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Temptation, Diana Krall

Diana Krall's incredible cover of Tom Waits' Temptation is without compare.

The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin'

The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin'

If Frank Sinatra had written a self-help book Bill Zehme's The Way You Wear Your Hat might very well be it. Mark's recent post of a 1963 interview with Frank brought this great book back to mind.

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Florida mayor follows prayer for freedom with civil rights violation

Completely missing that our Armed Services serve to prevent this type of civil rights violation, a Florida mayor likely gets himself sued. "Rees said he considered the man's refusal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to be disrespectful to American military troops who are serving overseas and others who have given their lives in defense of freedom." (Via)

Take Five, the Dave Brubeck Quartet

As fantastic to watch as it is to listen to.

Marijuana, Brujeria

The only macarena I could handle.

The Adventures of Sindbad by Gyula Krúdy

The Adventures of Sindbad (New York Review Books Classics)

Flattery, lies and attraction seem ever present for Guyla Krúdy's ghostly Sindbad, but is this love? This brilliant collection of stories, translated by George Szirtes, is a melancholy time capsule from the fading Habsburg empire.

Sindbad is a centuries old ghost who lives in a crypt. It is not clear how he got there, but he is compelled to visit the women he has loved. These stories don't so much have a plot, they all revolve around Sindbad's fascination with and visitation of his former loves. Instead each short communicates various shades of attraction, desire, vanity, lust and despair. They are as poetry.

I particularly enjoyed the tale of Rozina. One moment she loves and can not imagine life without Sindband, the next brutally throws him out. It teaches him to hate mice.

The Adventures of Sindbad (New York Review Books Classics)

Unicycling and bagpiping Darth Vader with flames

This is wonderful.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun in a minor key

Another fantastic Major to Minor by Chase Holfelder. Song becomes sort of funny and ironic!

The Neutron Dance, Pointer Sisters

The lyrics were wrong. Some things have changed. I no longer feel my futile work day will be ended by nuclear war.

Knights of the Cornerstone, James P. Blaylock

The Knights of the Cornerstone

James P. Blaylock's Knights of the Cornerstone is a light, nostalgic contemporary fantasy steeped in legend. Blaylock is a master of this genre.

Cartoonist Calvin Bryson receives an odd package that causes him to return to his family's home in New Cypress, on the borders of California, Arizona and Nevada. Secrets buried for generations come to the surface as Calvin joins the remnant of the Knights Templar to defeat an occultist, and defend what may be the real shroud of Turin.

This isn't the headiest or heaviest of work by Blaylock, but it is damn fine! I read it in an hour or so and was completely engrossed. Blaylock's work solo, and with Tim Powers, adds incredible fantasy to very familiar landscapes. If you haven't read any of his work, this is a good place to start. Then I suggest moving on to On Pirates, I wish I could find my copy.

The Knights of the Cornerstone by James P. Blaylock

Chicken Strut, the Meters

Forever wonderful.

Motorcycle pants I actually wear

Named after the legendary space battleship that saved Earth from the Gamilas, Dainese Yamato Evo pants are far more comfortable, and far less armored.

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Bob Dylan, the Hurricane (1975, live)

Amazing how little some things change.

States with medical marijuana see fewer opiate deaths

"In absolute terms, states with a medical marijuana law had about 1,700 fewer opioid painkiller overdose deaths in 2010 than would be expected based on trends before the laws were passed," says the study's lead author, Dr. Marcus Bachhuber, of the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania."

Salvage and Demolition by Tim Powers

Salvage and Demolition

Tim Powers' novella, Salvage and Demolition, is a film noir love story showing time travel may not be neat and orderly. I read it in one sitting.

Rare book dealer Richard Blanzac receives a several box from the estate of a failed beat poet, Sophie Greenwald. The contents of the books sends him back in time, several times, each trip landing a few hours before the last. Can he solve the mystery, running through time in reverse? Can two people fall in love in a matter of hours? Hours spent out of order?

As always, Powers gives you exactly the right information to make you feel at home in his San Francisco, 1950s or present day. His take on film noir is spot on, not parody. A short story like this leaves me wanting to re-read his other work.

Salvage and Demolition by Tim Powers