Watch her historic DNC speech in full: Hillary Clinton drags Trump (who tweets back)

The speech Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave tonight in accepting her party's nomination blew this American woman's mind. I never thought I'd live to see the day a woman had a real shot at becoming President. I watched the speech on one screen, and the reactions of female friends and peers on the internet on my iphone, and wept. Read the rest

Bernie Sanders overcome with emotion as his brother Larry casts delegate vote at DNC

In Philadelphia today at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, an emotionally overwhelming moment for Bernie Sanders as Democrats Abroad cast their votes for the party's 2016 presidential nominee. Read the rest

Hacker claims he rigged presidential elections throughout Latin America. Could it happen here?

Andrés Sepúlveda, identified as a hacker from Colombia, says he and other hackers installed malware to monitor the opponents of Enrique Peña Nieto during the 2012 Mexican presidential campaign, as part of a ‘black propaganda’ operation. Read the rest

Leak: Alaska superdelegate denies duty to represent her state's voters in 2016 elections

Kim Metcalfe is a Democratic Party superdelegate from Alaska, a state whose party members pledged 81.6% of their support to Bernie Sanders. Read the rest

Phoenix Mayor calls for independent federal probe over Arizona primary voting mess

The Arizona primary was a mess. Photos and videos of would-be voters standing in lines hundreds of people long circulated throughout the afternoon and evening, and the media called the results for Clinton and Trump well before all votes were in. Lines were more than five hours long in some spots. Read the rest

Mein Drumpf

Welcome to what may well be our future, America. Read the rest

Mexico's former president is 'not going to pay' for Donald Trump's 'fucking wall'

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos interviewed former Mexican President Vicente Fox this week. Fox says he is troubled by the GOP presidential frontrunner's success in the recent Nevada caucus. The ex-Presidente also had a few zingers to let loose about that rhetorical device Trump loves to flog, The Great Wall Mexico is Going To Pay For To Keep Mexican Rapists Out Of Make-America-Great-Again-istan. Read the rest

Lunatic “prosperity preacher” endorses Trump

Super creepy “Prosperity Christianity” preacher-scammer Mike Murdock is endorsing Donald Trump for president. Seems a good fit. Says Murdock, “I ain’t seen a woman as good looking as a $100 dollar bill.” Read the rest

”Fire Is Ours,” a Bernie Sanders anthem by Makana

A Boing Boing exclusive premiere: “Fire is Ours” • Lyrics and Music by Makana • Directed by Zac Heileson. Read the rest

Donald Trump pretty much just went Full Nazi

Donald Trump, a Republican candidate for Führer of the United Fascist States of America, said today there should be a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” including Muslim citizens who are currently abroad. Read the rest

Jeb Bush: Leave NSA Alone

“We must stop demonizing these quiet intelligence professionals and start giving them the tools they need.”