Official report finds former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson intentionally lied to parliament about Covid lockdown parties

Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister of the U.K., intentionally lied to parliament when asked about illegal parties held in Downing Street and elsewhere during the national pandemic lockdown in 2020. The conclusion, released publicly today in an official government report, contradicts Johnson's claim that he did not knowingly mislead members of parliament. — Read the rest

Key ministers quit Boris Johnson's government after yet another scandal and yet another constantly-changing story

A top enforcer in the UK's Conservative Party, Chris Pincher, quit suddenly last week after being seen groping men at the party's boozy lair near Parliament—and more tales of his behavior soon emerged. As is his habit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's stories about what he knew, and when, keep changing depending on how much everyone else finds out. — Read the rest

I seriously thought this was a Boris Johnson parody video, but it's just another Tory member of the UK Parliament

"Something something, Boris Johnson should apologize, something something." It really doesn't matter what you say about Boris Johnson when you look like a Covent Garden street performer impersonating Boris Johnson, like Tory MP Michael Fabricant.

Despite looking as if he bought a "UK Prime Minister Costume" from the bargain bin at a year-round Halloween store, Fabricant has the qualifications to be an MP. — Read the rest

His lockdown parties exposed and his staff quitting en-masse, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sings "I Will Survive" to new hire

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a rough week. The nation has lost count of the number of lockdown parties hosted at 10 Downing Street while Britons were being fined for leaving their homes. He's been caught lying about it. His top aides quit after he tried to change the subject by falsely accusing his top political rival, a former chief prosecutor, of letting celebrity pedophile Jimmy Savile walk—a far-right conspiracy theory that implies a grim media diet at the top. — Read the rest