Win-win: Frontline Foods allows restaurants to feed healthcare workers

A total rockstar in my Bay Area community has created an incredible program. A big shoutout to Sydney Gressel who started Frontline Foods, a nonprofit that raises funds for restaurants so they can feed the healthcare professionals on the COVID-19 frontlines. It allows struggling restaurants to stay afloat and gives the people tirelessly fighting COVID-19 healthy meals — a real win-win. In just a few short weeks, this fledgling organization has raised over $3M and is now serving food in 52 U.S. cities. Celebrities like Sting are endorsing Frontline, raising money for it on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, no less.

And on Tuesday, she got love from the Ellen show, appearing remotely as a guest along with Frontline celeb volunteers Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. Here's Sydney (who has also been working 14-hour shifts as an emergency pediatric nurse, btw) talking about how it all began:

Isn't that terrific? Bravo, Sydney!

Hey, you can help! There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities, or you can simply make a donation to Frontline Foods.

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Betabrand's "catstooth" is a play on classic houndstooth pattern

Betabrand has just announced women's pants in "catstooth," a feline-tastic take on the classic houndstooth pattern. It's black and white like the original but you'd never know from afar that you were looking at little tiny cat faces. A straight-leg chino is the only product available so far in this fun pattern ($78/pair).

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Band pays tribute to classic '80s music videos by re-creating them in their own

The Treble, an alt-rock band out of Winnipeg, has taken inspiration from iconic music videos from the 1980s. Their recently released music video, for the single "No Secrets (There For You)," features shot-by-shot re-creations of a bunch of them. Probably the ones that will be most familiar are a-Ha's "Take on Me" and DEVO's "Whip it" but it took me a moment to figure some of them out... and I was watched MTV religiously in my youth!

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Calvin peeing on COVID-19: familiar decal updated for 2020

Twenty years ago The Onion wrote that the "terse but expressive decals" depicting "peeing Calvin" are a "vital part of our national dialogue, used by millions of Americans to exchange viewpoints and ideas about the important issues of the day." Funny and true. Well, it occurred to me recently that our impish friend Calvin should be urinating all over COVID-19, and I don't think I'm wrong!

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Help save the USPS with this Dog Mail Carrier Costume

You probably heard that the U.S. Postal Service is tanking, expecting to run out of money by October 2020. Interestingly, it's not funded by taxpayers, but entirely through the sale of postage, gifts, and services. So, now there's a growing movement to help save them by purchasing postage stamps and other products from their online store. Like this Dog Mail Carrier Costume for $17.99. So, do your part, dog owners!

P.S. I'll take one of these, please!

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Stunning new 4K video of dolphins swimming in blue bioluminescence off Newport Beach

Wow, here's something you don't see every day! Here's a video of dolphins "glowing" from the high amount of bioluminescence in the water off of Newport Beach, California.

Patrickc_la shot this gorgeous 4K video on a Sony a7Sii and writes:

Last night was truly one of the most magical nights of my life. Capt. Ryan @lawofthelandnsea of @newportcoastaladventure invited me along to capture rare video of Dolphins swimming in bioluminescence. The first time I saw this actually filmed was a few months back while watching a Night on Earth documentary on Netflix. The second I saw that footage it became a dream of mine to one day capture something similar and that’s exactly what we did. This was by far the most challenging video I’ve shot for a number of reason. For starters the bioluminescence has sweet spots to where it shows up and then fades away so while on the water it’s impossible to just find it. Not only that but actually finding any type of animal in pitch black is just so ridiculously hard. Conditions have to be absolutely perfect the bioluminescence to show up and to have an animal swim through it so we can film it. On top of all that just trying to nail the focus at such a wide aperture with something moving in the water was a nightmare. We were out for a few hours and on our final stretch back we finally had 2 Dolphins pop up to start the incredible glowing show.

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Collab on something creative for the upcoming Deconstruction online event

A project near and dear to me is back. Coming May 1 to 3 is The Deconstruction!

From my pal Jason Naumoff, co-founder of New Creatures, the group hosting the event:

The Deconstruction is open to artists, makers, creators, students, parents, and everyone, everywhere.

Over the course of the event weekend, create something new that reimagines the idea of distance. The results can be a game, a piece of art, an invention, a song, a solution, a poem, a pizza. Really just about anything goes.

It can be fun, it can be serious, it can be both those things.

Just come up with an idea and give it a go. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, even better!

He also shared that they're hoping middle and high school students, as well as parents and their younger kids, will get involved this year. And why not? Talk about a great teaching moment during this time of being sheltered in place.

He writes, "It’s been a ton of work in not much time, as always, but it should be a lot of fun" and that the "un-competition mindset still stands, but this year the 'awards' winners will win a cash donation to a COVID-19 relief organization of their choosing."

One of the projects from the last Deconstruction in 2016 was this complicated, multi-state Rube Goldberg machine.

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Listen to X's Alphabetland right now

Nothing more punk than releasing your first album in 35 years — during a global pandemic — by surprise. You can stream X's Alphabetland now in this very post:

“When your heart is broken you think every song is about that. These songs were written in the last 18 months & it blows my mind how timely they are,” explained John Doe. “We all want our family, friends & fans to hear our records as soon as it’s finished. This time we could do that. Thanks to Fat Possum & our audience.”


Today happens to be the 40th anniversary of Los Angeles, the classic debut album from the great California punk band X. And with absolutely no advance warning, X’s reunited original lineup have chosen today to release Alphabetland, their first studio album in 35 years.

