How accurately can you draw these famous logos from memory

A promotional company asked people to draw famous logos from memory and arranged the results on a graph, from least accurate to most accurate. I would do terrible at most of these. Some people were able to draw logos that looked exactly like the official ones.

[via Core 77]

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Trump Draws is an excellent one-joke Twitter account

@TrumpDraws does one thing perfectly: change the illustrations on a folder held up by Donald Trump in a video clip. The contrast of Trump's ostentatious solemnity and humorous drawings is just fabulous. [Thanks, Matthew Williams!] Read the rest

Gorgeous teeny-tiny pencil drawings

Mexican artist Mateo Pizarro draws these beautiful and insanely tiny illustrations using just a pencil. (via Juxtapoz)

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The stunning pen and ink drawings of Polish artist Wojtek Kowalczyk

The artist was born in 1960, in Krakow, Poland.

Badly drawn cereal box characters

Remember the badly-drawn Boo Berry cereal box character that Mark spotted? The creepy gouge-l'Å“il style of modern adver-toons makes for some uncanny nightmare fuel. That said, something is to be said for everyday ineptitude, as graces the "Valutime" generic cereal boxes found in Giant Eagle supermarkets. Read the rest

Drawing Mickey Mouse from memory

"Bad Toon Rising is a collection of drawings of well-known cartoon characters produced by amateur artists entirely from memory and without any reference materials whatsoever. We can all picture what Mickey Mouse or the Pink Panther look like in our minds, but getting that image down on paper is another matter! Never mind, we think that some of the worst drawings are the best."

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