Watch thin-skinned GOP Rep. Rod Blum storm out of easy interview

Jeez, what just happened here?

Reporter Josh Scheinblum with a local Iowa TV station had just started an interview with Congressman Rod Blum, when, after only 1-1/2 minutes, Blum stormed out of the room.

The questions were simple, such as "Today you're having your first town hall meeting since January – what are you expecting?" and "Shouldn't all Iowans have a voice at the table?" But for some reason Blum was getting tenser and tenser. And then the question that made him snap: "Would you still take donations from a Republican?"

"I'm done...this is ridiculous," the fragile Congressman said.

The schoolchildren surrounding Blum were brought there per his request. Great role model, Blum!

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What is the purpose of this ridiculously narrow fence?

Please offer your theories in the comments. The only idea you are forbidden from mentioning is the one suggesting it's for hanging a gate.

This fence is so thin.

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A machine for washing breasts

Circa 1930s. Origin unknown. Use unknown.

Breast washer, c.1930s

Update: Our commenters solve the mystery. This is a French "breast enhancement" water massage device, and the whole ad is here (and here are similar ads. (Thanks, Daneyul!)

You can find out more by reading Quack!: Tales of Medical Fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, described by Orangedesperado: "Many items to consider with the original ads and copy. Don't forget the prostate warmer which worked with the heat of a light bulb and was helpful for stimulating the center of the 'male brain'." Read the rest