After Eight Years on Boing Boing...The JOHN WILCOCK Comic Concludes!

And we're done! We (along with John, who loved that this was serialized) would like to thank everyone on Boing Boing, and all readers, for following this story over the pace of a page or two every month. The obvious question: What's next? Answer: There will be a Kickstarter -- likely around June -- to fund a complete volume, along with extensive notes and extras. Why, it's the perfect addition to any academic library, hip comic book shelf, counterculture gift, or journalism course syllabus worth its Real News salt, naturally! You can follow on Twitter for info (Scott or Ethan) -- You can also follow this project's Kickstarter profile. Additionally, we're aware of the many of you who have purchased a Book One of the series. Your patience and support will not be ignored! We'll have a Book Two available in the Kickstarter, along with a Complete Volume (Books One and Two together). In the meantime, here's an ad for Book One - Get one before it's gone - Genuine thanks, Ethan and Scott.

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John Delaney drops out of presidential race

John Delaney, former representative of Maryland's 6th district, is dropping out of the race to become the Democratic Party's candidate for president in 2020.

"It has been a privilege to campaign for the Democratic nomination for President, but it is clear that God has a different purpose for me at this moment in time," Delaney wrote on Twitter, followed by a 17-tweet explanation. Half an hour after posting, each tweet in the sequence had been retweeted once, by Delaney's one reply guy.

Some of the tweets' like counts are hitting double digits, however, a successful signoff for one of the party's most interesting candidates.

In July 2017, he became the first Democrat to announce that he was running for president in 2020, doing so in a Washington Post op-ed. But despite campaigning heavily in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Delaney failed to pick up considerable support, and missed the cut off for the several of the recent Democratic debates.

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