Ball of Confusion, performed live by the Temptations

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Trump to take over official @POTUS Twitter account

Adding a sheen of legitimacy to his Presidency, Trump will soon begin to tweet uncontrollably from the @POTUS account.

Recode shares the story:

Starting Friday, @POTUS, the official Twitter account created by The White House and reserved for the sitting president, will change hands from Barack Obama’s team to Trump’s administration.

Included in the exchange: @POTUS’s 13.6 million followers.

That means that if you currently follow @POTUS under the Obama administration, you’ll continue to follow the account as it moves under Trump’s control. The stream of tweets will be wiped clean so Trump and his team can start fresh.

Twitter will also automatically follow a new account for you — @POTUS44 — where Obama’s stream of tweets live. The same process will take place for a number of other high-profile accounts, like @FLOTUS (First Lady Michelle Obama) and @WhiteHouse.

So we know how the accounts will change hands, but we don’t know how Trump will use @POTUS, if at all. Earlier this week, Trump suggested he’d continue to use his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, which has more followers (more than 20.3 million at last count).

But he also suggested that he’d soon have 280 characters to tweet, double Twitter’s 140 character limit, an apparent nod to using both accounts. So who knows.

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Politico interviews Trump's biographers to understand his motivations

Long of the short of it, Trump knows he's a fraud.

Politico interviewed several biographers who have followed Trump for most of his garish, boorish life.

D’Antonio: Those early influences are essential, and I also think it’s correct that he has been conducting his entire life as a vanity show, and he’s been rewarded, most recently since his reality TV show, by ever-greater public interest in him. This is a guy who is a president-elect who describes himself as a ratings machine, which is an absolutely absurd thing for a president to be reflecting on, but that matters to him.

But one thing I think that we have overlooked as we see Trump trying to delegitimize others is what I suspect is a feeling he has inside that nothing he’s ever achieved himself has ever been legitimate. This is a person who has never known whether anybody wants to be around him because he’s a person they want to be around or they want to be around his money. And since he’s promoted himself as this glamorous, incredibly wealthy person, that’s the draw he’s always given. So he doesn’t know if he has any legitimate relationships outside of his family, and that’s why he emphasizes family. … He’s always kind of gaming the system—not, in my view, winning on the merits. And even his election was with almost 3 million fewer votes than his opponent. So he has this deep fear that he is himself not a legitimate president, and I think that’s why he goes to such great lengths to delegitimize even the intelligence community, which is the president’s key resource in security, and he’s going to do this demeaning and delegitimizing behavior rather than accept what they have to tell him.

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Across the nation, Jewish community centers threatened

As the United States continues to head down a dark, dark road more bomb threats have been phoned in against Jewish community centers across America.

Via NBC:

Jewish community centers around the country were again targeted with bomb threats Wednesday morning, a week after a spate of similar threats against many centers. In Miami, police responded to reports of a bomb threat at the Miami Beach Jewish Community Center. Threats were called in at the same center a week ago.

Police in Newton, Massachusetts, responded after a suspicious phone call prompted an evacuation Wednesday morning at a local JCC.

Jewish community centers in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and two in Connecticut, one at the JCC of Greater New Haven in Woodbridge and another at The Mandell JCC West Hartford, reported receiving bomb threats.

Threats were made to at least seven JCCs in Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Tennessee and North Carolina last week.

A JCC building in Marin County, California, was also evacuated as a precaution after a threat.

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Chew toys that last a giant dog multiple rainy days

I have a giant dog. Nemo is a Great Pyrenees. Finding toys that'll entertain him, without becoming shredded or hazardous, is challenging.

This rainy season we've been trapped inside quite a bit. Nemo gets a bit of nervous energy when this happens, and if I don't channel it into fun toys and distractions I'll be calling a carpenter.

Starmark's Wheeler is the longest lasting and most durable in their Everlasting Treat line. These toys allow a fitted, dense chewable to be inserted into a toy with the idea of making the treat accessible but still require work to chew. Nemo loves the Chicken and Bacon flavored treats, and one of either will last 2 days of chewing at it, or more. After several months of use The Wheeler itself has some small tears, but it has withstood multiple hours of chewing. Nemo frequently carries it around the house with him, keeping the Wheeler close at hand incase he wants to start working on it again.

The Amazon price on the treats is around 60% less than what I was paying at my local petshop.

Nemo's other favorite rainy day distraction these days, aside from barking, is his trusty old XXL KONG Extreme. I've only had to buy one. This sucker lasts, and lasts. My smaller dog, Pretzel, is the second generation of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to chew hers. These toys have not even got teeth marks on them, after years of abuse. The KONG is one of the easiest toys I've found to distract a dog for 30-45 minutes. Read the rest

Tempered glass screen protectors avert 4 disasters in 2 months

About 2 months ago I wrote about trying a tempered glass screen protector. I'm going to say they work great. I'm a fan of the Omoton brand ones, they make them for almost every glass fronted device.

About 2 weeks into iPhone stewardship, my 9-year-old texted to report her first screen break. I was concerned and highly interested -- did just the protector break, or the phone's actual screen? The screen protector worked wonderfully, it shattered but stuck to the undamaged screen. The phone remained usable even with the protector cracked. When next I saw her, we replaced it with the 2nd in the 2-pack and off on her merry way she went.

