Currently pens in good working order can command prices in excess of $100, so I had to try this $5 imitation, the Hero Extra Light.

Parker 51 and Hero innards

Finish-wise the Hero is looks very similar to the Parker. The top of the cap is a bit more pointed and the Parker's translucent "jewel" is replaced with metal on the Hero. The band where the two halves of the pen fit together is also plastic on the Hero, rather than the metal ring on the Parker. The filling mechanism is nearly identical, as viewed. I have not disassembled the Hero, but likely will, at the very least it appears to be useful as replacement parts for the Parker.

In a writing test the Hero is most definitely not the Parker, however I've been writing with this nib for a long time. The Hero writes well enough, ink flows smoothly and I can certainly use the pen. I am not sure it'll ever acquire the same feeling in my hand as my authentic 51, even with years of use, but for $5 it is certainly close. The Hero strikes me more as a new pen rather than "just not a Parker 51."

If you want something super close to a Parker 51 but don't want to pay collectors prices, the Hero Extra Light is a good call.

Hero Extra Light Fountain Pen

Tile for bluetooth tracking your stuff

Tile for iOS - For Finding Anything and Everything

I waited months for my Tiles to show up. I can now find my wallet, keys and my Kindle Voyage.

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The Kinky Coloring Book 3

The Kinky Coloring Book 3

Sort of a kama sutra for colored pencils, this holiday season the Kinky Coloring Book 3 joins the other adult coloring book in my collection.

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Common Core workbooks for my elementary school student

Common Core Math 4 Today, Grade 2: Daily Skill Practice (Common Core 4 Today)

Common Core teaches our kids different methods than we learned to get to the same answers. To help my 2nd grader, and I, with her Common Core skills I use these Carson-Dellosa workbooks for Math and Language.

Common Core Math introduces methods of counting like base ten blocks and other math mechanisms that were not used in my "new math." The method seems to be a highly visual approach to skills. Equations are often represented by pictures. Language skills are more in tune with what I expect. Nevertheless, these workbooks help me understand what my daughter needs to learn and provide a framework she and I can work on together.

Organized into exercises by Day and by Week, there are 40 weeks of exercises to roughly match her school year. The instructions are pretty clear and rarely do I have to puzzle out what the heck they want her to learn. We use them as time permits, and I find that regular work makes a clear difference in her at school performance.

Common Core Math 4 Today, Grade 2: Daily Skill Practice (Common Core 4 Today)

Common Core Language Arts 4 Today, Grade 2: Daily Skill Practice (Common Core 4 Today)

VIDEO: Naissance d'une moto : la BMW (1976)

There is no motorcycle more beautiful than the Airhead. This short French documentary on the iconic German motorcycle is wonderful. I also just love the soundtrack.

The orange bike being crated around 0:17 is likely a 1976 R90s, perhaps my most longed-for bike.

(Thanks, Dan Rodarte!)

Emergency service broadcast to my iPhone

Emergency Alert!

A strange, loud tone and suddenly this message was on my iPhone. I had no idea the phone did this but certainly appreciate it!

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The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest

The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest

It is not easy being a Dark Lord rising. Luckily Morden still has the handbook in this sequel, The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest.

I was eager to read the second in Paul Dale's Dark Lord's Handbook series. Dale humorously tells his tale in a voice that very much reminds me of Disenchanted by Robert Kroese, or perhaps imagine The Hitchhiker's Guide in fairytale land. These stories are really good.

Morden, our budding Dark Lord is back! Now he has a Dark Queen, a fortress that needs to be rebuilt, and if he ever hopes to Rise he'll have to Issue Forth with his great army. How hard can it be, he has the handbook.

The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest by Paul Dale


The Dark Lord's Handbook

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down

Remember Weebles? I had that airplane.

BOOK: Incredible LEGO Technic: Cars, Trucks, Robots & More!

Technic_cover-front (1)

Pawel "Sariel" Kmiec's Incredible LEGO Technic: Cars, Trucks, Robots & More! is an inspiring gallery of amazing LEGO creations. Using the Technic system, and years of experience, Kmiec's work is stunning.

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My collection of card presses

All three of Jason's card presses

I always have a deck of cards with me. If I am wearing one of my regular jackets, its highly likely I'll keep the deck in one of my beautiful card presses.

Maybe they are a magician's affectation. A card press may also just be an accessory, like a nice pen or watch, that I can carry. Years ago, when my friend Michael gifted me the rather plain looking stainless steel sleeve on the right, he told me they'd help preserve cards and keep the deck workable, longer. This one certainly helps keep bowing out of my cards, but mostly I like how it looks and feels. Having been with me almost 20 years, it has a lot of sentimental weight. I have no idea where to get another.

The Vault

The golden card press was also a gift, it is Jamie D. Grant's "The Vault." He sent it to me several years ago, and I've been carrying ever since. I also showcased it on our Gadgets podcast a few weeks ago. The wrap around styling provides a decent amount of pressure on the deck and seems to help straighten them out. This press always gets me asked questions. It just looks like magic is about to happen.

From Jamie's website:

The Vault is new era card guard that does three things! I wanted to design a card shield that protects all the corners of the box. Decks of cards are expensive these days, and I wanted something that protected every aspect (#1). I also wanted something that could be used to keep your Industrial Revelation in it's ready-to-go state if you threw it into your backpack. The Vault does that beautifully (#2)! Lastly, I wanted a guard that could display my box on a table if I was using the cards (#3)! This is what I came up with and I'm so happy to share it with you!

Shuber Plates by Chris Wasshuber

The twin card sized stainless steel plates are called Shuber Plates, designed by Chris Wasshuber, and they come with two rubber bands for securing them around your deck or a smaller sets of cards. I love keeping my favorite packet trick waiting in them, and I've incorporated the beautifully engraved press into the routine.

I've heard these called card presses, card guards and all sorts of other things. Card press is what I heard first, so it is what I use. Call them what you will, I think they are lovely.

TSA hates them.

Jamie D. Grant's "The Vault"

Shuber Plates by Chris Wasshuber

Mr. Dalek Potato Head

Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head

In the category of must have immediately: Mr. Dalek Potato Head.

Music: "L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 9 in D maj. for violin and strings, RV 230," Antonio Vivaldi (1711)

Helps me chill out.

Happy Birthday, Donald_Petersen

Happyiest of birthdays to longtime Boing Boing BBS community member Donald_Petersen!