Cactus juicer

Oh, I adore this. My whole living room is decorated in vintage/retro western kitsch. For this Sonora ceramic cactus juicer, I'd be willing to extend the decor into the kitchen. Squeezing out the roughly $31.70 (plus $29.30 for shipping) is the only thing holding me back.

image via DOIY Design of Barcelona

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Watch a drone buzz a French lemon party

The annual Fête du citron in Menton, France is like America's Rose Parade, but with citrus. BirdeyeCam was on hand to give a drone's eye view of this year's artistry. Read the rest

Taste Test: Kabosu

Kabosu is a citrus fruit that tastes kind of like a cross between a lemon, lime, and yuzu. It gets harder to find the further you get from Oita Prefecture, on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, because 98% of all kabosu production takes place there. Legend has it that the tree first arrived in Oita when an Edo period doctor from Kyoto brought a branch to the region and planted it. Read the rest