This wood-fired hot tub is $20,000

This is the Tubmarine, a wood-burning hot tub. According to the company, the tub takes less than two hours to heat up and comfortably seats four adults. It's built from sustainably-sourced Kebony timber, 80% recycled stainless steel, and outfitted with a Kirami wood-fired water heater from Finland. The starting price is £15,450.00 (US$20,070). If you prefer a classic 1970s style tub though, Kirami has those for sale at around $4,000.

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Capybaras relaxing in a hot tub

Relax with these enormous rodents as they plop into a hot tub.

長崎バイオパークと伊豆シャボテン公園は共にカピバラの露天風呂が有名ですが、その伊豆シャボテン公園から長崎バイオパークにたらいがプレゼントされました。長崎バイオパークに訪れた際に、ちょうどたらいの湯のイベントがありましたので、撮影してみました。期間限定のイベントかもしれません。見に行かれる際は事前に確認を。打たせ湯の下でお湯が貯まるたらいの中は、湯温が高くてカピバラたちに大人気のようです。Capybaras enjoy hot spa in woody washtub. But it is little too small :-p

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The Kindle Oasis is stupid expensive and stupid lovely to use

I've mentioned it online before, but here we go: Two years ago, my wife and I decided to leave our rented home behind and move into a 40-foot RV. We spend our spring and summer in Alberta, Canada where she has a job for six months of the year working as an addictions counselor. The other half of the year, we head south to Mexico and beyond so that she can work as a dive Instructor.

This might be an excellent time to point out that my partner is far more interesting than I'll ever be.

We love this life, but it's not without its difficulties. We have all the repairs that come along with home ownership and owning a semi-truck, rolled into one. Our paychecks can sometimes take weeks to catch up to us, leaving us eating rice and beans. Again. But perhaps the worst thing about living in a motorhome, for us, is that we had to get rid of our book collection. Between us, we owned hundreds of books. We looked upon them as shelves of old friends who we could turn to, no matter what life brought us. But, sometimes, you have to leave old friends behind in order to grow. A motorhome can only carry so much weight, not to mention the limited amount of space that you'll find inside of one. We packed them up and took them to our favorite used bookstore where they'll, hopefully, find new homes.

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This boat is a hot tub and vice versa

The Hot Tub Boat is both at the same time. You can rent one to float around Seattle's Lake Union or custom order your very own from

"Well, the hot tub boat is fifteen feet over all, she's about six feet wide, about close to 400 gallons of water in the hot tub,” says (Seattle-based co-inventor Adam) Karpenske. “It can take six people on the boat at any time."

"She does her haul speed at about three-and-a-half knots. It's controlled by a little joy stick. Kind of like a lot of people have equated it to ‘if you ever played Pac-man, you can drive the hot tub boat.'"

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Capybaras relaxing in a spring-fed hot tub

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Hot tub expert explains why you shouldn't buy one from a big box retailer

I feel well-informed and educated by Chris Wheatley of Hot Tub University and will therefore not be purchasing a 12-person hot tub from Costco after all. Read the rest

Here is a hot tub floating in the sea

After a houseboat sank in the English channel, its contents bobbed off into the waves, allowing rescuers to capture this remarkable shot of a floating bathtub. Read the rest