Meth-tainted 7UP has killed one person and sickened others in Mexico

If you're in Mexico, just say no to 7UP. In Mexicali, Meth has been found in some bottles of 7UP, which, among other symptoms, can cause vomiting, burning to the abdomen and esophagus, and can make it hard to breathe. The tainted soda has killed one person and made seven others sick.

According to Snopes:

The health department of Baja California also issued a statement noting that the meth was found in 2-liter bottles of 7Up and that all stores in the area had been instructed to remove the product from their shelves.

A spokesman for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, the distributors of 7Up in the United States, said that “None of the 7Up products sold in the U.S. are affected by the issue being reported in Mexico.”

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