Inflatable lumbar back support that makes travel a lot easier

I do not like to travel without my McKenzie AirBack.

The self-inflating McKenzie AirBack makes travel a lot more comfortable. This pillow allows me to move around the globe without awful backpain.

I have long felt the massive amounts of flying about the globe I did in my late-20s and 30s heavily contributed to the terrible problems I have with my lowerback. Bad seats, bad posture and absolutely no clue that the things I was doing would later hobble me. Decent lumbar support would have made the travel much less destructive.

The McKenzie AirBack is made of great materials, lasts until I lose and is the best shape I've found for a lumber travel pillow. The taper of the McKenzie's hourglass shape seems to wedge well into mosts seats. The pillow doesn't move about.

I fidget. Other pillows will squirt out of place as I move about. The AirBack stays where I need it.

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This door-frame chin-up bar has really improved my physique

Six months ago I could not do a single chin-up. I got this chin-up bar and went to work. Perseverance developed body strength, and my vanity has pumped up a notch! Read the rest

Look at this banana pose.

Just look at it.

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Adventures in Pain Mangement: a TENS unit really helps

Shocking the bejeezus out of my lower back led me to the fastest recovery I've experienced yet from periodic bouts of debilitating back pain. For me, this inexpensive TENS unit is a winner, and was as effective as a higher-priced comparison unit I tried. Read the rest

This book helped me manage my back pain

Abuses in my youth have left me in a lot of pain. Robin McKenzie's Treat Your Own Back helped me more than any doctor.

I was desperately searching for an option other than letting doctors I do not trust operate on my spine. In response, a friend sent me a copy of this book. Spine, neck and lower back expert Robin McKenzie's Treat Your Own Back delivered enough information to let me hold off on the surgery and return to a fairly functional life.

Treat Your Own Back gives a lot of information about why the pain is happening, and what posture can do to alleviate it. Simple exercises that'll help relieve pressure on nerves, and build core strength. Common sense approaches to dealing with back pain, rather than running right for surgery.

Someday I think I'll end up under the knife. I have some good friends who have had wonderful success with it. Until I find I really need it, and I've run out of self-care options, however, I'm going to keep looking for books like this one.

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An inflatable pillow to make flying in coach tolerable

This simple, inflatable pillow provides the lower back support I wish a coach airplane seat would. Read the rest

Cheap, simple strap for therapeutic stretching of my lower back

I need to stretch out my hamstrings and lower back, a lot. This $9 PT strap helps.

I ceased being super active and spent much of the last year or so in "avoid backpain" mode. Slowly, I lost more of my range of motion. When I did go and do supremely dumb things like ride a motorcycle 600 miles in 2 days, or nearly strand a VW bus in a not-so-dry Mexican lake bed, I hurt real, real bad for a real long time.

I decided to start doing something about it! Fancy that. Stretching is job one. Refusing to use a pants belt, I got a strap just like the one I used in physical therapy. It helps. Having a dedicated stretching tool right where I'll use it is a good idea in my book.

I will not recommend exercises! I use some my PT/pilates folks gave me a few years ago (before I stopped going and slowly began down the road to atrophy,) as I think you need to find what works for you and won't make things WORSE. Google and YouTube offer a ton of help, if you wanna go it alone.

Next up is a spinning bike for lower-impact-on-the-back cardio that I enjoy.

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