A former InfoWars employee describes Alex Jones' bizarre and dangerous behavior

In a New York Times story titled "I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It," Josh Owens recounts his time working as a video producer for InfoWars. He says was a passenger in Jones' car and that Jones drank vodka from a cup while driving, that Jones would challenge people to punching contests and broke a video editor's ribs, and that Jones once fired an AR-15 in his direction, missing him by 10 feet (Jones "claimed he had intentionally fired the gun as a joke," write Owens.) He also describes the time Jones tried to kill an American Bison with a pistol:

One weekend, a few people from the office went hunting at a game reserve. On the following Monday, I was handed a hard drive full of video files and told to edit them for Jones to air on his show later in the week. “There are clips in here that are pretty bad, things we don’t want to get out, so let me take a look at this before we upload it,” one of my managers said.

The first video I clicked on came from a cellphone. The camera pans across a blood-covered floor in what looked like a garage. Dead animals were scattered about: eyes lifeless, tongues hanging from their mouths, crimson streaks splashed on their fur.

In another video, a bison grazed quietly in the shade of a large tree; it reminded me of a tableau at the American Museum of Natural History. Then the camera panned over to Jones, maybe 20 yards away, holding what looked like a handgun.

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Grand jury declines to indict two people accused of assaulting a man for wearing a MAGA hat

An Oregon grand jury declined to indict Adebisi Okuneye (23) and Leopold Hauser (22), who were accused of assaulting a gentleman named Luke Lenzner (34) for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Portland bar.

An article in Oregon Live makes it clear Lenzer was spoiling for a fight:

Lenzner’s account came under scrutiny after video surfaced that appeared to show him threatening and picking fights with patrons at a different bar earlier in the evening. During that confrontation, Lenzner also said he served in the military — a claim he later admitted wasn’t true.

Though Okuneye and Hauser were ultimately charged with third-degree assault in their encounter with Lenzner, court documents painted a convoluted scene.

Lenzner’s wife, who isn’t named in the records, told police that she and her husband had been to several bars that night and that she was curious how people in Portland would react to his “Make America Great Again” hat.

She had asked her husband to wear the hat so she could see how people would treat him, according to a probable cause affidavit.

From Raw Story:

At one point in the video, Lenzner can be heard yelling, “I served for you… f*ck you!” at patrons.

But when asked by KATU about his military service, Lenzner admitted that he never served but pointed out that he had family members who did.

“He said his comment in the video about serving was said in the heat of the moment and that it came out wrong,” reports KATU.

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