I was actually putting the wrenches back in their plasti-form wrench box neatly for once. One slipped from my hand and struck my waiting iPhone midscreen. A small impact spot, like a bullet shot, had several spiderweb veins reaching across the protector. Screen undamaged.

Over the holidays my daughter was off on the east coast with her mother's family. I got call telling me she'd need a new screen protector but everything was OK. Seems her phone went down a flight of stairs. I went back to Amazon and splurged on another $7.00 set of 2 for her phone.

Not everything went wrong that could go wrong during my VW Vanagon Westfalia adventure to an oasis in the deserts of northern Baja Mexico, but a hell of a lot that didn't have to did. During a trip that involved as much bad judgement as beautiful vistas, I dropped my phone on more than a few rocks and only the FSM knows what else. Read the rest

Jeff Greenberg and The Village Studios

The LA Times has featured our good friends at The Village Studios. Housed in a former Masonic temple, and once the west coast capital of transcendentalism, The Village Studios is a creative community workspace like no other, and the model of what creative spaces can and should be.

I especially enjoy that the Times spares no ink attributing The Village's amazing sense of community, and environment of creativity, to studio CEO Jeff Greenberg. We are big fans at Boing Boing as well, and have found the Village an amazing place to work, and a lot of fun to hang out in!

From the LA Times:

Greenberg believes the reason the Village has succeeded is simple: “Professionals like being around other professionals.”

Guitarist and songwriter John Mayer keeps a studio on the second floor, one of the most successful of a community of musicians who regularly book time at the Village. The Band’s Robbie Robertson has worked on and off at the Village since the 1970s, and Studio Ed is home to Grammy-winning producer and engineer Ed Cherney.

At their service are a few dozen engineers and gofers, many of them young musicians Greenberg has hired through a relationship with the Berklee College of Music.

On the third floor, in a former musical instrument storage space once occupied by, among others, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, pop songwriter Noel Zancanella is meeting with a few would-be collaborators. When Danny Elfman rented the space, he renamed it Muerte Surgical Instruments.

Zancanella, whose homey suite feels like a secret clubhouse, started as a Village coffee boy under Greenberg.

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Jan and Dean meet Batman

The track Batman is really the only thing worth listening to on the incredibly odd tribute album, Jan and Dean meet Batman.

Shortly after the release of Batman as a single, William Jan Berry was injured in a largely career ending car crash. Read the rest

The perfect dystopian, nihilist news broadcast for todays fucked up times

A video posted by The Everything Report (@theeverythingreport) on Dec 26, 2016 at 2:40pm PST

The Everything Report may be ahead of its time, but not by much. Read the rest

Jack Kalvan and Company: the family that blends science and stunts

The Kalvan family brings juggling, acrobatics, science, and engineering together in an astonishing variety show.

Jack, Jeri, Max and Oz are all talented faces you've likely seen on TV and in the movies. In addition to their insane book of skills, they're accomplished jugglers, acrobats, circus and stunt people, this is also a family of makers. Jack is an engineer who can't resist blending science and stunts.

The Kalvan's have devised an astonishing show that employs all their skills, and some really fun contraptions! This family made the toys you wish you always had, and then they dare show you how much fun playing with them can be! Trick-shooting with a tennis ball gun? A synchronized flowerpot drill team? The world's largest whoopee cushion?

Jack Kalvan and Company certainly raises the bar on family activity time. Read the rest

Bob Dylan's "Only A Pawn In Their Game"

Dylan performing his song on the assassination of civil rights activist Medgar Evers at the same rally, 1963, where Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have A Dream" speech. Read the rest

Obi-Wan Kenobi to appear in Star Wars Rebels

We already knew the second half of Season 3 was going bring us Saw Gerrera. The most recent trailer's final moment is a glimpse of Obi-Wan adopting his classic Form III opening stance and preparing to fight.

Even my dogs settle down to watch Rebels. Read the rest

Nina Simone sings "Mississippi Goddam"

Banned in several Southern states after its release in 1964, Nina Simone's Mississippi Goddam remains relevant in today's United States. Read the rest

This awesomely named inflatables company is unaffiliated with us

We've got to admit it, Boing Boing is a great name. Boing Boing Inflatables isn't the first group of like-minded, but completely and wholly unaffiliated souls who just wanna have some fun, but they may be the best to have at a party!

Check out their Wrecking Ball! This looks like 2 children enter, and one child leaves. Read the rest

James Brown performs "Say it loud - I'm black and I'm proud" live

James Brown, his bad self, performs one of the best-known songs of the civil rights movement. Brown delivered his message in clear, bold words and beats.

While the Godfather of Soul passed away a little over 10 years ago, on Christmas day 2006, I believe his music is always playing somewhere, and not a day goes by without someone dancing to it. Read the rest

Folding a pocket square into a rose

I only bother with a pocket square on really special occasions. New Year's Eve always seems to require I try something new. This year it was the Rose.

The fabric on your square needs to be pretty thin, and mine was not, so back to the 3 stairs I went.

I realize this may have been more helpful a few days ago. Welcome to 2017. Read the rest

Things I miss: The Adventures of Pete and Pete

One of the best children's shows of all time. This is what life SHOULD BE LIKE.

Also, I love the themesong, Hey Sandy! by Polaris. Read the rest

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