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Florida man, shot in chest by former lover, takes selfie

Priorities. "As he lay bleeding, Noll raised the phone and snapped a selfie."(via)

Music: "You Were Cool," The Mountain Goats (2015)

I liked this a lot.

Amazon reaches deal with Simon and Schuster

"Importantly, the agreement specifically creates a financial incentive for Simon & Schuster to deliver lower prices for readers." (via)

Salon publishes a ridiculous takedown of Hugh Howey

Somehow, Salon is representing Hachette as the defenders of art and freedom. Hugh Howey is an incredible author, a great voice representing independent publishing, and a very good friend. This silly Amazon vs Hachette fight is nothing more than Hachette trying to dictate price to a shop owner.

Magic Book: "Experience of Magic," Eugene Burger

Experience of Magic by Eugene Burger

This weekend I was introduced to Eugene Burger's Experience of Magic. More a philosophical discussion about the performance of close-up magic than an instruction book, this is a new favorite.

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Music Video: "Lets Go All The Way," Sly Fox (1985)

Wow. Just wow.

Music: "I Don't Wanna Grow Up," Tom Waits (1992)

My favorite music video of all time.

Music: "You're All Talk," The Pandoras (1985)

The Pierce led Pandoras.

Music: "Soul Deep," The Box Tops (1969)

"It's too big to hide and it can't be denied."

Music: "Devil's Dance Floor," Flogging Molly (2000)

Flogging Molly was my favorite reason to go Molly Malone's in LA.

Free event in SF, Sat. Oct. 18: Give Me Fiction


This Saturday, October 18th, catch a special free Litcrawl edition of Give Me Fiction, the prose reading series hosted by Ivan Hernandez.

The theme for this show is Society, and reading will be Caitlin Gill, Anna Seregina, Tara Marsden, Trevor Hill, and Natasha Muse. It'll be starting promptly at 7:15 at Sub/Mission, 2183 Mission Street.

You can RSVP on Facebook, follow GMF on Twitter, and check out the podcast on iTunes, RSS, Soundcloud, and Stitcher, and buy tickets for the one year anniversary show on November 2nd at Lost Weekend Video.

Iowa cops use excessive force to apprehend speeding woman in labor

"'I was in the middle of the highway having contraction with guns pointed at me,' Rachel Kohnen noted."(via)

SF Book Review: "They Tell Me I'm The Bad Guy," by R.D. Harless

They Tell Me I'm The Bad Guy

RD Harless' They Tell Me I'm The Bad Guy is a fantastic story of a pre-Apocalyptic Earth barely managing its mutant menace.

Don Guillory wants nothing more than to be left alone. For 10 years he's worked in a factory, not even practicing his awesome extra-human power of fire and heat control. Once ran with the baddest bunch of bad ass super criminals in Europe, but now he is leading a quiet life in middle America. Rapidly Don loses his anonymity, his best friend and any hope for a normal life.

Nano technology, quantum physics and plain old violence fill the pages of They Tell Me I'm The Bad Guy. If you are looking for a great anti-hero gets dragged back in but makes good story, RD Harless' first novel is a winner.

They Tell Me I'm The Bad Guy by RD Harless

Music: "Mongoose," Elephant's Memory (1970)

In elementary school our rainy day movie was always a cute movie about a mongoose, Riki Tiki Tavi. This songs takes me back.

Big Banana Car


A pickup truck converted into a mobile banana. Just ride in it!