Ghislaine Maxwell moved to "avoid assassins", claims UK tabloid

Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged pimp and procurer for pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, is being regularly moved to keep her alive, according to The Daily Mail, which also wants you to know she isn't "Cruella De Vil."

Maxwell’s allies have told The Mail on Sunday that she:

Is not the person who introduced billionaire Epstein to Prince Andrew; Fears dying of Covid-19 while in prison; Insists she and Epstein had not met in person for 15 years; Weeps over friends who have lost jobs because of their association with her; Has not had a haircut in a year and is being moved ‘from cell-to-cell’ for her own safety.

The Mail is a notorious fabricator even by the dismal standards of U.K. tabloids, with recent form for misleadingly edited photographs, outright fake news and even falsifying its own historical stories. The point is that it is about the last outlet you'd expect an anonymously-sourced woe-is-her sympathy piece about Ghislaine Maxwell to appear right now. To paraphrase the Bolsheviks, who fucks whom? Read the rest

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Jeffrey Epstein's accused madame Ghislaine Maxwell found at In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles

And check out the book she was reading.

Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents show how he & Ghislaine Maxwell lured girls into sex abuse

Court documents unsealed in New York on Friday provide the first detailed look at how Jeffrey Epstein operated what appears to be a vast global sex trafficking racket with the help of alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell, “and a number of other powerful business and world leaders,” reports the Miami Herald. Read the rest