This cover art sure does look like the work of Wayne White

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Sew this awesome quilted bubonic plague doctor's mask

Take inspiration from a historical pandemic and make yourself this incredible beaked pieced-and-quilted mask, reminiscent of the kind doctors supposedly wore during the 14th century to treat bubonic plague patients. Theirs were stuffed with aromatic herbs, thought to stave off the "bad air." Yours doesn't need mint, lavender or anything like that, just a combination of interesting fabrics. It also requires a fair amount of patience and sewing skills to complete. Full instructions are available through its creator, Sara of the Tumblr suntree a-ok:

No one needs to use 44 bits of fabric to make a mask. It is dumb and fun and absurd. The difficulty is the point.

She's also made a single-fabric version.


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Conan O'Brien zoom-bombs a tech company's meeting and trolls them

"When they were putting a chip in your brain they sunk it deep, didn’t they?"

With the help of an insider, Conan O'Brien crashed an online strategy meeting for TIBCO Software in Silicon Valley, surprising its attendees. The late-night host then proceeded to troll the Palo Alto-based company by ruthlessly roasts its CEO, its team members, and its website's corporate doublespeak. Savage! Read the rest

Crowd-sourced film 'A Social Distance' shows life in lockdown from people around the globe

Folks from countries most impacted by COVID-19 filmed themselves in isolation for this touching three-minute short. Ivan Cash and Jacob Jonas directed A Social Distance:

Spanning more than 30 countries, the film includes a breadth of perspectives, from a 93-year old Malayan grandmother to a 19-year old Slovenian man, and includes an original score that was remotely performed by musicians from around the world.

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New podcast interviews me on why I quit my day job to become a blogger and 'artrepreneur'

Years before I was blogging for Boing Boing, I had a string of regular jobs, ones that paid the bills but didn't feed my soul. That's not to say I haven't been a lifelong Happy Mutant, no no. I just hadn't realized that it was possible to make a living off of what you love to do. It seemed "decadent" to even entertain that idea. But, here I am. In a new podcast called Escape 925, my new pal Paxton Hare interviewed me about my journey from a nine-to-fiver to whatever I'm calling myself this week: Professional Free Spirit, Artrepreneur, Blogger, Fluff Superfan.

You can listen to the interview here. Show links here. And when you're done with my episode, listen to this one with inventor Mike Doane — wow, he's got a neat story!

Thanks for the intro, Mike!

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Samsung's TV boxes cleverly convert into cat homes and more

Samsung has announced that its TV boxes can be converted into small tables, magazine racks, and -- yes-- homes for cats!

Samsung’s new ‘eco-packaging’ made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard will be applied to The Serif, The Frame and The Sero, allowing customers easier recycling as well as upcycling of the cardboard boxes for creative reuse.

Samsung has applied a dot matrix design on each side of its eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes, allowing customers to cut the boxes more easily and assemble them into various other uses, such as small end tables or houses for pets.

Included within the packaging is a manual to guide customers on how to make household items out of the cardboard boxes, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the box.

And now, with Dezeen, they're holding a contest to find innovative designs for the home using ordinary cardboard packaging. The "Samsung Out of the Box Competition" is open until May 29, 2020.

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Disney's tone-deaf Bedtime Hotline was clearly recorded pre-quarantine

Earlier today, Disney announced they are offering a free bedtime message, via a toll-free number, to help children to go to sleep. But I called it, and it's clear to me this was not created specifically for this shelter-in-place time. I started by listening to option 5, aka "Goofy." He talks about being tired from going fishing and having lunch with his pal Mickey. Then I rang "Daisy Duck." She had a picnic with Donald, and later hung out and played soccer with her nieces. And if you think she might be in the same germ pod with those members of her family, think again. She then brags about having dinner with Minnie Mouse! I guess characters in the Disney universe aren't affected by coronavirus? Seems a bit tone deaf, Disney! In any event, here's the info, so you can remind your little ones of all the fun they're missing:

Beginning today, fans can hear messages from favorite Disney characters before falling asleep – all from the comfort of home. Parents, simply call 1-877-7-MICKEY for one of five special messages for your little ones from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck or Goofy.

The toll-free hotline will run for a limited time only, so be sure to make your call before the end of the month, Thursday, April 30 at midnight PT. Available in the United States only. Limit 1 message per call. If calling using a mobile phone, standard mobile charges may apply.

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Oreo introduces kawaii cookies for spring

Super kawaii pink-and-green Sakura Matcha Oreos exist for a limited time. As do not-quite-as-kawaii Oolong Peach ones. The catch? They're only available in Hong Kong. Boo! They sure are cute though.


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Erik Satie's "Gymnopédies," as performed by a choir of animals

French classical musician Florent Ghys brings us what might very well be the silliest cover of Erik Satie's "Gymnopédies."

The Cats & friends Choir is proud to present their first interpretation of Erik Satie's Gymnopédies. The three movements of this deep and soulful piece have been virtually recorded by more than 500 enthusiastic participants in isolation from their homes and farms.

00:00 Gymnopédie 1: Slowly and painfully 02:54 Gymnopédie 2: Slowly and sadly 05:05 Gymnopédie 3: Slowly and gravely

Bravo, critters!

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Quarantined family re-creates 1981 Journey video shot by shot

Zero reason to be "bored" out there, people. Take inspiration from the Heller family who made --in their "spare time" -- a shot-by-shot recreation of Journey's "Separate Ways" music video! It's SO GOOD. Read the rest

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