Fans of 89-year-old pizza delivery guy raise $12K tip via TikTok

A Utah couple orders so much pizza that they request delivery from Derlin Newey by name. After posting clips of the friendly 89-year-old on TikTok, their followers raised a $12,000 tip for the affable driver.

While mainstream media is presenting this as a feel-good story (which it is), it might also be worth taking a step back and asking why an 89-year-old has to supplement his retirement benefits by delivering pizzas. — Read the rest

TikTok admits secretly banning the word "gay" and similar terms in Russia, elsewhere

TikTok admitted today that it has banned certain phrases from being used by users in regions that include Russia, Bosnia and Jordan, with "gay", "I am gay" and "transgender" named as examples by the BBC. The firm says it will continue to restrict the terms and related hashtags to "comply with local laws" and to prevent their use "to discover pornographic content." — Read the rest

Larry Ellison's Oracle wants to acquire TikTok: Report

The Financial Times reports that Larry Ellison's Oracle has entered the race to acquire TikTok. The short video sharing social media app is Chinese-owned, under attack by Donald Trump, and is also being pursued by Microsoft.

A group is reportedly working with investors on behalf of Oracle in an effort to outbid Microsoft after the recent Trump divestment order. — Read the rest